A Wish List for Swiss Muslims

The article below, from the Swiss periodical Winkelried, was published before last month’s referendum on the banning of minarets. It provides some useful background information on issues which may have helped the Swiss voters to make their decision.

Many thanks to our Flemish correspondent VH for translating it:

List of gifts wanted by Muslims

By McCarthy

The minarets are among the main desires of our “culture enrichers”. That would be the key to the integration of these oh-so-peaceful and industrious immigrants from the area of the rule of Allah. That is what we almost daily read in the media.

Minarets: bayonets

But then there are still a few little things that still have be resolved as well, so that the Muslims will not feel themselves racially discriminated against. A remarkable study on “The position of the Muslim population in the canton of Zurich” [see the notes for a link to the pdf] presents a litany of demands. This contains about 200 pages and deals with key areas of the life of Muslims in Switzerland: social benefits and the penal system. We would like very much to sum up all the demands here, but there are simply too many to mention them all. Therefore, we restricted ourselves to a few of the demands:

1. Burial in the country of origin

Of all Muslims — who are after all supposedly completely non-religious according to our media — 95% want to be buried in the country of origin. The cost amounts to approximately €27,000 per deceased. The transportation of the body alone would cost almost €7,000. These costs are not paid by social services; however, the travel costs of a limited number of people to attend the funeral is taken into account. The transport is paid by a cultural association. That cultural association is paid with tax money and thus cannot be counted among the social costs.

2. More prayer rooms

The demand for [building permits for] minarets is, according to the study, of secondary importance even to Muslims. They demand more prayer rooms, which in Islam are also meeting places, to maintain group coherence. The ever increasingly frequent protests around those prayer rooms (noise, random parking, crime) are regarded by Muslims as intolerance.

3. Their own hospital

Medical care by Christians is seen as inappropriate by Muslims. Muslims therefore demand a their own hospital as well as their own homes for the elderly [pensioned].

4. Muslims in public administration

There must be more Muslims appointed to public administration, especially with the police. Moreover, there also needs to be an ombudsman to whom they can turn to when they feel they are religiously disadvantaged, especially when they are hindered in the prescribed prayers during working hours. Scarf and chador may in no case be prohibited.

5. Workplaces without male contact

– – – – – – – –

Muslim women are forced onto social benefits, because there are not enough jobs where contact with men can be ruled out.

Here, Switzerland has a great need to great catch up with.

6. Muslim doctors/medical practitioners

Muslim doctors will make a lot possible for patients in health care. For example, the necessary medical circumcision of 3% of the boys/men is paid for by government health care. In Switzerland, however, 100% of the circumcisions of Muslims are medically essential.

7. Religious education of the children

Every Muslim already has the right to Quran lessons at the expense of the state. These are called “lessons in the native language and culture”. In the future, these classes must simply take place at school.

8. Religious holidays and advanced payments

Muslims should receive advanced payments for their religious holidays, so they can buy gifts.

9. Islamic social workers

Muslims want social workers in their own language and their own religion. In the current situation, they feel disfavored in their access to social services.

10. The imam as mediator

The Muslims demand that the imam acting as an important intermediary with the authorities receive political recognition. If there are problems with members of the Islamic community, the authorities should be obliged to involve him in their decisions.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


The source of this translation is the Dutch version by E.J. Bron as published on HetVrijeVolk.com and the original German language article by McCarthy on the Swiss conservative website Winkelried.

The Department for Integration Matters of the Kanton Zurich, in the has in the meantime taken the study — as linked to in the German article — offline. The study [“Studie zur Stellung der muslimischen Bevölkerung im Kanton Zürich”] can, however, still be downloaded from the online platform of Social Affairs here [1.1Mb]

A summary can be downloaded here [Report on the situation of the Muslim population in the canton of Zurich, see webpage here, and read online here.

13 thoughts on “A Wish List for Swiss Muslims

  1. Interesting wish list. How long before it becomes a carbeque demand list?

    1.My grandfather was buried in his wife’s country of origin. But the family paid the tab, not the government.

    [Nothing wrong with this, especially since Muslims have those unique beliefs that a Muslim burying ground is a defacto Muslim country]

    However, it isn’t the country of non-assimilation’s task to pay for this strange repatriation. That’s what the tribe is for. The relatives pony up, not the kafir citizens. In fact, permitting an infidel country to bear this cost is probably haram to begin with.

    2. Prayers can be said in homes, limited to certain numbers. Or city managers can limit the # of prayer rooms based on (a)location; (b) # of Muslims in population; (c) fire code regulations could limit the numbers permitted in the bldg at any given time.

    Look for pushback with public praying, as in Italy and Paris, taking up all the room in the street. This is a typical Arabic kind of communal insolence.

