4 thoughts on ““That Pungent Mix of Authoritarianism and Cowardice”

  1. As I noted in GoV’s “The Would-Be Witnesses” article:

    If the truth can’t be told, then it’s not much of a defense now, is it?.

    Pat Condell takes this idea and rips away any pretense or obfuscation.

    [00:44] They’ve accused him [Wilders] of being divisive and inflammatory and, yes, sometimes the truth can be divisive and inflammatory if its been suppressed for long enough and has become sufficiently taboo as it clearly has in the Netherlands.

    Because according to the prosecution, it doesn’t even matter that what he says is true what matters is that it’s illegal. Well, when the truth is against the law then there’s something seriously wrong with the law.

    Because when the truth is no defense then there is no defense and the law has no anchor so it will drift wherever the wind of political expedience blows and this week it blew straight into a crooked courtroom in Amsterdam where justice will now be made to fight for its life, starved of the oxygen of truth that gives it life.

    Condell, in his usual succinct manner sums it up even more tersely when he says, “… let’s be clear, this is a heresy trial by any other name.”

    Just how pathetic is it when the vanguards of supposedly “progressive”, post-modern idealists instead fall back upon the weakest elements found in the sort of religious traditions they have so vigorously sought to vilify and belittle?

    The Dutch judges and most modern Liberals all display a pseudo-religious belief in their most sacred cow of cows, Multiculturalism. Even as this warped ideology demands that their children be slain upon the blood-stained altar of Politically Correctness, they grimly march forth, determined to act like the most superstitious and barely post-pagan believers that they presume to mock.

    In such a milieu, Wilders is quite the heretic, his words are the very worst sort of blasphemy and the truth a long-forgotten echo of the reality they have unanimously resolved to ignore. For a moment, let’s forget this sort of willful blindness and examine the disconnection from reality required to achieve the pseudo-religious mentality displayed by these Dutch judges.

    Their behavior consists of Magical Thinking™. As if, through acceptance and appeasement, all Muslims will suddenly abandon their jihadist imperative and somehow disregard the ease with which such a contemptible foe could be subjugated. These budding social engineers delude themselves into thinking that modern technological society can uplift even the most barbaric savages. All the while neglecting how it is an enlightened and civilized culture that gave birth to the very tools they think these Neanderthals will abruptly wield with deft precision. For fear of denying this basic fact, they are prepared to commit actual suicide by falling upon Islam’s sword of their own volition.

    They’re like somebody who’s prepared to chop off their own hand to avoid being seen scratching their @ss in public.

  2. In the uk they are currently attempting to suppress the BNP on the grounds that they don’t allow other ethnic groups to be members.
    The BNP’s letter to the Black and Ethnic promotion machine, asking why the Black Police Officers’ Association isn’t being prosecuted, has so far garnered no response, big surprise.
    Whether you agree (or believe), the BNP’s protestations on not being racist, or not, the fact is they are a democratic party, and gaining popularity, which is of course the real reason for the court case.
    A blatant attempt to subvert democracy, and show us the choice is just what it’s been for years, no choice at all. Like blaming the free market for the state induced recession, they blame the Right for the Left’s fascism, as if there was ever a difference.
    Time to wake up people, before the JCB’s are digging the grave pits, time to wake up now.

  3. Condell’s liberty-loving scalpel opens up the putrifying corpse of craven p.c. obsequiousness with eloquence and bravery.

    Kudos, Pat!

    GO GEERT!!!

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