Knocking Out Teeth in Gellerup

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Gellerup is a predominantly immigrant suburb of the Danish city Århus. We’ve encountered it from time to time in the past, most notably when immigrant “youths” in the culturally enriched Gellerupparken housing project targeted Inuit residents with violence, forcing them to move out.

Our Danish correspondent TB has translated an article about the latest incident involving enriched “youths” from Gellerup. He has this to say about the story:

This cultural Enrichment story has it all. It is one of the “finest”‘ examples of this phenomenon I have read for a long time. Not the least because it is so honestly and thoroughly reported by the journalist. It contains jackal behavior and Arab racism at its best. The only thing I wish for in the report is for the journalist to connect the dots to the cultural mindset from which this structural symptom is so bountifully generated.

And now the article from Jyllands-Posten:

Kids knocked out 35-year-old man’s teeth

A man from Århus was seriously beaten up when he asked a group of kids to quiet down.

The 35-year-old man was a passenger on bus number 15.

In the bus were also eight children of Arab background who were listening to music on their mobile phones.

An elderly Arab man had asked the group to lower the volume, which they obeyed. But when the Arab man left the bus at Park Allé the volume was turned up again.

Refused to drive any further

At the crossroads with Frederiks Allé the driver asked the youngsters to turn down the volume and refused to drive any further before they did so.

When an elderly Danish man, who repeated the driver’s request, was threatened by the group, the 35-year-old family father, who has formerly worked with criminals and trained young immigrants in soccer, suggested that they put on earphones.

That made the youngsters go berserk and rain down blows on the 35-year-old.

– – – – – – – –

“I don’t know how many blows I got. Or how many people hit me. I can only remember this DONG-DONG inside my head from the blows. 10-15 blows. When I saw a tooth flying up into the air I shouted ‘stop’,” the 35-year-old man says.

Two charged in the case

Afterwards he underwent surgery and he is going in again Saturday.

He is going to lose between one and four teeth as a result of the attack.

With the help of surveillance cameras, the police managed to find two of the three kids who were active in the assault. They have been charged with assault.

The youngsters are residents of Gellerup, and were on their way to school at Kroghs Gade Skole.

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7 thoughts on “Knocking Out Teeth in Gellerup

  1. Yet another sordid reminder of how important it is that Islam should always be repaid in its own favorite coin.

    Anything less is merely an installment on interest only and does nothing to reduce the actual principle involved. This makes for a truly nasty balloon payment in the future, typically of a far more kinetic nature.

    Europe’s Multicultural Traitor Elite continue to artificially forestall all repayment due on Islam’s principle debt and this only ensures a looming butcher’s bill of horrendous proportions.

    When cattle cars once again roll towards the chimney’d abattoirs, whatever real crimes against humanity that happen will have been committed by these malicious, ham fisted amateur social engineers.

  2. I know that hoping they get charged with a hate crime is a silly hope.

    When will Europeans realize that we need guns because our governments don’t do their jobs?

  3. You know,had this happened in Sweden instead, we would have seen Jerzy Sarnecki, the guy who represents BRÅ (Council for preventing crime) speak in media. “Oh, this was nothing! They where merely naughty little boys out to play!” This guy hasn’t been nicknamed Bagdhad Bob for nothing…

  4. Robin Shadowes: “Oh, this was nothing! They where merely naughty little boys out to play!”

    Long ago, in a much less enlightened United States, the “boys will be boys” rationale was used to explain away date rape and even rape itself (a small distinction, I know). A properly enraged Liberal Left soon made sure that this bit of insensitive male chauvanism was discarded in favor of treating women with true respect. For the nonce, we shall refrain from discussing how this pro-feminist stance has gone completely overboard.

    This same Liberal Left now attempts to palm off the vicious and predatory behavior of Muslim youth (“yoots”), as some sort of expectable juvenile horseplay when it, in actuality, is a form of Basic Training for Islamic jihad.

    One can only wonder whether, after enough of their own daughters have been raped, these same Liberals will suddenly take note of the maliciously violent element that they have unleashed in civilized societies.

    More important is whether these inept Social Engineers will ever have to answer in open court for their abject treason against the Western World.

  5. Zenster, the funny thing is in this case of Mr Sarnecki, he is a polish immigrant of jewish decent. So we know where he is going once the caliphate has been established…

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