The 21st Century: A Quranic Hell?

Our Danish correspondent TB sends his translation of a prescient piece written by the man who is now the Danish Foreign Minister, and includes this explanatory note:

Kim Møller from Uriasposten has dug up this very interesting comment from an old printed edition of Berlingske Tidende. He posted the highlights of it a week ago. Of course, you and I and the rest of GoV readers already know about the things mentioned in the article, so that is not really the point of interest here.

Two other things are worth noting. First: The author of it is the present Foreign Minister of Denmark, Per Stig Møller [PSM], an educated historian and highly respected person in Danish society. Second: The scenarios for the future that Mr. Møller describes in the article were written 15 years ago.

TB’s translation was made directly from Uriasposten’s blog post:

Per Stig Møller about the coming hell the Quran asks its believers to prepare for us.

Long comment made by PSM and printed in Berlingske Tidende on March 12, 1995. From “The Future With Islam” which starts out by describing the expected scenario. The article is not online.

At the elections in 1999 the fundamentalist party won the election in Turkey. The very same year Mubarak’s government in Egypt and King Hassan in Morocco fell victim to fundamentalist coups. As the fundamentalist rebels, FISA, had already taken over in Algeria in 1997 the east and south coast of the Mediterranean were now in the hands of the fundamentalists. After that the Muslim countries joined a common defense union which had as its first task the removal of Israel. At the same time the countries around the Mediterranean created a free trade area to be able to compete with the EU. Besides the Mediterranean countries, it was comprised of the whole Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan while Malaysia and Indonesia became associated countries. The worlds 1.5 billion Muslims had now joined in the biggest defense and economic alliance in the world.

Not since the peace in Karlowitz 1699, when the Ottomans were forced to leave Hungary and Austria, had the Islamic world been as comprehensive and strong. And the expansion looked to continue. In the former Soviet Islamic-dominated republics, Russia started to bleed in an attempt to quell the fundamentalists by military means. In the cities of Western European, Muslim minorities no longer allowed themselves to integrate. Confident in the word of the Quran that “The East and The West belongs to Allah. Wherever you turn — you will find the face of Allah” (Quran, 1:46. 1967) they were waiting on the fall of the West. The core test for the Western World became the threat against Israel. Either the West would interfere massively to secure the existence of Israel and show the fundamentalists exactly where the line was drawn. Or it could negotiate to find a solution that would dissolve Israel but at the same time secure the religious freedom of the Jews and minority protection in the new Palestinian state. If the latter happened, the Western leadership would be condemned for once again sacrificing the Jews and entering a disgraceful Munich-type deal. If the former happened a great new war would be unleashed, whose consequences could be the fall of the West and an Islam spreading even further into Europe than it had done during its greatest period in 732, when it reached all the way up into France and in 1683 was knocking at the Gates of Vienna.

– – – – – – – –


A war between Eastern and Western Europe on the one side and the Muslim world on the other would mean a total breakdown in the high-tech European infrastructure and bear with it a relatively larger privation for the Europeans than for the Muslims who were fighting for their place in the sun at last, and to get out of the misery for which they blamed the West. To them the war will be “a holy war” based on the words of the Quran: “Oh, those who believe, fight the infidels around you.” (Hourani: “The History of The Arab People, p. 173. 1994)


Western Civilization cannot give in to this kind of fundamentalism, which denies all the ideals that we take for granted and which stands for a view on women which we find directly inhuman. One of the leaders of FISA, Ali Benhadj, has said it like this: “The woman is a human producer, she does not produce material goods, she produces this essential thing which the Muslim is” (le nouvel Observateur, 22.9.1994). Western Civilization cannot give in to this kind of fundamentalism which denies all the ideals of which we base our society. This notion of the woman is built on the following incitement from Muhammad: “Have intercourse and multiply yourselves, on judgment day my honor will resemble your number” — and this number the women have been tasked to increase…


The scenario in the beginning of this article shows that the 21st century can become the hell the Quran asks its believers to prepare for us: “Say to them who do not believe: You will be defeated and assembled in hell. And evil is the place of rest.” (1,II4)…

10 thoughts on “The 21st Century: A Quranic Hell?

  1. Glad that prophecy didn’t come to pass.

    Unfortunately, what actually happened was even worse: thousands killed by jihadist murders across the globe, and a more sinister infiltration of Western institutions (governments, banks, militaries) by jihadist elements.

    A cohesive caliphate-like league of Islamic nations would be almost easier to see and counter. But the infiltration of sharia law and a gradual surrender of our own values is more sinister…

  2. i disagree. A long smoldering insurgency is still better than a united front composed of nation states. If they formed that, then we would actually have to treat jihadis with some legitimacy as we treat the Russians, Iranians, and Chinese or risk open war.

