Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/16/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/16/2010It looks like the Motoon litigation will bring its “libel tourism” traveling circus to the UK, and use British libel laws to litigate on behalf of over 90,000 descendants of Mohammed who claim they were defamed by the Danish Motoons.

In other news, Geert Wilders has been told he is unwelcome in the German town of Monschau. Meanwhile, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has called for Internet controls.

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2 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/16/2010

  1. I have just seen an interview with Stellan Bojerud. He was the representative who last year defected the conservative party Moderaterna for the Sweden Democrates. He is also a retired Överstelöjtnant (Lieutenant Colonol in english I think) who spent 44 years in the swedish force. He is an expert on military history and has also written several books on the subject.

    On a question about what can be defended and for how long in Sweden if an actual invasion of enemy forces should occur, his answer was quite frankly, they are capable of the defending Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) and Rosenbad (the traitors themselves) for as long as the first camera team from CNN to arrive!

    Can you really believe it??? The rest of the country is completely open for an over-take at any given moment in time!! I’m so upset that if I would have my way, the taritors would have the traitors drawn and quartered even!!

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