A Letter to the Editor of The Weekly Standard

Many readers wrote to complain about Glenn Beck’s anti-Geert Wilders’ rant last night. One, Spackle, took note of the fact we don’t have a TV; he simply wanted to keep us abreast of the changing tide.

This morning there were more complaints. Actually, one of our more astute readers referred to this display as Beck’s “Charles Johnson moment”. Hmm, could be.

When I heard that Bill Kristol, of The Weekly Standard was part of the Wilders’ death panel, it seemed a ‘letter to the editor’ was in order.


To Mr. Kristol:

Not having a TV, we didn’t see the death panel Fox assembled to take out Geert Wilders. However, many of our readers have contacted us about it. We were told that you called Mr. Wilders a “demagogue”.

This ad hominem attack is appalling, sir. If Wilders is a demagogue, then so were our Founders, for they spoke in emotional terms about living under tyranny. Like them, Mr. Wilders lives under the threat of death, social ostracism, and penury for his stand against the further islamization of his country.

In fact, Wilders will no doubt meet Pim Fortuyn’s fate for making a stand against the overwhelming onslaught that Islamists have mounted against the Netherlands.

He is trying, on his own, to hold back the tide. Do you have any idea how bad the situation is in the Netherlands? What is happening there makes your coverage of the Greek/German economic rift seem beside the point.

It won’t be long now until Wilders is taken out …and you helped put another nail in the coffin. I suggest some background reading on his situation and on Dutch oppression of free speech. Denmark is it not.

Here’s Arthur Legger’s essay on the jailing and harassment of the most famous of the contrarian Dutch cartoonists, Gregorius Nekschot. His treatment at the hands of Dutch authorities has certainly served to silence others.

Mr Legger has written extensively on the background leading to the demonization of Geert Wilders, and of his likely death for standing up against the Islamization of the Netherlands:

The public comparison of a well known individual with Hitler, Mussolini or Mussert (leading Dutch Nazi collaborator) and the removing of the social safety net belongs to an ingrained Dutch tradition, well known to the Dutch. If you’re judged too harmful to the Dutch State, Culture and/or its Business (and these three are highly intertwined), the ruthless reflex sets in and it’s game over – including, sometimes, death. Recently the world was able to witness this flaw in our character: Pim Fortuyn, “fascist” adversary of the Left and winner of the elections, was murdered in 2002; Theo van Gogh, “racist” mocker of muslims, jews and the Left, was murdered in 2004; Ayaan Hirsi Ali, “heretic” critic of the Left and of islam, was effectively banished in 2006.

Ms. Ali knew enough of Dutch political history to understand that if she didn’t flee, she would surely die. All the signs were there as they slowly closed in on her. Ms. Ali never looked back — running from the Netherlands to a safe haven at AEI. Now she is planning on American citizenship as soon as she is eligible. I’ll bet she still pays for security, though.

We have followed the situation in the Netherlands for several years now. Our Dutch readers plead for coverage of what is happening in their country.

This is Pim Fortuyn all over again. It is another chapter just like the one they wrote about Theo van Gogh; same plot, same ending. It is sad and disappointing that you have joined in the demonization.

BTW, your magazine’s failure to cover the recent fall of the parliamentary coalition in the Netherlands, which will lead to new elections in June, shows that you’re not paying enough attention to Dutch politics to warrant having an opinion on their internal affairs. Just to catch up, you might want to research what is likely to happen to the trial of Mr. Wilders for the “crime” of hate speech as a result of the elections.

I suggest that you contact Mr. Legger; he can give you the likely outcome. If you can’t reach him, we have two Dutch born-and-bred analysts who fled the Netherlands some years ago. Both live far from Europe and will thus avoid the implosion of their homeland. Neither is a “professional” journalist but I daresay they know more about European politics than any of the writers I’ve seen in your magazine so far…admittedly, I do tend to read the magazine itself more than the online essays, so it might be that I’ve missed something.

Gates of Vienna

PS For a professional journalist’s opinion, Diana Winter wrote a brief but telling rebuttal to your appearance on Fox.

You might consider having her give you some background on the reality of the situation in the Hague.

And Fox’s behavior in response to the outrage is telling: despite having hundreds of Fox videos on YouTube, they pulled the anti-Geert pile-on from public display, claiming copyright violations. Hmm, only this particular video is a “violation”?

After sending this email, I looked for a post the Baron remembered that featured Glenn Beck and Geert Wilders. It was from 2008, and easy enough to find, here.
– – – – – – – –
That video has been removed by Fox also. I guess because it had clips from Fitna or is it that Beck is seen contradicting his behavior last night?

