“The War Will Be Waged on Your Streets”

The Chechen Muslim terrorist leader Doku Umarov has taken credit for last week’s deadly suicide bombing on the Moscow metro. Vlad Tepes has posted a video of Umarov’s announcement, and DarLink — who has helped out with several translations here at Gates of Vienna — translated it from the Russian.

Here’s what Doku Umarov said:

This war will come to your each and every home.
It is already in your home.
And the trains that blow up today is only a beginning.
Your planes will be blown up.
The war will be waged on your streets.
We can promise you that.

That’s why I am telling you not to believe to the likes of Kashperovskiy and Chumak who sit there on TV
and fill your heads with lies.
Look at this watch dog here in Chechnya, what’s his name, Kabyrov.
What did he get from Russia, what your soldiers, who died here in Chechnya got? Those soldiers who are now cripples, those parents, whose children lost their life here — they are penniless, asking
for money on the streets. That’s what Kabyrov got you.

– – – – – – – –

Look at his wealth. That what your soldiers are defending here, Kabyrov wealth and Putin’s. That’s it. You will see nothing of that money.
All they tell you about Chechnya is nothing but lies.
I, he commander of mujahadin of Kavkaz, I am the one overseeing Jihad, I am here in Chechnya, and all Jihad is managed from here.
You get a different picture, so you better crosscheck all the facts.
I want to, once again, to prevent the blame to be put on us in the future, to warn you that this war is coming to you.
You better wake up, wake up.
If you cannot get the message through your ears, through your brain, you will get it through your blood. something in Arabic)

The video and additional text are over at Vlad’s.

3 thoughts on ““The War Will Be Waged on Your Streets”

  1. [per Doku Umarov] Look at his wealth. That what your soldiers are defending here, Kabyrov wealth and Putin’s.

    Well, shucky darn, what has Soviet … er, Russian puppet Chechen Prime Minister Kadyrov been up to? Let’s lift up the hind leg and get a peek:

    … Ramzan Kadyrov controls important financial assets of diverse and questionable origin. It is difficult to know from where exactly the funds come. Ramzan Kadyrov himself purports that they are gifts sent by Moscow’s business men. However, inquiries … show that the network of Moscovites’ interests coincide very little with those of Kadyrov. This leads one to believe the version of Russian commentators … who emphasize an essentially criminal origin: corruption and the misappropriation of federal subsidies, extorting the population, kidnapping and ransoms.

    Quite the little laundry list of criminal activity there. He couldn’t be doing this without tacit or overt Russian approval. So, it leads to an inescapable conclusion that Russia has exported its usual corrupt governmental practices into this Muslim enclave.

    No small feat that, as Muslims tend to run some of the most corrupt rackets of all. Something that Kadyrov milks like the last cow on the farm, no doubt.

    Let’s keep in mind that, according to the 2009 Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International, from among some 200 nations ranked, Russia places at #146, bracketed by such economic cesspits as Sierra Leone and Kenya.

    Hell, corruption fests like Philippines or Bangladesh (#139) and even Terrorist Central™, Saudi Arabia (#63), have better standings than Russia.

    So, try to imagine exactly what sort of gangster mentality is being exported into Chechnya. While terrorism is never justified, it is easy to see how a lot of Chechens might be a little hacked off by these goings on.

    Moscow, knowing that such antagonism will most certainly inspire these Chechen terrorist attacks goes about its business, cheerfully hurling its citizens into the roaring furnace as it pursues its own political agenda.

    If you want to understand just how perverted this entire Realpolitik farce really is, just examine pro-terrorist Iran’s stand in all of this:

    Iranian authorities officially consider the Chechen crisis as an internal affair of the Russian Federation …

    But it is the almost vital character for Iranians of military and civil nuclear cooperation developed with Russia that is at the origin of this position. In effect, because of its anti-Americanism, Tehran doesn’t have any other choices than to constantly search for compromises with Moscow.

    It could be expected that with the arrival to power of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, elected in June 2005, the upsurge of the use of Islamic rhetoric calling for the unification of Umma (the community of believers) opens the possibility of the use of the Chechen question by neo-revolutionary propaganda, indeed, the reconsideration of the diplomatic position of Tehran vis-à-vis the conflict.

    Yet, Iranian media (the press, television and radio) has been silent as to the fate of Chechen Muslims victims of the repression of Russian military forces. There is always the question of carefully handling the powerful neighbour. If this Iranian political choice has rational explanations, it seems nevertheless to go against new diplomatic options decided collectively by Iranian authorities. [emphasis added]

    So, in order to get assistance with its nuclear weapons R&D, Iran has sold the Chechens down the river. How typically Muslim and how typically Russian to proliferate destabilizing technology to a terrorist regime for a bit of peace in its backyard.

  2. Sickening. Sometimes i wonder if Russia should just allow Chechnya to break away, welcome fleeing Russians back home, and allow the Chechens to wallow in poverty, because that is the fate that awaits them away from the Russian Federation. Whatever grievences they may have against Russia they should understand that two wrongs don’t make a right.

  3. Chechens by and large don’t find other thing but poverty under Russian tutelage, so it would be an improvement: Poverty while free.

    Kadyrov is a muslim Chechen. The Kremlin kind of promised him he would be the absolute ruler of Chechnya if he was able to get the rebells down.
    He himself was a rebbel, and one of the most dangerous and powerfull ones.

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