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Piggy Infidel sends this inspiring video clip of a BNP candidate who was attacked by culture enrichers and actually fought back. Piggy says:

The video below demonstrates just what the EDL (and BNP) are up against on a day-to-day basis. It shows an attack by Muslims on the BNP’s London parliamentary candidate Bob Bailey, who is standing in today’s UK General Election. While was out canvassing yesterday in London, the candidate was approached by a group of, ahem, “enrichers”.

Bob did very well (he is ex-services) — what a shock for these Muslims who usually expect all whites to back down when assaulted and threatened!

The foul language in this video has been bleeped out, but it contains a certain level of violence, so viewer discretion is advised:

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19 thoughts on “Fighting Back

  1. This was posted last night on a left wing site – interestingly, their caption was something like: “see the racist violence of the BNP”

    I’m not kidding..

  2. Viking-

    Amazing. Anything short of the man (or any other white person) taking a beating or being killed without a peep would be deemed “racist”. Sometimes I think the lefts anti-white hatred will not be satiated until there are only a few hundred thousand of us left, or we have effectively been interbred out of existence.

    You are not even allowed to fantasize of a simpler time! I recently posted how I felt I was born at the wrong time. A 19th century man stuck in a 21st century world. I was immediately set upon with the usual Liberal talking points. The 19th century oppressed blacks, woman, Indians, Chinese etc. Christianity was everywhere oppressing everyone. Anything prior to 1965 was an awful oppressive (their favorite word) time where everyone (except white men.) was miserable and just short of suicide.

  3. I gather he is an ex marine, lucky for the muslims that he didn’t have a couple of his mates canvassing with him. It will certainly get the ex-military vote if not the military vote. I also suspect that simple for the reason he stood up to them, and sent them scurrying away will gain him more points with the British public, who are well pissed off with the cowardly attitude to the muslims by the authorities . Notice the aggressive way the Muslims stormed across towards him and forced there way into his personal space. he put his hand out to keep them at a distance and then the spitting started which by the way is assault under British law. I also gather that a 18 year old person has filled charges against him for assault. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. What ever happens it will be a win win for the B.N.P. With a bit of luck they might get a couple of seats in Parliament which will give them leverage in the M.S.M. Things are changing slowly in Britain, the size of the electorate builds in an inertia. once that changes things change with a speed, that defies comprehension. I was living in London at the time of the Falklands war. That took three months from start to finish, and the Brits were 100% behind the Government. I expect something similar, in the next few years certainly before the election after this. We certainly live in interesting times.

  4. I have to admit that was one of the more beautiful things I’ve seen. Watching some ahem ‘enrichers’ getting their a$$es handed to them for a change was fantastic. I look forward to seeing more of this as the weeks and months wear on.

  5. Well done Bob – an ex Marine and not one to be messed with!

    The lefty headlines are all about “BNP violence!” my God these people do nothing but lie.

    If it were me he spat at, he would have been lucky if wasnt scrapped off the pavement.

  6. Come on guys. Yeah he got one or two kicks in, but let’s be honest he’s not exactly Bruce Lee is he? Also he had the element of surprise on his side. Now that is always an advantage when you’re in a fight.

    But anyway good on him!!

    I’ve put people down on the floor that was a lot bigger than me when I did karate in my younger days. It’s not really all that hard if you know how to fight.

    Kyokushinkai! MTF.

  7. He had the element of surprise? Why, he didn’t sneak up behind the guy. And those guys certainly could have stood further away if they were concerned.

    You should see the Daily Mail comments. Even though he was spit at the leftards are blaming the suit, and name calling anyone who thinks the suit was justified.

  8. It’s like you say, those guys didn’t expect him to retaliate and attack them. But he did, and that’s the element of surprise.

  9. MEscape: … breaking news Navy Seal

    Some extra good news:

    Navy SEAL Officer 2nd Class Matthew McCabe was found not guilty Thursday evening on charges of assaulting detained terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed, dereliction of duty, and impeding an investigation based on a false statement.

    Another article at the linked web site gives these interesting details:

    During opening statements Tuesday in Petty Officer Matthew McCabe’s court martial, defense attorney Neal Puckett stated that an oral surgeon would testify that injuries to Ahmed Hashim Abed, suspected mastermind behind the brutal murders of four civilian security guards in Fallujah in 2004, could have been self inflicted.

