Swedish Hate Preacher Spits on the Jews

I’m still coping with the accumulation of material that arrived while was in D.C. (or even when I was in Delaware). Below is a report from our Swedish correspondent CB about some of Sweden’s most noxious culturally-enriched hate preachers. It came more than a week ago, but better late than never.

CB has translated a post from Jihad i Malmö, and includes this introduction:

The spirited Jihad i Malmö blog has posted a piece about the Islamic hate preacher Anas Khalifa, who over the years has become an infamous public figure, and some of the reasons are mentioned in the blog article and can be seen on the MEMRI video. We should also remember that he was a important figure behind the winter riots in Rosengård, and gave those riots an ugly religious undertone. Worth noting also is the sister of Anas, Alia Khalifa, who has started a fiery debate in Sweden about the “right” (or not) of Muslim women to wear the niqab in school. Interestingly enough, this debate has forced a big wedge between the women’s and youth organizations of the Social Democrats (I can’t say I’m sorry…).

The women’s organization is demanding a big NO! to niqab in school — which is welcome, especially since two of the signers of that debate article have background in the Muslim world and the leader is a confessing Muslim.

These politicians are unable to see or act on the fact that the niqab question is not merely a question of religious freedoms and how people’s rights and responsibilities in Sweden and elsewhere in the West are to be handled. It’s even more a question of imposing Islamic values on a host country, where the aim is for the host country’s values to have to give way before Islamic values.

It could be the niqab, the shaking of hands between the sexes, or the reordering of school menus to accommodate to Muslim pupils. When the latter comes up, the frequent reply is, in effect, “Well, we have mostly Muslims in this or that school.” This is probably true in some instances, but in all schools where this has happened? And what about the other kids’ rights and their sense of being discriminated against in a country that’s not (yet) Islamic?

One must assume that they’re not equally important to the politicians and school boards making these decisions.

This is the video CB is referring to:

And his translation from Jihad i Malmö:

Islamist hate preacher incites against Jews in Malmö

Hate preacher Anas Khalifa moves around comfortably among the basement mosques in Gothenburg and Malmö. He is a 25-year-old Egyptian with a background as a juvenile criminal in the Swedish suburbs. Now he preaches hatred and intolerance among the Islamist gangs. As always, the hated Jews are a prime target…

His platform is the bizarre state youth project TUFF, which was quickly taken over by the most extreme Salafists. It was the pupils at his Quran school in Malmö who were behind the “mosque-occupation” with its ensuing riots in Rosengård at the end of last year.

– – – – – – – –

He became famous throughout the country with Oscar Hedin’s movie “Det svider i hjärtat”. There, among others, we meet the Islamist-trio Anas Khalifa (alias Abu Malik), Ralf Lennart Wadman (alias Abu-Usama el-Swede), and Mirsad Bektaševic (alias Maximus). The first is a hate preacher for young criminals; the second is a leading IT-Islamist moving around in the borderland of terrorism; the third has stepped over the line into open terrorism and is serving a fifteen-year prison sentence in Bosnia…

Recently Ana’s little sister Alia has showed up in the debate. She’s studying at Västerorts vuxengymnasium in Stockholm to become a professional child care worker [this is like a school for grownups who need to obtain a high school diploma and who did not get it at the proper age for some reason or another]. Together with Leila Mahmoud, who is studying to be a teacher at Stockholm University, she is pushing a campaign for “rights” to wear the niqab in Swedish schools.

The clip above was shown recently on the TV channel Al-Arabiya, a Wahhabi Saudi-owned station that broadcasts from Dubai, in tough competition with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Al-Jazeera.

Thanks to MEMRI TV for spreading the clip.

Politiskt Inkorrekt has gathered some clips and films about the Khalifa siblings. The notes with the video don’t say where Khalifa’s incitement preaching was held, but something tells me that it once again is in unfortunate Malmö…