The Baron is Away on a Mission of Mercy

I’m not sure when he’ll return but he asked me to let people why know why he won’t be available for emails and such.

The future Baron has the swine flu and from what we’ve been able to gather via phone calls, he’s getting worse. He went to the Emergency Room on Tuesday night and seemed to improve for a day or two. In fact, he was feeling well enough yesterday to tell his boss he thought he might return to work today.

Instead, his fever has worsened and now he can’t keep any fluids down. So the Baron is going there in person to make sure he gets the medical attention he needs. Sometimes if you’ve been sick long enough, the ability to make sound judgments for yourself about how ill you really are kind of disappears into the blur of your moment-to-moment existence.

So I’m going to clean out the storage room the fB’s old bedroom just in case Dad and the doctor decide it’s time for chicken soup and homegrown sympathy along with the compazine.

I’m off to make chicken soup and shovel out that room. Fortunately, a friend is coming over to help me with the heavy lifting — e.g., moving the vacuum cleaner around.

Later, y’all…

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5 thoughts on “The Baron is Away on a Mission of Mercy

  1. I hope from the bottom of my heart that a fast and complete recovery is coming soon…
    I myself, as an oldie in the risk group got vaccinated two days ago, and therefore hope to avoid this plague and by me spread it to my child’s, grandchild’s or others.

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