President Insensitive Meet Dr. Psychobabble

Evidently even the Chicago Press is terming this glimpse of the “disconnected” Obama his “frightening insensitivity”:

As Weasel Zippers says of this video:

I just want to restate the disgust I have for our President. I keep hearing him say ‘outburst of violence’. Why this choice of words? Why belittle the action? Why make it sound like he’s talking about a 4 year old throwing a fit? I can only come up with one answer and it frightens me to the core. We know he doesn’t see a purpose for the military, but his speech yesterday proves that he hates the military. That he would side with a Jihadist that killed/wounded over 30 of our heroes, disgusts me. That he would call yesterday’s horrific act of violence an ‘outburst of violence’ validates that he deserves no respect. It is times like this that I REALLY miss President Bush.

Yeah, me too.

And from a few days ago, before all the facts were in, Weasel Zippers gives us a look at the Leftist loonies who would silence us.

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Fortunately, the officer in this video is still sane. The permanent, professional POW victim and Dr. Psychobabble are another story. They appear to live on the astral plane somewhere, a place where reality never interferes with their cherished fantasies. That is, until Sudden Jihad whisks aways someone they love. Then watch the tune change.

Ah, the Religion of Peace and its defenders. These dupes are gonna get us all killed.

5 thoughts on “President Insensitive Meet Dr. Psychobabble

  1. The way I see it the jihadists are going about it all wrong. To destroy a nation you must cut off it’s head and unfortunatly these psycho babble spewing useless idiots make up the head of our society. They are our proffesors, our congressmen, our journalists, etc. So to any jihadists who for whatever reason might be reading this, please kill our elites. It’s a win-win for us in the counter-jihad, either the cultural marxists who rule the west die or being threatened with death wakes them up.

  2. Godffrey: … either the cultural marxists who rule the west die or being threatened with death wakes them up.

    I’ll go with “Being Threatened with Death” for $1,000, Alex.

  3. Obama’s “attitude” is not insensitivity, it’s denial – he’s playing for time until he can get more Muslims in place. This dissimulating President must be hardballed NOW.

  4. Well, Godffrey, unfortunately the elites’ vicious attacks on all indications that Islam might have anything to do with this and similar “incidents” suggest that they actually want our annihilation.

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