Culturally Enriched Violence in Dudley

There has been no further word from either the EDL website or the MSM about what’s happening at the site of the Mega Mosque in Dudley (earlier posts about the St. George Not-a-Mosque are here and here).

However, some of the late arrivals in Dudley seem to have run into a spot of bother with “youths”. Many thanks to Kitman for sending this excerpt from the EDL forum. The spelling, punctuation, and syntax have not been edited:

Hey guys, Just got back from the Dudley Demo, 1st of all. well done to you guys out there now, especially on the rooftops haha!!!


I Turned up at the march with my bro at around 10pm, totally lost and couldnt find anyone. Then some lads in two cars asked if we were from the EDL, and they said jump in(Cheers to you gys, whoever you are).

Then few people turned up, spoke to all of the EDL lot. and due to my bro needing to go home due to college in the morning, i took him back, bare in mind this is at 12am. I pull up at Burntree Island and update the EDL Facebook stating the PA could be heard all the way from there.

Now, come 1am i head back off up to the Demo to find the main road closed, so parked on the Cinema, Again, updated the FB Page. Got so far up the road and a car slammed on the anchers infront of me, and stated “You got some f**king nerve coming here you f**king white honkey c**t”. The passenger and “pals” jump out the car and one of them grabs me by my hoodie and ask’s where im going, i said “home, i’ve just came up here to see what the fuss is about and have a nosey” Then from behind this Muzza twatted me on the back of the head, then…sparked out.

– – – – – – – –

Came to grasps with myself and found myself aching like f**k in the gutter, so i get up and literally leg it to where the EDL’ers were originally to find police, riot cops, dogs and plain clothed all blocking the roads. The police refused to let me through, even though they knew i was still a bit dazed, and Demanded i walk back the way i came.(Past the muzzers that done me over). So i did, got to a cross roads and again, 50+ of the f**kers legged me back to the Cops to which the riot police took control and beat the s**t outta ‘em (Cheers boys :D), as i sat on the curb waiting to be seen to, i was approached by a cop who escorted to paramedics, who checked me over and sent me on my way.

Now, im parked on the cinema, so i have a hefty walk back to the car. Walked towards the main road got the a vauxhall garage, and for f**k sake, i get ambushed by yet another lot who this time jump out the tree’s. Thankfully this time an undercover police car took control. He asked me a few questions, to which i bulls**tted, obviously lol, and he dropped me off to my car and ensured i got away from the march saftly.

All in all though… Pretty hectic and awesome night. See you guys there tomorrow. Roll on Round 3 of my EDL Beatings eh lol

3 thoughts on “Culturally Enriched Violence in Dudley

  1. Whatever happens the actions of the EDL will be blown way out of proportion, and the wide ranging violent reprisals of the arab “youth” which will be brushed under the carpet.

    Just like the Cronulla “riots” incident in Australia a few years ago.

  2. Siegetower, it doesn’t matter. In a few years, the things will be bad enough and enough people will know the truth to not matter what the media is saying. It will be like the Israeli media telling the Jews how evil they are for treating the Arabs badly. lol

  3. Think Arizona – now would be a good time to confirm the citizenship of the ‘angry Muslims, and deport as many as possible. They don’t want to become a part of England (or any other nation), they plan to make it an Islamic country.

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