Spanish Translation

To the reader who offered to translate Col. West’s speech into Spanish: I tried to contact you from two entirely separate email addresses, and your ISP rejected both as spam.

I’m sorry: I have no way of contacting you. If you could ask your ISP to lower its sensitivity to supposed spam, that might help.

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3 thoughts on “Spanish Translation

  1. I think I found this a little too late, but in case you can’t get in touch with your translator in the future, or in case you are paying someone to do it, I wanted to share what I do for small translations. I know they aren’t perfect, but if I put a text into the spanish translation from It gives you the translations from 3 different translators so you can compare the results and find the one that sounds best. If I am still not sure, I just put it into the forum and the super friendly users correct it for me for free and really quickly.

    This is what I use in my classroom anyway. I am a history teacher and sometimes, because of this whole cross-curriculum teaching idea, i put historical documents into Spanish for my upper level students and they translate them back to English. Really makes them read the whole thing.

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