International Socialists in Battle Dress

Dutch voters went to the polls today for the municipal elections. As reported previously, Geert Wilders’ party, the PVV, fielded candidates in two municipalities, Almere and the Hague.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled a report and translated a video about a little sideshow event put on by the International Socialists in Almere:

International Socialists flower-marchA few dozen supporters of the International Socialists marched in flowery pajamas through downtown Almere on Sunday afternoon (February 28), displaying slogans such as “No commandos”. They were protesting against a PVV proposal for city commandos to fight crime by street terrorists.

The demonstration was also supported by the Dutch Muslim Party in Almere demonstrated against the PVV with — as they called it — “A Flower March”. Other slogans included “Say no to the PVV, Almere PVV-free”. Only few people joined in during their march through the city-center of Almere. There were no incidents.

Many thanks to Vlad the Subtitler:

[A full transcript of the video is at the bottom of this post.]

A few responses:

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  • “How nice, a demonstration against democracy. […] Now was this demonstration against democracy organized by the National Socialists or International Socialists?” [source in newspaper Spits].
  • “High treason and collaboration are of all times…” [source]

An election report, including a video of Monday’s debate between Geert Wilders and Wouter Bos, is in preparation right now. Stay tuned.

Video transcript

00:00.00   “In flowery pajamas demonstrating against the PVV in Almere”
00:23.00   Poster: “Stop witch hunt against Muslims. No room for racism. International Socialists”
00:36.00   International Socialist magazine; “Wilders guilty of racism”. Poster: “Say no to the PVV, party of free market and hatred of immigrants”
00:47.30   I am Shangram Karim, leader of the Dutch Muslim Party in Almere. Today we have…
00:51.00   marched along in the flower-march in Almere with youth dressed up as city commandos…
00:55.00   to show what a ridiculous idea it is [city commandos preventing street terrorism].
00:59.00   It is a great initiative because most of all young people show they are against the PVV…
01:03.00   and that a large part of Almere and the Netherlands are against the ideas of the PVV…
01:07.00   and don’t agree with it. Finally the initiative comes out, great idea.
01:20.00   “No commandos […] Join in against the PVV”
01:25.00   “Almere PVV-free […] Almere commando-free”
01:39.00   International Socialist useful idiot with sign: “Say no to the PVV”

5 thoughts on “International Socialists in Battle Dress

  1. I would pay good money to see them dropped off in those outfits somewhere in Helmand province and watch what happens.

  2. Dutch News is reporting that Geert Wilders’ PVV came in first in Almere and second in The Hague, the only two cities they were contesting in the Dutch municipal elections.

  3. “Stop witch hunt against Muslims. No room for racism. International Socialists”

    Were it not so incredibly irrational, such total credulity would be utterly hilarious.

    If there are still old-time witch hunts going on in this world, they are most often happening in Islamic countries.

    As to, “No room for racism.” Islam has to be one of the most racist ideologies on earth. Arab Muslims regard themselves as the Master Race™ and woe betide any other followers of Allah who pretend to such status. The fate of Black Muslims in Sudan and other African nations bears grim testimony to this.

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