6 thoughts on “Der Preis der Freiheit ist ewige Wachsamkeit

  1. Der Mann hat recht, eine sehr gute Sprache. Was passiert jetzt mit ihm?

    We could adapt this to the US, as Islam is creeping deeper deeper into this country and our president seems very sympathetic to them.

  2. avideditor — actually, if you follow the link I left in the first sentence of this post, you’ll see an English translation, and an English-subtitled version of the video, thanks to the efforts of VH & Vlad.

  3. Is it just me or does it seem that the German anti-Islamic movement is not very international. Germans don’t really participate in international blogs like this one. Of course the reason might be that German is one of the world’s major languages but I still think it would be beneficial for all of us if Germans and German-speaking people would join the international scene.

  4. Someone should write a tutorial about how to be a good aim activist and it should include something like “learn English”. We are all in this together and there should be a way to communicate with each other. Shame that Germans don’t have the same English skills as those Scandinavians or Dutchmen have. To me they really sound like natives. It’s remarkable from my German point of view.

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