“I Have No Respect For This”

The first translation of Dutch news on the Wilders trial, hot from the keyboard of our Flemish correspondent VH. From De Telegraaf:

“The Court does not award me a fair trial”

AMSTERDAM — “This court is apparently not interested in the truth. I cannot conclude anything but that the court does not award me a fair trial,” Geert Wilders said after the court in Amsterdam rejected fifteen of the eighteen witnesses chosen by him.

“I have no respect for this,” Wilders added. He pointed out that in a typical criminal case there are often dozens of witnesses heard. He believes that his case, which he calls a matter of great principle, would also deserve that. Otherwise he cannot prove that he has spoken the truth with the statements that led to his prosecution.

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One thought on ““I Have No Respect For This”

  1. This guy has more guts than anyone. If the rest of us miserable human beings had one percent of wilders moral courage the world would be a hundred times over a better place

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