Where is Freedom of Religion?

Since the murder of six Coptic Christians in Nag Hammadi on January 7, Copts have been in the news frequently, protesting against the official and unofficial persecution they suffer virtually every day at the hands of the Muslim majority in Egypt

Vienna Copts Demo 1

One of their recent demonstrations took place in Vienna. Here’s what CMB at the International Civil Liberties Alliance has to say:

Vienna Copts Demo 8A recent demonstration in Vienna, Austria has called for an end to the persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt. While the OIC (Organisation of the Islamic Conference) tries to impose global heresy laws on the world to prevent the criticism of religion, Egyptian non-Muslims feel the full force of religious persecution. Where is the concerned voice of the OIC in the preservation of the ancient religion of Egypt, Coptic Christianity? Of course the OIC is silent because all it cares about are the objectives of political Islam and its desire to become the religion of the entire world. The OIC should end its charade; it claims to be concerned about human rights abuses but is unwilling to raise its voice when such abuse occurs in the name of Islam. Can we therefore conclude that the OIC member states are a set of hypocrites who only care about their own narrow political agenda and do not care a jot for the interests of humankind and civilised values?

It must be remembered that the Copts inhabited Egypt before the Islamic invasion and descend from the majestic lineage that built the pyramids and played such an important role in helping found Western civilisation. We hear so much about the illegal occupation of Judea and Samaria by the decedents of that region’s ancient inhabitants. The ancient inhabitants of Egypt are a persecuted minority in Egypt. Those of us who live in the West will suffer the same fate if our despicable political leaders continue their misguided pro sharia policy that proceeds under the disguise of multiculturalism.

It is surely time to stand up to real intolerance!

Our Austrian correspondent ESW has translated some of the signs for us, and the translations are listed below each photo:

Vienna Copts Demo 2

  • Where is freedom of religion?
  • Why do we have to die just because we believe in Jesus?
  • Do people have to die before the world wakes up?
  • Muslim Christmas present to the Christians: 8 dead
  • Destroyed churches, rapes of Christian girls
  • Live and let live in our own country

Vienna Copts Demo 3

Why are they demanding freedom of religion in Europe if they can’t even respect us in our own country?

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Vienna Copts Demo 4

Hasn’t there been enough blood flowing?

Vienna Copts Demo 5

Islamic clerics are openly using hate speech against Christians!

Vienna Copts Demo 6

Vienna Copts Demo 7

No burning down of churches and no abducting of Christian girls in order to forcibly Islamize them!

4 thoughts on “Where is Freedom of Religion?

  1. Islam is the intruder in Egypt and see what happens. Islam is the intruder in Europe and people don’t have to wait to see what will happen they just have to look south to Egypt for the fate of Christians there is theirs. “Behold A Pale Horse”!

  2. The ancient inhabitants of Egypt are a persecuted minority in Egypt.

    One major reason for this persecution is not so much that they are Copts but that their civilization preceeded that of Egyptian Muslims. Examples of altering the historic record abound throughout the MME (Muslim Middle East). Damage to the Temple of Cyrus in Iran, destruction of ancient Jewish artifacts being excavated from beneath the al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, these are but the iceberg’s tip when it comes to modern Muslims (now there’s an oxymoron for you!), purposefully eradicating any archaeological record of pre-Islamic civilizations.

    Can we therefore conclude that the OIC member states are a set of hypocrites who only care about their own narrow political agenda and do not care a jot for the interests of humankind and civilised values?.

    In a word, YES. The OIC is Islam’s mouthpiece and its complete and total lack of moderation is a direct reflection of that same lack in Islam itself. The blasphemy laws that the OIC is attempting to enact apply only with respect to immunizing Islam against all criticism. Such laws have absolutely nothing to do with religious freedom or respect for any culture save that of Islam.

  3. What I really do not like with Gates of Vienna, is their support for Christians all over the world. As a Paleoconservative my homeland goes first, not America, not Israel, not Christians, or fellow whites.

    In Sweden, Russians, Romanians, Yugoslavians, Assyrians and black Africans also create large problems. We notices the Muslims because they are now 500 000 and the largest group, still it’s the entirely non western populations that is creating different kind of problems, now it’s mainly crime. Sure, there are of course a large gap between (When it comes to crime) Christians Serbs and Muslim Somalis. But still, both groups are adding anti-immigrant sentiment with their share existence in the country.

    But there is also a rising ethnic identity political lobby, who want to transform Sweden into a “multicultural “society. It is not only Muslims (and liberal indigenous Swedes) who is leading those organizations. They come from non-western countries (including Israel). In 2001 Sweden was close to ban circumcision of boys, but the Jewish, Muslims and Coptic lobby groups pressed the politicians to change their mind. Instead it was heavily regulated. In 2009, politicians decided that all “county hospitals” should carry out non-medical circumcisions free of charge. Still the indigenous Swedes including 2/3 of the medical surgeons is it as morally wrong circumcise male children.

    About 30 years ago Sweden was almost 99 percent homogenous. It was a white Christian country with a distinct culture. The only “non-whites” were adopted from Asia or married to a Swedes. Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not a white nationalist or white separatist, I accept some diversity and I argue for assimilation.

    For the moment Muslim immigration is the largest problem, but as Fjordman and other Scandinavians has pointed out. There is more to it. In America, Muslims are few; still it’s the Hispanics and blacks that are dominating the crime scene. They are Christians. Different Religion cannot be the only explanatory for why crime, poverty and ethnic conflicts are rising all around the west.

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