Kill the Ambulance Driver!

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Our Norwegian correspondent Zylark has translated a news article about a encounter between culture enrichers and emergency personnel in Oslo. He includes this note:

Observe the complete lack of identification in the story of the people responsible. It reeks to high heaven of Islam. The worrying part is that the hindrance of emergency personnel has now reached Norwegian shores. I know it is already pretty common in Sweden and Denmark, but this is the first I’ve heard of it here in Norway. It’s a pretty safe bet it will not be the last.

I’ve translated the story from an article in Aftenposten. It was also reported in Dagbladet. The second article has the more interesting photos. Notice the tent-women in the background.

And his translation:

Hindered ambulance — Woman died

When ambulance personnel were dispatched after an emergency call from an elderly woman in Tøyen [Muslim-dense region in the center of Oslo], family members arrived and denied them access.

The woman’s life could not be saved.

Around 12 o’clock today ambulance personnel were dispatched to an apartment in Tøyen Oslo after a report that a woman in her sixties had suffered a medical emergency. But the family denied them entrance.

“Simultaneous with the arrival of the ambulance, a car with several of the woman’s relatives arrived. They behaved so threateningly that the ambulance personnel chose to call the police. When the police arrived, the relatives threatened them as well,” says the chief of operations in Oslo police precinct Vidar Hjulstad to NTB.

Fight with the police

After a while, more of the woman’s relatives arrived at the location, and a fight ensued between the police and the family. According to someone shouted “We shall kill you!” to the police and ambulance personnel.

The police managed to clear a path for the medical team, but as they got up to the woman’s apartment, the woman’s life could no longer be saved.

“They were delayed a few minutes because of the relatives. But it is too early to tell if her condition was so precarious that this was a factor,” says Hjulstad.

May file criminal charges

The police had to send several squad cars to manage the situation. To persons were arrested by the police, who may file charges against them for violence against a public servant.

“We have two people in custody, but it is too early to say what we will do with them. So far we don’t understand much of the situation, and have to consider if this resulted from a reaction based in grief.”

Zylark comments:
– – – – – – – –

Grief, my foot! Try “supremacist Islamic rules regarding men, women and infidels”. I can’t believe these scum actually tried to hinder emergency medical attention directed towards their own elderly relative. The lot of them should be charged with manslaughter.

After making his initial report above, Zylark sent this update:

There have been some late developments in the story: there is now some doubt as to who came first to the scene. According to the relatives and two neighbors, the police arrived first. Apparently the woman had a heart attack, and the family was rather angry because the ambulance was late.

The police, however, have stated that the ambulance arrived first. According to the emergency call center the relatives were so threatening over the phone when they placed the emergency call, that they called the police, and not the ambulance personnel, though they may have called for the police as well.

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8 thoughts on “Kill the Ambulance Driver!

  1. To place this into perspective, please consider the following scenario:

    Much of the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region is totally dependent upon imported wheat. Water supplies once used for irrigation are increasingly being diverted into municipal drinking reservoirs. To irrigate the wheat that they currently import would require the entire annual flow of the River Nile.

    The principal international exporters of wheat are America, Canada and Australia. Yet, who do the Muslims in the MENA region continue to lash out at?

    Halting all wheat exportation through an embargo of the MENA region would cause mass starvation in less than a few weeks. Thus do Muslims routinely beg for the most horrific sort of reprisal.

    This is a microcosmic example of what we are seeing in Scandinavia. Muslims continue to harass, threaten or assault the medical and fire services crews responding to emergencies within their own districts.

    A sufficient amount of such violence against these first responders will eventually see those services withdrawn. If only for the fact that other more peaceful citizens should not be deprived of assistance when crews or vehicles are interfered with and delayed during their response in Muslim districts.

    Emergency services rank among some of the most benevolent features of Western civilization. Hampering or interfering with their duties rates very high on the scale of anti-social behavior.

    I can’t believe these scum actually tried to hinder emergency medical attention directed towards their own elderly relative. The lot of them should be charged with manslaughter.

    Save for the judicial cost burden and consumption of docket or jail space, I would tend to agree. Simply letting the stricken parties in question die seems to be the most cold-hearted but effective solution. Muslims excel beyond nearly all other cultures at voluntary chlorination of their gene pools. It has become rather difficult to advocate making much of an effort to stop them.

  2. Halting the supply would hardly be required. How about we just double the price, and make a buck in the process? Or impose export tariffs on countries hosting terrorists?

  3. People threatening an ambulance crew rushing to save one of their own.

    Who can deny, after this (quite common) scenario, that Muslims have an obvious, ingrained, worrying mental health problem ?

  4. Sounds like they were trying to save her from the indignity of being handled by male doctors and having alcohol swabs on her skin for injections and IVs.

  5. It sounds very familiar; we deal with the same problem in the Netherlands. All rescue-personnel – ambulance, fire-fighters and police face violence and harassment when summoned to muslim-area’s.
    It is a miracle people are still prepared to respond to muslim calls for assistance…

  6. As it turns out, the family did not work to hinder the emergency personnel but was desperately trying to get help for their dying relative.

    After 10 minutes and several calls without getting an ambulance dispatched, the communication between the family and the emergency callcenter becomes so heated that the callcenter decides to request assistance from the local police.

    By the time the dust settles, the woman in question is dies from heart failure.

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