So I did some more searching for Mr. Beck and Mr. Wilders. There are hundreds of Beck videos on You Tube, just waiting for your embed or link. The following one is still available, but I don’t know for how long:

In case it is disappeared as these others have been, I can tell you that Beck is mostly sympathetic to Wilders. He expresses disagreement in some areas (e.g., “I know some nice Muslims”), but agrees with him that Europeans deserve to be able to exercise the same rights of free speech that currently exist in the U.S.

Mr. Beck does not mention that this freedom is under assault in this country all the time. Unfortunately, with his death panel assembly of talking heads last night, Beck himself did his bit to damage the fundamentals of free speech.

As Diana West says, more or less, follow the money:

Fact is, this anti-Geert pundit solidarity will only delight Newscorp stakeholder Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. That’s because it is Wilders in the Netherlands who stands as the unexpectedly strong spearhead of resistance to the Islamization of Europe and the wider West. As a scion of the most powerful sharia dictatorship in the world, Prince Talal doesn’t like that. How fortunate for him that Fox News doesn’t like it, either.

16 thoughts on “A Letter to the Editor of The Weekly Standard

  1. “you’re not paying enough attention to Dutch politics to warrant having an opinion on their internal affairs.”

    Yes!! Not even cursory knowledge! I find it deeply disturbing that an average American dolt like myself with no university degree knows more about European politics then our supposed ivy league elites of Conservative journalism. Talk about a myopic view of the world?

  2. Sad, sad day.

    I’m thinking what a moderate, law-abiding and reasonable person Geert Wilders is and STILL it is too much for the powers that be to take.

    It seems there is no escape, at least in a democratic, legal way. The type of politician Geert Wilders represents is the only means to avoid a bloodshed before it is too late, in democratic circumstances. Don’t they understand this?

  3. As a scion of the most powerful sharia dictatorship in the world, Prince Talal doesn’t like that.

    It appears that the archives of Sauduction (a.k.a. Americans Against the Sauduction of Washington) are now permanently offline. This is the only page I could find. Here is the masthead quote on an old blog post by Israpundit.

    I wonder what happened to it. Did the Saudi Royals exert their influence somehow? I wish now I had saved the whole site.

  4. Whoops. Spoke too soon. It is working again at the old address. The link had been broken for a long time. It appears to have a new look and the quote from King Fahd Bin Abdul-Aziz is no longer there.

  5. @Sean O’Brian–

    If you open up that page it looks empty. You have to scroll waaay down to find the entry.

    I believe what they’re saying but there’s not a lot of sourcing on material. Or maybe they’ve done it in earlier posts?


  6. Hi D,

    I’m not having any problems with the look of the page. I’m using Mozilla Firefox.

    It’s not clear what the site’s sources are for each story and when it disappeared a few months ago I thought it may have been taken down for legal reasons — for basically being a vast collection of libels.

    However the author Herb Mallard suggests in this excerpt from Issue #2 that the Saudis would have most to lose from legal proceeedings:

    “The Saud family are necessarily afraid of US lawyers, since there is so much incontrovertible evidence of their systematic enslavement and torture of US citizens in general and Vietnam Veterans in particular.”

    In Issue #17, Herb Mallard claims that his organisation [Sauduction] is carrying out a limited investigation and has interviewed people involved in illegal activites. Seeing as he uses the names of the alleged victims and their families in some of his accusations, I’d guess he has been corresponding with the families.

    In Issue #13, he himself is the source for an anecdote he relates which strongly suggests criminal behaviour. Search for “I attended a party given by a Middle East socialite in London’s tony Belgravia section” or else scroll to the very bottom.

  7. @ Spackle

    “…with no university degree…”

    And therein, dear Spackle, lies the difference. You avoided the mandatory brainwashing that, largely, constitutes the process of acquiring one of those degrees and, so, have had the distinct advantage of achieving a genuine education. I admire you for that.

  8. Hi Dymphna,

    I think some anti-Jihadists look at the insoluble problems of Islam in Europe, and warn against Islam. Then they remember Europe’s long history of ethnic violence, put 2 and 2 together, and retreat into condemnation.

    Combine that with market positioning among pundits, and condmenation is the only option. What else are they going to do when ethnic cleansing looms?

    Some Europeans, in the thick of it, without the luxury of condemnation from a distance, revolted by islam, and proud of their heritage, lash out: “To hell with it, if Islam wants a war, we’ll give it one!” You’ve seen this view expressed.

