Halal-Slaughtered Shop Owner in Copenhagen

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This is a particularly gruesome story about cultural enrichment in Denmark. One would expect it to have an explosive effect among “persons of Danish background” — which is perhaps why it was so quickly censored by the media.

A Macedonian shop owner was murdered by another culture enricher, who is probably a Turk, based on his name. The original article featured a headline and a quote from the coroner’s report highlighting the fact that the victim was killed via a “method used when halal-slaughtering animals”.

If memory serves, there are eyewitness records from the 1915 Armenian Genocide which testify to the mass slaughter of Armenians by the Turks in halal fashion. It seems that this time-hallowed “cultural heritage” has been carried all the way from Anatolia to the mean streets of Denmark’s Muslim neighborhoods.

The Swedish blogger Fröken Sverige used the cached version of the MSM article to demonstrate that the halal-butchery aspect of the murder had been promptly airbrushed out of the report. Many thanks to our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc for translating the Danish and the Swedish from Fröken Sverige’s post:

The headline reads:

Man halal-slaughtered by Muslims in Denmark — Danish media change article and text, Swedish media write nothing…

The article (in Danish):

15 years for “halal butchering” (Breaking News)

[Below the photo]

…imprisonment for having killed a man on Bygmester Rd. in Copenhagen with a hailstorm of knife wounds. On February 10th of last year the trio killed Macedonian shop owner Nazim Ilazi in a quarrel about money.

“The great artery of the neck was entirely severed. Blood vessels carrying blood back towards the heart were cut on both sides. It is comparable with the method used when halal-slaughtering animals” — according to statement by coroner Gyda Lolk Ottosen in court.

Below the article is the same text in Swedish, followed by:

That’s the first version published Thursday, April 29.th 2010; 13:24.

(Cached version here)

Next comes the later version of the article (in Danish):

– – – – – – – –

Father and sons convicted of manslaughter

[Below the photo]

A father and his two sons appeared in the Frederiksberg courtroom and were together sentenced to 36 years in prison for having killed a man in a hailstorm of stab wounds.

The father, Mahija Osmani, and his two sons, Lavdrim and Flamur, used something like 100 cuts with their knives to send a man to his grave on Bygmester Rd., Copenhagen.

Then, in Swedish:

The new version is the second one — 100 cuts — omitting the phrase ‘halal’ and the coroner’s statement.

Some journalist at Danish TV2 seems to have received a bit of friendly enhancement. And updated his text accordingly — in order to avoid hurting the feelings of the easily offended, one presumes?

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Hat tip: Reinhard of FOMI.

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