    3. Special medical care for Muslims, paid with Muslim money. Hey the Saudis send all that propaganda moola, why not a few hospitals for their co-religionists? Catholics in this country paid for their before govt intruded into everything. And the Muslim doctors they want can work in the Muslim hospitals. All the knife fights can end up in their Emergency Rooms.

    I’ll run out of space, but my favorite was the women only work places. A great idea. Muslim women making Muslim Kotex. Bras. Underwear. Socks. Anything personal that touches Muslim women. Muslim women only shampoo manufacturers.

    The ideas are limitless. Of course the venture capital for these businesses would be supplied by Muslims.


    What a bunch of professional whiners.

  2. A typical statement reads:

    In the current situation, they feel disfavored in their access to social services.

    Notice the ‘feel’?

    Muslims always feel discriminated against. That’s a core tenet in their religion, stemming from the fact that the Meccans didn’t like what Muhammad and the Muslims did, and thus discriminated against them.

    Most items on the list are most appropriately responded to by one line:

    Pay for it yourself!

    For instance, if you want a workplace without male contact, start one. But be prepared to face gender discrimination lawsuits.

    Muslims in public administration is a tad different, that’s something that can’t be paid for money. They need to invest in a relevant education in order to qualify. But should be prepared to be kicked out hard if it turns out they misuse their positions to discriminate in favour of Muslims.

    IOW: Get lost!

  3. Personally I have nothing against paying the costs of Muslims to be buried in there country of origin on one condition they go now and wait upon the event.

  4. Death by a thousand concessions, do not read their demands issue by issue but as a blanket strategy for the submission and defeat of the west.

  5. “But every lesson of history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement and this is the specter that our well meaning liberal friends refuse to face. That their policy of accommodation is appeasement and it gives no choice, but to appease in war. Only in between fight and surrender. If we continue to accommodate, to back and retreat, eventually we will have to face the final demand – the ultimatum. And what then?” – Ronald Reagan

    How true this is today – 45 years later.

  6. rebelliousvanilla,

    This is really a brilliant speech, btw it is worth to listen to the whole thing, not only the last few minutes. If one would replace just a few words it applies to today as it did then. Notice Ronald Reagan talked about ‘the enemy’, today we are in a war every bit (if not more) as dangerous as then but the enemy cannot even be named.

  7. Quite a list. And this is just a condensed version. Like all of the insults. No way to keep them happy unless you convert. Or die.

    Notice how religious study takes place “in the native language and culture”.

    I have to agree in part. Islam IS a culture. This culture is at war against us.

  8. The ever increasingly frequent protests around those prayer rooms are regarded by Muslims as intolerance.

    Conservative-minded people have failed by allowing multi-culturalists to convince them that intolerance is the worst thing in the world (after its ugly stepsister, racism, of course). They’ve convinced us that to be intolerant is to commit a cardinal sin. But in the face of Islam, or any group which makes demands for outlandish entitlements or special treatment, I think intolerance should be considered a virtue.

    We will not win the war against liberalism/progressivism until we disarm them of their most potent weapon: language.

    I am intolerant. There, I said it. And guess what? I’m still drawing breath.

    I’m not saying I believe more people need to be intolerant. They already exist in droves. But more people need to admit it to themselves, then happily declare it to the world. Once that happens, this howitzer the liberals wield against us will have all the firepower of a banana. And bananas can’t hurt you … except in the unlikliest of circumstances.

  9. Marc Nucci, you are right on!

    We MUST be intolerant of that which hurts us, just as an organism has an immune system. We all know that AIDS is a failure of the immune system and pigs will fly before you, I and billions of others give away our civilization, its humanism and its freedom, regardless of its faults.

    I am intolerant too.

  10. “Death by a thousand concessions, do not read their demands issue by issue but as a blanket strategy for the submission and defeat of the west.” —4Symbols

    That is exactly how the Western Left operates. All “compromise” concessions go one way….one small step at a time.

  11. Isn’t that list just saying they want to live in a muslim country?

    A country ruled by muslims, run under sharia? And until that happens they will have their own mini country within.

  12. These lists are fun to reverse! Say I’m moving to Saudi Arabia or Yemen etc, and I want:
    Fly me back to Alberta when I die, a Church to worship in, a Christian hospital, a Christian ombudsman for when I ‘feel’ religiously disadvantaged, Christian schools (paid for by the Saudi gov’t) for my kids, and Christmas off, with pay.

    Also, get all this sand off my porch, I need free air conditioning (because I’m from Canada) and stop all this ‘call to prayer’ noise 5 times a day!!

    Yup, that’ll fly.

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