Somali Refugee Frowns on Family Reunification for the Unemployed

The True Finns party has brought the debate about immigration to the forefront of Finnish political and social discussions. Now a Somali refugee has gone on the record in opposition to family reunifications for unemployed immigrants.

Unemployment is high among Somali immigrants, so what’s the deal here? Is Mr. Mohamed’s stance perhaps an example of clan rivalry among different Somali refugee groups? Or is he simply an unusually civic-minded man?

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Somali Leader: An unemployed person should not be allowed family reunification in Finland

A refugee from Somalia who came to Finland, Nur Mohamed, age 42, criticizes family reunifications for his fellow countrymen. Nur Mohamed, who is the chairman of the Somali Community in Finland Society, says the unemployed should not be entitled to family reunification.

“If a Somali works as a bus driver or in construction, he’s entitled to bring his own family here. If a person is unemployed and receives income support, then the whole process becomes difficult. There will be a big bill to pay,” says the man from Espoo who moved to Finland in 1992.

According to laws concerning aliens, a means of support guarantees reunification. It does not apply in a case concerning an alien who satisfies the criteria for refugee status. Somalis often meet this criterion.

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Of the applications to the Immigration Service in 2009 coming from outside the nuclear family, 1256 instances were from Somalia. Much of this applied to foster children. Last year, 74 Russians applied to Finland from outside the nuclear family. Most of them were grandmothers.

The Immigration Agency’s immigration department director, Heikki Taskinen, believes that the relaxing of the regulations regarding aliens can cause grandmothers to cast their gaze towards Finland.

“Russians have sought applications infrequently, because the permit costs and opportunities for obtaining permission are small. If the policy is changed, it may be that the number of applications increases. Of course it sends a signal, if the policy is strict.”

6 thoughts on “Somali Refugee Frowns on Family Reunification for the Unemployed

  1. I swear, asylum is a stupid concept. You should get asylum in special cases and then you and your family will get shipped back to your own country, without being allowed to become citizen. Basically, I think my country should get two factions that should fight each other so that we all can move on welfare in other countries.

  2. “According to laws concerning aliens, a means of support guarantees reunification. It does not apply in a case concerning an alien who satisfies the criteria for refugee status. Somalis often meet this criterion.”

    That must be the biggest joke of the day. Along with 99.9 percent of all the other asylum seekers that keep pouring into the west, Somalis are not real refugees, but rather economic migrants. And that is what they should be referred to, as economic migrants, not asylum seekers. Referring to them as asylum seekers is an insult to all the individuals who had to flee their homelands in Europe during WW2, and who were in a very real danger of being killed.

    Norwegian police authorities have over the years uncovered;

    Hundreds of cases where Somali economic migrants, who’ve claimed to be genuine asylum seekers, have travelled back to Somalis once they’ve been granted asylum in Norway and issued with Norwegian travel documents.

    They’ve also uncovered that hundreds of Somalis have lied about which part of Somalia they’re from (northern Somalia is considered to be safe and the southern part unsafe) in order to remain in Norway.

    They’ve also uncovered that Somalis in general lie in police interviews to be able to remain in the country.

    They have proven that many of the Somalis have used grinders on their fingertips to make it difficult for the police to fingerprint them.

    They have also proven that many of them have applied for asylum in other EU countries before arriving in Norway.

    And last but not least, more than a dozen Somalis have carried out murders in Norway, and many more have been convicted of rape/gang rape and violent crimes.

    Why on earth have the west facilitated the importation of these African imbeciles? They’re generally no good, lazy welfare recipient who causes more harm and grief to the indigenous populations than any other economic migrant group.

    Send them back home!

  3. And if the northern part of their country is considered safe, why don’t they just go there?

  4. S, they can’t rape blonde Norwegian girls and cash in Norwegian handouts there. Funny enough, Norwegian men pay taxes to bring Somali men to rape their daughters, that’s how the system works. Just like ethnic Romanians tax themselves to death to the point where most can’t afford to have more than a child, while gypsies stay on the dole and have 2.5 more kids. To be honest, I don’t see why European countries should take African asylum seekers. They should seek asylum in other African countries, but I read this story of a country who couldn’t integrate some Somalis in Africa and Obama took them to the US, like if they can’t integrate in between people who are racially the same on the same continent and so on, they will in the US.

  5. @Rebellious

    Aren’t you Romanian?
    Ireland has lots of your lovely gypsies already thanks 😉

    But, seriously, you’re right. The very fact of “refugees” having got on a plane of boat and snuck into a country should bar them from being considered refugees at all.
    We have to see some REAL refugees before we can change our laws: like Sudanese who fled across the desert with just the clothes on their backs; the Zimbabweans who were last year burned of their already minimal shacks here in South Africa because the locals got jealous of them.

    Did you know Canada accepts asylum applications from Somalis living IN South Africa?? and not only that, but pays their application and medical costs and airfares to Canada?!?!


  6. Viking, ethnic Romanians aren’t gypsies. It’s like saying that aren’t you Northern European? You must be a Muslim Somali then. I’m not even genetically that Romanian.

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