The Blizzard of ’10

We’re in the midst of yet more climate change. This particular bout is predicted to last until Sunday morning, and will consist of a “wintry mix”. According to the latest forecasts, we will experience all three types: powdered climate change, pelletized climate change, and contact-crystallized climate change. Between 10 and 21 inches (25-54 cm) of powder are predicted to accumulate. And this on top of several inches left over from the big storm last weekend and the smaller one on Tuesday.

I went to Charlottesville last night to stock up on necessities for the coming ordeal, and it took me four hours to shop at two supermarkets (Kroger was out of larks’ tongues in aspic, so I had to go to Giant as well).

I’ve never seen anything like it — the parking lot at Barracks Road was totally full, all the way out to the marginal stores at the empty sections of the lot. People parked in the parking aisles and left their flashers on. It was worse than Christmas Eve. Of course, it didn’t help that portions of the parking lot were blocked by immense dirty piles left over from last week’s batch of climate change.

When I walked into the Kroger, there were no shopping carts at all available — not one. No carry baskets were piled near the doors, either, but I managed to find an abandoned one near the checkout.
– – – – – – – –
Almost all the carts and baskets in use could be seen lined up for the checkout — some snaking to the side, all the way over to side walls and down into the beer and produce sections. Others went straight back through the aisles and then curved around along the back wall. I joined the “express” line at the back of the store, and it took forty-five minutes to work my way up through the frozen food section to the cash register. Fortunately I had brought something to read.

Strangely enough, the stores didn’t run out of major staples, although Giant did show almost empty shelves in the bread aisle. It’s a testimony to the distribution system and logistics of the retail grocery chains.

This is the worst pre-storm panic I’ve ever experienced. I would have thought I was in D.C. — it was that bad.

Now we are stranded yet again. Powdered climate change is falling steadily, and the satellite dish is now partially covered, but we’ve still got an internet connection for the moment.

Can I trade in my carbon credits now?

5 thoughts on “The Blizzard of ’10

  1. You also have to take Superbowl Sunday into consideration. A double whammy. You guys have gotten more snow then us here in the Northeast. Crazy.

  2. Oh, Spackle, thank you for reminding me why I married the Baron. In addition to not owning a TV, he had no interest in watching televised “sporting events”. Watching girls, yeah — he still does that — but sitting through hours of tedious trivia interspered with minutes of frenetic activity by hunched men in padded clothing and helmets slamming into one another?

    We both like minor league baseball or even local softball games. But not the strange rituals that have come to dominate professional sports. There’s no fun left.

    To the extent I thought of it at all, I remembered the Super Bowl as being in January and figured it was over by now. But suddenly, those crowded aisles make sense!

    Those folks won’t be able to venture out on Saturday to stock up on SB food. They’ll be safely snowed in by then and gathered around a warm screen…if the snow (OR ICE) don’t interfere with the electricity.

    No wonder the B didn’t have much trouble foraging for our snow supplies. They were stocking up on entirely different kinds of food.

    Fortunately, beer wasn’t on his list.

  3. Dymphna-

    I too am not a big sports fan. I was into Basketball for a couple of years but lost interest. I also find Baseball to be as exciting as watching paint dry. American Sacrilege! I know! The Olympics is generally the only time I pay attention to sports. On the plus side of Superbowl Sunday. If you are a single male looking for a mate it is a great day to go out and mingle. You will virtually be the only heterosexual male not glued to a TV screen.

  4. spackle: I was into Basketball for a couple of years but lost interest.

    When it comes to basketball, I say give each side a hundred points and three minutes to play.

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