    A caliphate like league is still decades away. It is possible that we will simply continue to suffer pin prick terrorist attacks for decades to centuries. Annoying, but tolerable.

  3. I see the threat as real. Often, far too often a threat is not see until the enemy is at the gates and only then can the cries of the masses and the wringing of hands be seen and hear and the voices of I told you so are silenced by the battering at the gates. A new nationalism, a new colonialism is sweeping across the Islamic world and many have turned a blind eye to the tidal wave headed toward us.

  4. The worlds 1.5 billion Muslims had now joined in the biggest … economic alliance in the world.

    Some call it zakat, others call it Shari’a Compliant Finance.

    For much of recent history, the “defense” part remains a particularly bad joke. If no other outside countries interfered, all of the MME (Muslim Middle East), could be subdued in a few months by America alone.

    Remember, Iran and Iraq spent eight long years and, between them, killed almost a million Muslims in total only to reach a bloody stalemate.

    America rolled up Iraq’s sidewalks in three short weeks.

    While physical occupation of the region would not be feasible, the entire collection of Islamic tyrannies could be rendered impotent by a series of well-coordinated air and sea strikes.

    Islam’s supposed military might is an object of riducule for real militaries and there only awaits a Western leader of sufficient backbone to make the belligerent Muslim house of cards come crashing down.

    Terrorism is Islam’s effective tool Islam. That’s why Muslims use it and that is why the West needs to begin a campaign of ruthlessly disproportionate retaliation for every future terrorist atrocity. Assymetric warfare doesn’t work if your source of material support is a smoking hole in the ground.

    No nuclear weapons are required to achieve this. Fuel-air bombs can replicate nuclear-level explosions without any fallout. Even the largest MME military facilities can be hanstrung by a few waves of B-52s on an Arclight run.

    Backbone is the only missing ingredient.

  5. Actually, what we’re facing is even worse because it threatens the unity of our nations, which is the opposite effect of this scenario. Besides, the Muslims armies would have been no contest for the US and EU armies combined that would have simply obliterated them. Muslims don’t employ warfare because they know it’s a losing strategy.

  6. Actually, what we’re facing is even worse because it threatens the unity of our nations, which is the opposite effect of this scenario. Besides, the Muslims armies would have been no contest for the US and EU armies combined that would have simply obliterated them. Muslims don’t employ warfare because they know it’s a losing strategy.

  7. Just a tranquil reflexion.

    BBC 18 June, 1940: “I, General de Gaulle, currently in London, invite the officers and the French soldiers who are located in British territory or who might end up here, with their weapons or without their weapons, […] to put themselves in contact with me.
    “Whatever happens, the flame of the French resistance must not be extinguished and will not be extinguished. Tomorrow, as today, [and every day?] I will speak on the radio from London.”

    The snake Jean Monnet, a ‘friend’ of de Gaulle, with a head full of unions, initiator of the future EU, was already diligently working behind the curtains trying to arrange a fusion of France and the United Kingdom into a single country, with a single government and a single army for the duration of the war. Churchill, however, was not enthusiastic. In 1944-45 General Eisenhower was of the opinion that France imediately after the liberation should be put under US-army administration and later have a general election.

    The pig-headed and most obstinate General de Gaulle was of the opposite opinion, he should be the natural future leader of France. After having wittnessed de Gaulle walking down the Champs-Elysées in August 1944, after having liberated Paris, the tired general Eisenhower gave in to de Gaulle’s demands. But the 4th Republic was a weak construction and de Gaulle had to resign in 1946. He had. however, tasted the “grandeur” of power-craziness and he was now firmly determinated to come back, which he duly did January 1959. In the meantime Monet had initiated the Coal & Steel Union – which finalely ended up in the European Union, and later de Gaulle showed his affection for Arabs resulting in the Euro-Arab Axle and the coming Eurabia.

    What happened in Chile and other latin american counties (Uruguay) during the 70s we all know.
    What happened in the Balkans – in Bosnia and Kosovo in the 90s we all know.
    What happened in Iraq we all know.
    What is happening in Afghanistan and in Somalia we all know.
    We also know that the USA with all it’s interventions – directly or indirectly, has been and is creating tsunamis of refugees, true and even more false refugees, muslims and south american commies, who have been and are flooding Europe and Sweden not least. iPods, rapp, Facebook and swinging gays come from the USA.

    Doesn’t any good things come from the USA?

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