2 thoughts on “Come to Newcastle on May 29th

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  2. Whilst I respect the aims of the EDL – they do not offer any political solution, and therefore can only let off steam, as it were.

    Only the BNP, currently, have stated that they will not only stop the growth of Islam, but reverse it. And despite the UKIP have many very fine people, they will not reverse this process.

    Muslims born in Britain are not “British Muslims”, they are born into the Nation of Islam, regardless of the geographical location of their birth. Or is Joanna Lumley Indian?

    Any ideology that includes wrong-headed thinking like, “British Muslims”, or, “French Muslims” will lead to demographic suicide, as these “British” Muslims seek to end Britain.

    They are Muslims, and are traitors simply by being Muslims. They are of the Dar al Islam, and must be sent to a Muslim land. Islam itself should be banned for the same reason the Mafia are banned.

    But never forget the Zionist backed Communists brought them here – ostensibly to make us “multicultural” – but in fact to destroy white western civilisation, whatever the naive Communists had hoped for.

    For God’s sake go!

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