Geert Wilders’ Freedom

A reader from Winnipeg in the Canadian province of Manitoba sent us the following email under the subject line “Geert Wilders’ Freedom”. He wanted us to pass the message on to Mr. Wilders, but I have no direct line to anyone in the PVV, so I told him I’d post it for him instead.

I know some PVV people read this blog, so please pass the word up the chain to the boss:

Hello there. I am a Canadian who has been watching closely the trial of Geert Wilders. I just heard that he won an election of sorts, and I believe this man is an INTERNATIONAL HERO!!!

I only wish that I could meet the man who is standing up for true freedom, and not it’s abuse. I want to visit Europe and I support Israel!! With NO REGRETS!!

Fitna is the best documentary of Islamofascism I have ever seen. Would somebody let Mr. Wilders know that he has supporters all over the world and I think those Muslims who made a video (very sick video) cutting off Mr. Wilders’ head should be thrown in jail for incitement of hate and murder!!

I won’t let what is happening in Britain and Sweden happen here, I am strongly against Islam and Sharia law. They are trying to do that here in Canada, but hopefully it will not be allowed.

Islam is at war with the world and they are like bloody Jew haters and they are backward as the donkey they rode in on and if they don’t want freedom then they should NOT EVER be allowed to enter a non-Muslim country.

– – – – – – – –

There is a war over freedom going on and the right people are logical and determined to speak the truth. If I have learned something, it seems like Mr. Wilders is on a winning streak and I hope he is elected Prime Minister, and set the standard for the rest of the weak and politically correct in Europe, and bring it back to what it was, not what it is. I don’t want my children living with weak leaders who collapse at the breath of an angry mob of hoodlums that are Islamofascists!!! NOT IN CANADA!!!

I want to see Europe as it was, with distinctive variations of culture, not a Muslim mob all over the place.

God bless the people who vote and support Mr. Wilders.

He is truly a WORLD CLASS HERO!!!!