Whitewashing the History of Islam

“Even today… Islamic fundamentalism is maintaining the idea of enslaving a non-Muslim.”

Who said these ignorant Islamophobic words? Some hate-filled racist European, right?

Wrong! The speaker was Dr. Keul Jok, a black African from the Sudan.

Non-Muslim sub-Saharan Africans have ample acquaintance with the historical Arab attitude towards black Africans, and with the long (and continuing) Islamic history of enslaving blacks.

Here’s what Dr. Jok had to say, in an interview with KGS of Tundra Tabloids:

Dr. Jok was objecting to what Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila — a Finnish professor of Islamic poetry and putative expert on the Middle East — named had to say about Islam. KGS has a report on the first of a six-part lecture series seminar “Europe and the Middle East”, being held at the University of Helsinki:
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The lecture he gave was to deliver a concise overview of the history of the ME region, which would include the religious, political and social dynamics of the peoples that have greatly influenced today’s conflict between the Arabs and the state of Israel: “The Historical Dimensions of the Middle East Conflict”.

While Hämeen-Anttila did in fact touch on these issues, sadly, a great opportunity was lost because of his refusal to touch on these issues in a realistic and honest way. We were told of the relative peaceful co-existence between the religions up until the time of the “crusades”, as if that was the only example of imperialist designs, while he totally left out Islamic expansionism from the time Islam became a de facto political and military power once Mohamed had the upper hand.

Western “arrogance” and imperialist designs on the ME, especially in a post WWI ME, supposedly reflect that European arrogance, as it divided up the ME into nation states in order to better govern and rule the region. Not once did the fact that the Ottomans were responsible for the break up of its hundreds of years old imperialist enterprise, by siding with the Germans during the first world war in spite of the British government’s pleas to “stay out of it”. Nope, it was all about the evil European West.

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3 thoughts on “Whitewashing the History of Islam

  1. It is a grim commentary on the wholly unwarranted power of Political Correctness that it will likely require people of color to become the most vocal and outspoken opponents of Islam.

    The perpetual and totally misapplied charges of racism have all but silenced much of the Western counter-jihad movement. It may well prove necessary to let the Left burn itself out with its hue and cry over racism until the term has lost all meaning.

    There seem to be few other avenues for squelching the pernicious nature of this current smoke-and-mirrors act as not even the Muslim genocide in Darfur was capable of shaking the West awake regarding Islamic imperialism.

    Such genocide will continue unabated until the West finally wakes up and begins to impose harsh retaliation against Islam for its continuing slaughter around the world. Even such retaliation will barely have an effect as Islam has always advanced over countless Muslim corpses. The death tolls involved will likely require huge numbers before Muslims eventually overcome their obsession with paradise and slowly begin to understand that Islam’s earthly continuation is at stake.

    Only confronting Muslims with the exact same sort of existential threat that Islam presents to dar al harb will have any persuasive power to avert what seems predestined to eventually avalanche into the looming Muslim holocaust.

  2. There’s an excellent book by E. Karsh “Empires of the Sand” which is about Ottoman history and cunning that made it play the other world powers one agains another , just as they continue doing so nowadays.
    Chapter 9 deals with Ottoman lust for territory that brought them with the Germans in WWI.
    It’s on google books -the URL is soooo long that I dare not paste it here!

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