The Non-Existent French People

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In the comments on a post from a few days ago, our French correspondent Robert Marchenoir had some choice words to say about France which are worth reproducing here. I’ve combined and adapted two comments to make the following post:

The signs of dhimmitude are all over the place in France. The Minister for immigration, integration and national identity Eric Besson, a former Socialist, has just said, in front of an immigrant audience, right in the middle of a Muslim suburb next to Paris:

“France is neither a people, nor a language, nor a territory, nor a religion, it’s a conglomerate of peoples who want to live together. There are no indigenous French, there is only a France made out of miscegenation.”

How more insulting can you get towards the French people and their history ? How contemptible is that ?

Traitor, traitor, traitor !

Here is the original report of Eric Besson’s quotation: Le Parisien (in French).

Le Parisien is a working-class / lower-middle-class quality national newspaper. It’s mostly politically neutral, with a center-right leaning if you really must name one. It does not campaign against Islamisation, any more than the other mainstream newspapers. However, it’s one of the rare places in the French MSM where everyday signs of non-terrorist jihad are not systematically covered up.

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This was a surprise appearance by Eric Besson, in a public library at La Courneuve. He was invited by Collectif Banlieues Respect, an immigrants’ NGO. His arrival was unannounced, there was no visible police presence, and only thirty-odd people were in the audience, mainly Arabs and Africans.

Le Parisien quotes some Moroccans in the audience who were “pleased to see the minister of immigration come to La Courneuve”, and said “they had learned a lot”. (Yeah; me too. I have just learned that I don’t exist…)

However, even such a grotesque abasement from a member of the government was not enough to satisfy the professional subversives from the local Muslim intellocracy and political mafia.

According to Le Parisien, Nacira Guenif, who teaches sociology at Paris XIII university, said that Eric Besson “did not answer the questions that were put to him”. And city councillor Khaled Benlafkih dismissed the whole event as a “media stunt”.

You can also read the 871 comments (at the time of writing) on the patriotic website François de Souche, which picked up the quotation, lost down in the eighth paragraph of Le Parisien article. The headline at François de Souche reads: “Eric Besson: the French people does not exist”.

6 thoughts on “The Non-Existent French People

  1. So Eric Besson thinks of France in racist terms, not cultural, and certainly not in a holistic ethnic sense.

    When they think like that, is it any surprise people like Eric Besson are blind to the peril they have invited into their countries?

    France is run by pitiful fools.

  2. Well the Minister’s right in a way. There’s Libertè, Fraternitè and Egalitè, merely philosophical notions and all the rest is doomed folklore not really worth fussing about. Champagne, perfumes, bad plumbing and the long list, including the achievements of the many French who lie a-mouldering in their graves, are just je-ne-sais-quoises. If the Bordeaux hills no longer produce wine and the great Cathedrals start a-crumbling like the lower-budget ones (some of which are even being demolished), there will always be Libertè, Fraternitè and Egalitè. Those are Universal and Eternal, so let us not fuss over the piddling stuff.

    This is the Enlightenment at work: “we don’t exist in any sort of touchy-feely, worthy-of-preservation physical way.”

    The minister just declared France the world’s most spiritual religion!

    Hopefully some hotheaded farmers will drive their tractors down to Elysian Fields Strasse and pitch manure on the vivibund intellectuals. Hmmm… Champs-Élysées the place of the blessed dead. Dead for sure, blessed doesn’t matter.

  3. ‘France is run by pitiful fools.’ Yes, but it’s the pitiful fools that vote for them who are really to blame.

  4. thll said…

    ‘France is run by pitiful fools.’ Yes, but it’s the pitiful fools that vote for them who are really to blame

    Very likely true but do you believe it is any different in Holland, Germany, Spain, the UK and even the USA? Unfortunately democracy means that the majority unintellectual voters opt for what appears to be best for them on minimum information and balancing what they think is the goodside against the bad side of any party manifesto.Manifestos are famous for what they DO NOT reveal rather than what they do. I rather think the Swiss, with their popular referendums, have the edge

  5. bewick – I certainly don’t believe it’s any different in any democracy that I can think of. The solution to the problem is very simple – it is in the hands of the electorate. They can either vote for an alternative to the descending chaos or they can continue to vote with their heads in the sand. I despise the liberal establishment with a passion but it depends on the electorate for the maintenance of its position. When/if the electorate tires of the contempt heaped on it the establishment will be swept away like so much flotsam.

  6. Besson is the type of guy who KNOWS the Trojan horse is full of vicious warriors armed to the teeth and drags the horse through the gates into Troy anyway because he’s a sado-masochist who a) gets his kicks from bowing over to a merciless controlling master while b) deriving sadistic pleasure from inflicting harm by proxy on his non-masochistic fellow citizens.

    He is an effete who gets a sexual thrill from importing filth and barbarianism, the more primitive the better while humiliating his own culture, as though it’s his to betray.

    Liberals are very sick puppies.

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