    Most American pundits lash out in the other direction: “Jesus, this is getting into territory I can’t handle. I’m out of my depth discussing politics in the realms of ethnic war. So I’ll opt for condemnation. I’ll get my condemnation in early. At least I’ll be able to say how clean my hands have always been.”

    I think Glenn Beck, and possibly Fox generally, is positioning itself in this way for when Europe turns violent – “I don’t know what they should do, but my condemnation proves my moral authority!”

    See, e.g., this article from Paul Belien at Brussels Journal:

    “Last year, I was invited to speak about the situation in Europe at one of America’s major universities. For two days my host subjected me to the most terrible accusations. He told me I would have to suffer for what my ancestors had done to his ancestors. “One cannot respect the Europeans,” he said. “America should have nuked Europe during WWII instead of Japan. If ever things turn nasty in Europe I will make sure that neither you nor any white European will be allowed to seek shelter in the US. I would rather invite the Muslims in than you and your lot, because one can respect Muslims but not Europeans.””

    I think it’s possible that this sort of advance market-positioning may have been among Charles Johnson’s motives.

    It initially affected Ralph Peters, whom I admire, although he, being a tough nut, has had the stamina to think things through a little further and now appears to be a little more agnostic on the issue.

    This is another reason why it is essential to think through possible solutions. Otherwise the prospect is ethnic war in Europe, with such people gloating that they told you so.

    Best wishes,


  9. Filthykafir,

    Thank you for your kind words. I often look back and regret never having gone to college. But then I think about the money, the indoctrination and the fact that I often find myself smarter and more well rounded then most college grad’s I meet and I quickly lose that regret.

  10. This is a good post with older interviews that Beck took from Geer Wilders, calling him “brave” and a “hero”. I dont think that he is turning into CJ, I think that he is just woverwhelmed. He is saying in the show that he doesnt follow the whole thing closely, and advises his viewers to to so and twitt them about it.. lets see the following days.. for now I think this is just a slip on this very slippery slope that Europe is these days. I hope for the best.

  11. @Dymphna
    Good letter and of value per se, but cannot have real impact on a die-hard neocon. Kristol, Frum, Podhoretz, Krauthamer, Mr. Dubya’s cabinet in toto – they are lost to us and have been from the beginning. That’s the “Invade them over there, invite them over here” crowd, remember. Some very smart people there with spectacular, baked-in blind patches. Fox News quite there too, if less so than Kristol & Co.

  12. Regarding the “conservative” Fox News and the Saudis, does anybody remember this case from 2005?

    Saudi Prince to Murdoch: jump. Murdoch to Prince: How high?

    Billionaire Saudi Prince al-Walid bin Talal influences the direction of Fox News reporting. He said that during last month’s street protests in France, the US television network Fox — owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation in which Al-Walid himself has shares — ran a banner saying: “Muslim riots.” “I picked up the phone and called Murdoch… (and told him) these are not Muslim riots, these are riots out of poverty,” he said. “Within 30 minutes, the title was changed from Muslim riots to civil riots.”

  13. I’ve also uploaded the deleted video of Glenn Beck on a Romanian site, here. Just in case. Does this have anything to do with the link heroyalwhyness posted just above? Just wondering…

  14. Wonderfully written letter both in style and content, but you are knocking on a very hard chest Dymphna.

    Jews have managed to make their Holocaust “the” Holocaust. As such it is not just a chapter of history, a tragic episode in a long spotty chronology of a people who are not always victims but sometimes victimizers, the way all other histories of peoples are written. Instead, they sought to and have largely succeeded in making the Jewish Holocaust and that one alone the ultimate sin that the entire world must acknowledge and remember forever as opposed to the Armenian, Ukrainian, Hindu etc. holocausts that got no traction in world memory, partly because the Jewish holocaust was supposed to be the stand in or representative of universal pain. There is an entire Holocaust industry that keeps it alive, a scab constantly picked at.

    Most of the free speech crippling misnamed “human rights” legislation in Western countries enforcing political correctness has been put in place by and for Jews and other leftists to nip any supposed tendrils of nazism in the bud. Meanwhile, communism whose victims number ten times the Holocaust runs rampant through western academia and other institutions so the goal is certainly not to subdue mass murdering ideologies, merely the one that killed Jews.

    This ingrained/indoctrinated universality of Jewish concerns has been adopted by almost all Westerners (certainly not the Muslim world) and is now reflex in liberals and even many conservatives who accept Jewish well being as their canary in the coalmine.

    Though one cannot fault a traumatized people for looking after their own interests, they do not necessarily make wise policy and the West has not been wise in assuming Jewish interests and their own are synonymous.

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