    Puckett also made reference to the “Manchester Manuel” also known as the al Qaeda training manual, in which as HUMAN EVENTS has previously reported directs captured terrorists to complain of torture and self-inflict injuries on themselves. [emphasis added]

    It might also help to remember how Ahmed Hashim Abed is thought to have masterminded the 2004 plot involving those four burnt bodies hanging from that bridge in Fallujah.

    It’s far more amusing for me to speculate about why I would be neither very surprised nor much offended if a large number of captured terrorist suspects began showing up in detention bearing injuries consistent with the al Qaeda manual’s recommendations.

  10. kritisk_borger: It’s like you say, those guys didn’t expect him to retaliate and attack them. But he did, and that’s the element of surprise.

    You are confusing the assailant’s monumental stupidity with any sort of surprise attack on the defender’s part. Only a total moron attacks someone (even if it is just spitting upon them), and doesn’t expect some pushback. A substantially extended session of intensive Parking Lot Therapy was in order for that oxygen thief.

  11. Zenster,
    I don’t agree. The assailants knew the camera was there and tried to play the little heroes, thinking the white guys wouldn’t fight back on tv. They had good reason to believe this, given the cowardice normally demonstrated when anyone even slightly brown or foreign asserts themselves.
    They got a well-deserved shock!

  12. @Spackle
    nobody re-writes history like the Leftists. I’ve had a few experiences like that, left wondering where the hell they went to school and learnt history…
    They have no sense of perspective at all, they can’t but see all non-Western peoples as innocent, passive participants in world events, just windown dressing in fact.
    The irony -and racism – of this is entirely lost on them.

  13. Although the vast majority of comments to this story on the MSM newspaper sites (Daily Mail etc) are in support of Bob Bailey, there are a few cretins who are suggesting he insulted the Muslims and therefore deserved to be threatened. They are claiming he says at the start of the clip “How many of you are robbers?” whereas any Brit will tell you he says “How many is there of us?”, clearly the clip starts in the middle of an exchange along the lines of “don’t approach us, there are more of us than you”.

    Strange how Muslims can’t understand the English accent. Or pretend not to when it suits them.

    Best bit is the sequence from 0.34 to 0.37 – who would have thought that the big Muslim would be so ticklish? After he accidently trips and Bob (and friend) start to tickle him, you can see his fat legs waving and kicking, he’s having such a whale of a time.

  14. I’m noticing several such incidents of Westerners now pushing back. Very good news. Muslims do not understand any other language.

    Note that Bob Bailey is a “security worker”. The stupidity of those youths is staggering. Spitting on a professional bouncer, or somesuch, and expecting he won’t bat an eyelid. Morons.

    I’d be very curious to know whether this will win or lose points to the BNP. Although I hear the BNP won no seat at all in the general election.

  15. To the mahoundians’ credit, they displayed way more guts than those of their ilk when they tried to pull their usual crap off on Bob Bailey in a PAIR… Had they acted according to their mahoundian “bravery” standards, they would have attacked Bailey in a pack of eight or more…

    Anyway, good to see someone fight back, rather than cower in fear, take the attack like a little bitch and later blame the West, or “islamophobia” for their ordeal.

  16. Heh.
    Typical Muslim street thug behavior. Back in Saudi, i and my posse of kaafirs were assaulted frequently by Arab kids hurling religious insults at us for simply not leaving the basketball court to them. One day we finally fought back, and they whimpered away apologizing like cowardly rats, and later called their much older big brothers to beat us kids up (we were 13-15).
    I say we start fighting back everywhere. In the culture, and media its made possible due to the internet, and thats going quite well even though the media will not support us.
    However, incidents like this need to be repeated everywhere a muslim punk tries to intimidate a kaafir, the kaafir needs to punch his lights out even if hes outnumbered. Yes I know he might get beaten up badly, but thats likely to happen either way. Better to get a SOLID FIRST BLOW in, and knock his teeth out, before they beat you up for simply existing as a kaafir.

    Enough is enough

  17. Viking: I don’t agree. The assailants knew the camera was there and tried to play the little heroes, thinking the white guys wouldn’t fight back on tv.

    Viking, if you play chess, then you are probably aware of the tremendous folly it is to have your own strategy rely upon an opponent making a mistake or even just a less-than-optimal move. You always count on your opponent making the best move possible.

    There was no “element of surprise” involved at any time. There was merely the usual towering Muslim hubris which refuses to believe that Infidels might ever oppose the “courageous” Lions of Islam™.

    What happened was the monumental stupidity of some idiots assuming that their opponent would make a bad move and nothing else. Stop attributing any intelligence of action in a situation when there is absolutely no evidence to support such a finding.

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