The Mossad Did It…

…with a little help from the CIA, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, etc.

Here we go again: those crafty and all-powerful Jooooos — along with their compliant puppets in the US government — have launched yet another terrorist operation designed to embarrass the Muslim world.

An American Muslim named Abdul Alim Musa — a former member of the Nation of Islam and now the imam of the Islam Mosque in Washington D.C. — explains the Lap Bomber on Iranian TV:

Hat tip: Steen.

[Paranoia ends here]

4 thoughts on “The Mossad Did It…

  1. Gee. That is a special kind of stupid. Why not blame it on fairies or ghosts or something? Its every bit as rational.

  2. Why is this woman wearing a hijab?

    The reason why these two look like morons is because their idea of political correctness has silenced them and even when this man borders the obsurd they don’t call him out on his outright lies and mental illness

    Who’s the real mentally ill one here? Looks like the two white people who don’t understand that they will have thier childrens and grandchildrens heads on chopping blocks due to thier cowardice and impotence.
    hat tip –

  3. A few years ago, Musa spoke at the University of California at Irvine where I teach. I was so offended by his words, I got into a shouting match with him and called him a &*&^%** idiot. Musa is a racist and hates America. he is a former convict who converted to Islam in prison. Even the pro-Iran interviewers realized they were in the presence of a madman.

    gary fouse
    Irvine, Ca

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