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If this incident didn’t involve the Religion of Peace, irate feminists would be out in the streets, taking back the night, burning their bras, smashing glass ceilings, overturning the patriarchy, and doing all those other things that feminists are wont to do.

But, as it is, since Islam is involved, we won’t hear even a quiet shuffle of protest from the Womyn of the World. Not even crickets chirping — crickets aren’t halal.

And in Denmark, of all places!

According to The Copenhagen Post:

Mothers-Only School Meeting Attracts Outrage

Politicians up in arms over school’s anti-bullying meeting that is aimed only at mothers of pupils

The decision taken by a Copenhagen school to ban fathers from a parental meeting out of respect for Muslim mothers has drawn deep divides between politicians and school leaders.

Holberg School in the city’s Bispebjerg district has scheduled a meeting for parents about the school’s anti-bullying policy this evening. But the meeting at the multi-cultural school is mothers only, and neither Danish nor immigrant fathers of pupils have been welcomed to attend.

The invitation from the school invites mothers to attend a ‘debate about bullying that includes mother talk, yummy food, coffee and cake’. They are also invited to bring their young children with them if needed, as babysitting will be provided.

School principal Søren Ellesøe told Berlingske Tidende newspaper that the school took the decision in order to reach out to a group of parents who usually don’t attend parent teacher meetings.

‘We have immigrant women parents in particular whose husbands believe that women should not take part in something if other men are present,’ he said.

A questionnaire on the school’s website undertaken by older students showed that a quarter of the school pupils come from a non-Danish ethnic background.

Chairman of the Danish Teachers’ Union, Anders Bondo Christensen, is backing the decision taken by the principal.

‘If it’s to ensure that students get a safe and good school day without bullying then I respect the decision,’ he said.

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But politicians are up in arms, most notably Socialist People’s Party leader Villy Søvndal, who is outraged that the fathers’ equality is being ignored out of consideration for some ‘obdurate religious ideas’.

‘I’m simply shocked that a principal at a public school can take such a decision. It was likely undertaken with the best intentions, but it is deeply, deeply damaging,’ Søvndal said.

He is now putting pressure on the deputy mayor for the city council’s children and youth administration Anne Vang to intervene and ensure the meeting is cancelled if fathers are not allowed to attend.

Meanwhile the Danish People’s Party (DF) is going a step further and calling for the principal to be fired if the meeting goes ahead at 5.30pm without any fathers present.

‘We won’t allow immigrant men to set the agenda for how we hold meetings in our schools,’ said DF group chairman at the city council Carl Christian Ebbesen.

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6 thoughts on “Putting Women in Their Place

  1. Chairman of the Danish Teachers’ Union, Anders Bondo Christensen, is backing the decision taken by the principal.

    ‘If it’s to ensure that students get a safe and good school day without bullying then I respect the decision,’ he said.

    For the nonce, let’s try and ignore the imperative of not allowing “immigrant men to set the agenda for how we hold meetings in our schools”. Instead, why don’t we examine how learned behavior such as bullying is, literally, never taught by the mother.

    Therefore, having a moms-only coffee klatch in order to mull over solutions to schoolyard bullying is like asking a bunch of illiterates to set the grammar and syntax rules for book publishers.

    An overwhelming majority of the time, bullying is male originated behavior learned from p!ss-poor fathers of the exact type−not to mention how often, the exact particular culture−of those who would also resent a mixed gender group of adults gathering to address this significant problem.

    Riding on the coattails of these abusive wife-beating, child abusing scumbags are the bleeding heart morons who plaintively wail, “Can’t we all just get along?” These peace-at-any-cost administrators place such a premium on immediate harmony that they completely overlook how their unwillingness to address actual Root Causes enables the exact problem they are seeking to address.

    Another prime example of this syndrome now pervades the workplace. Human resource managers are so Hell bent on avoiding even a hint of discord or potential corporate liability that an employee’s ability to get along with others totally supersedes all value placed upon competence or skill. Cranky geniuses who might propel a company into technological excellence are cast aside in favor of affable drones who are little better than chair-warmers.

    So we see a chairman of the Danish Teachers’ Union appeasing that faction most likely to teach their children bullying behavior in order to help assure that “students get a safe and good school day without bullying”.

    It is this sort of hypocrisy that breeds cognitive dissonance so debilitating that only a complete and total disconnect from reality can assuage the nagging sensation of having confused one’s lateral epicondyle and anus.

  2. Agreed, Zenster.

    The place to solve school bullying is at school. These mothers, and their infidel peers, have little to no control of their sons. The male school principal and the male teachers are the ones in charge.

    Let them act like it for a change.

  3. You hold a meeting on school bullying and invite all of the parents of the school kids to the meeting. If muslim women aren’t allowed to go, tough. If the muslim kids then are the bullying problem afterward, you discipline them according to the rules of the school – whether it be detention, expulsion or suspension.

    It’s simple. One uniform invite, one uniform code of conduct, one uniform discipline plan. That’s the way it’s done – no one deserves “special” attention. Don’t like it? Then learn to like it or shove off.

  4. Well, if muslims will/”can” not go, for whatever spurious reason, then I would assume their “children” are not having problems. So it does not effect them any way….does it?

    They can not turn around later and complain they were not consulted, if they were invited and did not bother to go.

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