Countdown to Mo-Day

Mohammed KitschThursday May 20th is the First Annual Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. Bloggers and blasphemers all over the Western world are preparing their creative contributions for this historic occasion.

Vlad Tepes is working on a special project to celebrate Draw Mo Day. He needs a few additional images to complete his work, and is asking for submissions. If you have made a photoshop or Mo-drawing or any other visual image that would be appropriate, please send it to Make sure to include your name, contact info, or URL as part of the image if you want to publicize it.

If Vlad accumulates extra material that won’t fit in this year’s project, it will be saved for next year’s Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.

Don’t miss out on your very own fatwa — Draw Mo!

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8 thoughts on “Countdown to Mo-Day

  1. I pointed this out somewhere else, and it’s worth pointing out again, that all these pictures of uncle Mo could be the most harmless and, indeed, “respectful” images ever made, yet they’d still be considered blasphemous and a sin by the muslims. Yet, in the Christian faith, the son of God himself is depicted without concern. It’s encouraged! My most enduring memory of my grandmother’s home is the large painting of Jesus, the night before he was crucified, that she had on her wall in the hallway. The slightly wistful look on his face was very touching and the artist had managed to capture the inner conflict and pain of his final night in even though it was, to be frank, little more than a mass-produced catholic keepsake. Art inspires the mind to greater things. Nothing like that can exist in Islam.

  2. I’ve set up a blog just in time for this too. Images and videos can be displayed in the comments. You can even make jokes if you’ve no artistic talent.

    You can visit my blog here.

  3. I’m using Simon Bar Sinister as my template for mohammy. He’s got that evil look you’d expect from a guy who marries a child.

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