Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/8/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/8/2010A senior SEC employee is warning that the municipal bond market across the entire United States is in danger of collapse. The current crisis has generated a “perfect storm”, with a deep recession in the housing market, persistent high unemployment, an unprecedented level of state, federal, and local debt, and the looming disaster of unfunded public and private pensions. All of these factors are combining to threaten the viability of the municipal bond market.

In other news, an American was sentenced to eight years’ hard labor by a North Korean court in punishment for entering the country illegally. Also, a Muslim woman in Australia was strangled to death by her burqa in a bizarre go-kart accident.

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2 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/8/2010

  1. At the time I originally read/forwarded the following article:
    UK: Labour’s Betrayal of British Workers: Nearly Every One of 1.67m Jobs Created Since 1997 Has Gone to a Foreigner

    . . .there were some interesting comments posted at the DailyMail. It appears they have pulled all comments to this article since then, but I saved one in particular which highlights impact of EU regulations on immigration:

    “It is time to face the facts, it is not the immigrants from outside the EU that is the problem, but the immigrants who are EU citizens as they do not need any visas to come into the UK. The other visa-regulated people (like South Africans, Australians etc) are here to work and contribute towards society and pay taxes – for them to obtain a visa they have to have degrees and skills, unlike the EU counterparts that just come and do whatever is available and most of which do not even speak English.
    So the Tories want to cap immigration, and the only way to do it is to cap it on the countries that needs visas – so they will have to cap the people with the actual skills. All that is going to happen now is less skilled people will enter the UK and the workers from the EU still will stream in non-stop, and lets face it, they are the ones that will do all the stupid little jobs no British person could be bothered to do as they can get more benefits sitting at home than working.
    – Ron, London, 08/4/2010 14:26″

    Ron isn’t specific about the EU migrants origins, mentioning only that they arrive with little or no skill compounded by language barriers. In several previous articles, we’ve read how North African, ME, and Turk migrants obtain visas to other EU locations and often relocate to France or England for the benefits afterward.
    Given, Turkey’s entrance to the EU. . .this unfortunate theft of UK wealth has the potential to explode exponentially.

  2. Our enemies are quite happy to brand us as nazi’s and has been for decades. So I suggest let’s turn the tables on them. Let the word become a boomerang. After all, they’re quite deliberately are trying to destroy their own countries AND their own people. That makes THEM nazi’s in my book.

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