Radio Silence

The Baron left early this morning, wearing his best cloak-and-dagger, for some Seeekrit Meeting in Washington, D.C. That’s why you haven’t heard from him all day.

Well, it sounds good, huh? I mean aren’t you impressed?

In reality, he may be editing a book and went to meet with the author. If anything comes of that, dear readers, you will be the first to know. That is if you’ve memorized the password and you have your seekrit decoder ring…oh, and a small bag of unmarked twenty dollar bills.

Meanwhile, my asthma exacerbations have kicked back in. I’m holding on until I see the doctor tomorrow. What I’d like is (joke coming) a shot of oxygen. I guess they go to steroids next? Yuck. The B. thought he ought to stay home in case I needed to go to the ER (one of our clunkers is in for repairs). No way. I didn’t clean his cloak and polish that darn dagger just so he could stay here and watch me breathe.

By the way, when he comes home he’ll have the jar of honey I need to make that honey-onion-garlic mixture. And a herbal remedy for bronchial spasms.

He left at some ungodly hour, but I think he said he’d be home in time to do the newsfeed.

I’m just not well enough to post anything. The health care alternative I wanted to put up is too much for my oxygen-starved brain. And who wants to post about Sarah Palin (nice lady, but…), or report breathlessly on the numbers of women who’ve come out of the woodwork to claim their piece of Tiger Woods?

Is my fevered imagination or has the news itself degenerated?

Happy Saint Nicholas Day. Want to see a dhimmi Sinterklaas? Go here.

Can you see the missing cross?

That’s the future. What you won’t see. And the children will never know.

[nothing more here]

7 thoughts on “Radio Silence

  1. Have had asthma all my life. Advair is the first medicine I’ve ever had that keeps it under control.

    Though, once a year, on cue I need steroid shots to clear up my lungs.

    Now allergies, that is a different thing. Everytime the temp changes, they act up. Probably the worst they have been in ten years.

  2. Hey, Dymphna, I have no objections to more posts about Sarah Palin. I frankly can’t get enough.

    Hope you get well real soon.

  3. Hey Dymphna,
    Thought ya had it beat.Stubborn beast isn’t it.If I were in your shoes I’d be damning the torpedoes and binging on good whiskey. I’d be pretty angry too. Been too damn long already right? Just don’t post whilst I do..not here tho. Anyhoo get better soon ok? You don’t deserve this crap.Cheers..

  4. Dymphna,

    Honey, Garlic and onions? Holy smokes woman! You must have breath that would melt steel! I have a gas mask if the Baron would like it? : )

    Seriously though. Feel better soon. Shortness of breath is a scary thing.

  5. When will you 2 come put with a boock of you own? You do realize that people are waiting for it, do you?

    Dymphna, please get well!

  6. @The Machiavellian

    Yes, Advair is wonderful. It is also frightfully expensive. Worse than the 100.00 cough mediciine that doesn’t work. I managed to beg some free samples from the doc, but won’t need them till I’m off prednisone.

    Yup, I am now on the steroid part of this program. They gave me 40 mg. at the doctor’s office and a scrip for the rest. At least *that* is cheap, though. The Poor B will be living with my prednisone psychosis in about 3 days but we should move thru it quickly since the treatment is so brief these days.

    When I was on hydromorphone recently, I found out it cut my need for Advair waaay back. Really does help the lungs whilst dealing with pain. That’s a weird side-effect. If your doc doesn’t freak over writing prescriptions for controlled drugs, you might suggest it to him.

    Can’t have any more pain meds though because I used some of mine for the fB when he first arrived here so ill. Boy did it work wonders on his spasmodic, unproductive coughing! However due to my sin of “sharing” a controlled substance I have been banished. I am now considered a “drug seeker”and no more pain medication for me.

    Back to my chaise longue of pain. A hard path but a famiiar one. And it was worth the price to relieve my son’s desperate condition during the worst two nights of the swine flu. Man, that is some scary illness.



    All but the apirin. Doesn’t agree with my stomach and thins my blood too much. I’m limited to tylenol. Ah, but the whiskey part…yah.


    It does sound horrible, but I’ll bet it’s not too bad — Chinese food combines sweet and savory so why not? Thlll’s idea. he said it works and anything is worth a try.

    The B doesn’t need a mask. All he has to do is chew on some garlic and he won’t be able to smell anything.

    Too bad it doesn’t make him deaf to my whining, hmmm?


    The fB is due for his final check up tomorrow before he returns home. However, the docs tell us he could get it again so they think he should have a swine flu vaccine.

    (This is where I run screaming from the room).

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