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The video below shows a brutal attack by a gang of Belgian culture enrichers against a Bulgarian student named Lyuben Tyulekov. The incident occurred on the metro late last year, but the video has only just now been released by the Brussels police in their attempt to identify the young thugs who committed the crime.

WARNING: The incidents recorded in this video are violent and disturbing. Sensitive readers may want to avoid watching it:

The brief news item about the incident from the English-language service of the Bulgarian newspaper Standart News is below the jump:
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Belgium Police Make Public a Video With Beating of Bulgarian Student

The police in Brussels circulated a video showing how a gang of black men is beating savagely the 22-year-old Bulgarian student Lyuben Tyulekov. After that they throw the body on the subway rails and some people waiting for the train pull it out. Lyuben is alive but in coma. The assault happened before New Year holidays, but it was just yesterday when Belgium authorities announced the case. The police also circulated a tape from security cameras demonstrating how the gang is beating brutally the young man in metro station Porte de Namur.

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20 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment on the Brussels Metro

  1. The assault happened before New Year holidays, but it was just yesterday when Belgium authorities announced the case.

    How diligent of law enforcement authorities to release these surveillance tapes while this crime was still fresh in the public’s mind.

    What was that, four against one? Par for the course with young Lions of Islam™.

  2. Now I get why the consierge girl told me when I visited Brussels to not leave the hotel after the sun sets. Sad. Actually, I felt this was the case during the day too. I guess it is safe if you are priviledged enough to not use mass transit.

  3. We Bulgarians are used to be killed and beaten by Muslims. They are doing this to us since 14th century. Nothing new under sun… And they will continue to do it thousands years more. Thanks to the multiculturalism.

  4. In hoc signo vinces


    “I guess it is safe if you are priviledged enough to not use mass transit.”

    Exactly RV gives new meaninig to the bubble car.

  5. I live in Brussels as romanian, with jewish and filistine roots. Let’s not go there. I think those africans were drunk and cranky at that time. Even if I was there I would get beaten. Any… I suppose we can blame the authorities in charge with Metro Security but not the race or religion.

  6. Mihai said-

    ” I think those africans were drunk and cranky at that time. Even if I was there I would get beaten. Any… I suppose we can blame the authorities in charge with Metro Security but not the race or religion.”

    And there you have the soft headed logic of Liberalism from which we must all bow and die under. They were merely cranky like a baby who needs a good nap. Sipping too much off their baba made them do it. Mihai. Have you ever became homicidal after having a few too many? I haven’t. Then you go on to blame the authorities whom in your opinion should be omniscient and omnipresent to the point of being a police state to protect Belgians from drunk and cranky Africans whom you admit would probably have assaulted yourself or anyone else for that matter. Does that include little old ladies or the disabled? But alas, we should not pay attention to our lying eyes or crime statistics of race or religion. That would be wrong. Better to be killed or maimed under the jackboot of an alien foreign horde weaned on a religion of superiority. Ideological purity trumps all. Even life itself.

  7. Indeed, after a few drinks I haven’t even tried to get into a fight, but maybe they never had my/your education, friends, life. Belive me, I am not as liberal as you guess from my post, no. I’ve seen lots of dirty things done in the name of race or religion. Romania is a dangerous country too, I was born there. We have our gypsies not to forget. And they do sorts of bad things in the name of race and then hide behind the Europe against discrimination policy. This particular case, to me it seems more of a drunk fight, that’s it.

  8. Mihai: This particular case, to me it seems more of a drunk fight, that’s it.

    Four on one is not just a “drunk fight”, it is a vicious assault with unfair odds.

    If you actually watched the video, then you saw the thugs dump this man’s body onto the subway tracks.

    It was only because of good Samaritan passersby that this poor chap’s body was hauled off of the tracks before he got cut in half by the next train.

    Does getting into a “drunk fight” include knowingly trying to KILL someone? These same punks could have just beat up this person and left him. They didn’t. What they did do was try and set him up for a very grisly DEATH.

    From all appearances, this looked just like yet another case of “micro-jihad” as is being waged by Muslims all across Europe every day.

  9. The way those africans where running after the assault makes me very much doubt that they where “drunk”. If Mihai’s theories where right, they shouldn’t even be able to walk straight, let alone run straight. Mihai, there’s a reason the cops ask you to walk straight after they taken care of you for drunkeness and disorder. This was a premeditaded attempt of murder, pure and simple.

  10. Robin shadows-

    “This was a premeditated attempt of murder, pure and simple.”

    Bingo. The joy exuding from the smiles on their faces speaks volumes. The fact that they chose a white guy to beat to death is no coincidence. While they may not be actively thinking “I am killing this man in the name of Islam” while savagely beating him, the seed of Islamic superiority is right there pushing them on.


    “Guys, are we sure those africans are Muslim? No.”

    Another Liberal fallacy that lurks in the dark depths of a mind that is not fully ready to let go of years of liberal thought. Unless it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that these savages are indeed Muslims we must deny reality as we know it. That 99.9% of all North Africans are Muslim must be pushed out of the brain. That 9 times out of ten people who physically look like these guys are Muslim must be purged. It is the 1% rule. If one percent of the people of a certain demographic are peaceful and the rest are murdering savages, one must defer to the one percent. Always.

  11. Multiculturalism at its best.

    In a wicked and perverted way: Nice video.

    RV talked about how dangerous European Cities and its public transportation have become.

    Well, here they usually attack on the subway and mainly in the trains, as immigrant neighbourhoods are concentrated along the train line.

    Although, I have recently started to catch the train on a daily basis and I find it surprisningly secure. But yes, I will not recommend for people to take the train, specially lone women.

    However I wanted to stress two things: 1) This does not happen everyday although it probabily happens once in a month or little more.

    2) There’s nothing that lead us to believe that those are muslims.

    3) It seems that they were not trying to attack a random white guy. It seems that they just wanted to feel like they rule the place. The guy, who’s from Eastern Europe and probabily has more guts than the average Westerner, probabily responded in a manner that offended some of the members of the group or the entire group.
    And the group made him pay. It is what it seems to me.

  12. Muslims are not the only group waging a low-intensity civil war upon Europeans right now.

    Islam does provide a religious dogma and cultural background which rationalises and justifies agression against non-Muslims.

    However, there is also a simple ethnic logic at work. Non-European immigrants have a tribal motive to attack the natives whose civilisation is alien to them.

    Of course it’s “racist” to say so, but reality is racist.

    Most black Americans are not Muslim, as far as I know. Many are Christian. However, black-on-white crime with racist overtones is prevalent in America.

    In France, Blacks and Arabs would join up to assault white natives. However, they hate each other almost as much as they hate us.

    The racist remarks you can hear openly in the street, directed by Arabs towards Blacks, are staggering. Such outburts are not about religion ; they are about race. Of course, they can get away with such behaviour. We can’t.

    Simply put : race matters.

  13. The youths whose faces are visible are not ‘Africans’ or ‘Black men’. They are typical young ethnic Arabs, probably born in Belgium of immigrant parents. You see hundreds like them every day in Brussels, on the metro, on buses and prowling the streets in packs.

  14. People help us! In our country, kill and kill like animals! Always gives us a great example of Brussels. Here’s what Brussels has given us. PAIN! Spread the pictures of suspects!

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