“Deliverance” in Sweden

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Our Danish correspondent Signe has compiled a summary from Swedish and Danish sources about a series of appalling instances of culturally enriched depravity in Sweden. The graphic descriptions of what occurred have been placed below the jump, and sensitive readers may wish to skip the second half of this report.

Signe says that Snaphanen suggests this type of incident is an increasing phenomenon in Sweden:

Deliverance in Sweden

by Signe

MALMÖ. A 19-year-old DJ and role model in a publicly funded rap music project was also a leading member of the Black Cobra gang. Earlier this week he appeared with two accomplices in the court at Helsinborg, charged with kidnapping, breaking and entering — and rape.


  • Ahmad Abdel Rohman, born 1992-05-26
  • Ibrahim Said, born 1991-05-02
  • Hetem Sejdin, born 1989-08-16

The defendants kidnapped a handicapped 19-year-old Swedish man outside the terminal Knutpunkten in Helsingborg and forced him to buy mobile phone subscriptions in several shops, taking over the phones afterwards. Then they drove to the victim’s school and the home of his parents, where they stole televisions and jewelry.

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Here, one of them also raped the victim, forcing him to bend over the sofa, while the two accomplices could be heard laughing outside. The police investigation, including DNA from the crime scene, supports the witnesses’ account. The defendant admits masturbating in front of the victim, but denies raping him.

In court the role model and gang-rape defendant had to face further charges: In May, he and a friend attacked and tortured a shop owner in Rosengård to avenge some female friends who had been insulted, apparently because the shop owner had prevented the women from shoplifting.

In December, he and a friend broke into an apartment, stealing property worth about 45,000 kronor. He was connected to the crime via DNA.

The 19-year-old was arrested on premises belonging to a municipal music project at Rosengård. According to the taxpayer-financed project’s own information, the 19-year-old was one of its chief performers. According to his own account he was also the leader of a large group of youths.


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10 thoughts on ““Deliverance” in Sweden

  1. These people deserve a swift and merciless death – which is what they would have got in Europe 150 years ago. We need to bring back some of the old things, I guess.

  2. I don’t know what’s happened to Swedish men. They seem to be whimps of the first order. Has there ever been an anti-Islam demo in Sweden?

  3. I don’t know what’s happened to Swedish men. They seem to be whimps of the first order.

    The Swedish government and cultural elites, for many years, have been intentionally “educating” Swedish boys so as to make them into de-masculinized men. This has been discussed multiple times here at GoV.

  4. But, in the case of this one young man, whether or not he has been made a eunuch by the Swedish state, there wasn’t much he could do to resist.

    I mean, of course he could have resisted and fought … but he’d likely be dead if he had.

  5. Rebelliousvanilla, they certainly didn’t have any qualms about it back then, in the later half of the 19th century. Even public executions was quite common. France carried out their last public execution as late as 1939, just shortly before the great war! In fact there is a lot of photos from the incidence, even a short b/w silent footage. Google Eugene Weidtmann and don’t worry, it’s filmed from a distance so it’s not as gruesome as you might think lol.
    This was the main reason they moved the executions behind the prison walls. The government at the time didn’t like the media attention the event brought by all the pictures.

    This year sees the 100th anniversary of the last swedish execution. Alfred Andersson Ander was both the first and last man to have a private rendevouz with M’sieu Guillotine in our country. Before that they used the axe. Too bad such a fine instrument was used just once don’t you think? I wouldn’t mind at all this jolly trio to meet M’sieu G…

  6. Let me count the ways… these cultural “enrichers” spit and stomp on the society they are busy colonizing. Any outcome to their crime doesn’t worry them. They either get away with it entirely because victims and witnesses are terrified to testify, or they get a mere slap on the wrist, never punishment commensurate with their crime including deportation to a Muslim or Arab country.

    Swedes and their institutions all act like craven dhimmi already and keep importing their future masters.

    Sweden was the most progressive laboratory for socialism and has reached its endpoint first…suicidal masochism (“Live like parasites on Welfare and beat us up before you kill the brainless spineless blobs we have become).

  7. I feel sorry for the Scandinavian peoples over in Europe. What is being done to them is terrible and I wish it would stop, but I realize the only way that will happen is if there is a complete change in the views and attitudes of the Scandinavian people.

    All I can say is that Scandinavians never had this problem when we were Heathens. There’s just something about a pantheon of War and Nature Gods and Goddesses that makes you willing to step up and put an end to sh*t.


  8. I think the Swedes are being unfairly singled out as this is happening all over Europe.

    All those years of Leftist judges and pollies have done their work.

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