Phyllis Chessler: “The Jihadist is Always the Victim”

Having escaped herself from a Muslim marriage in Afghanistan, Ms. Chessler has the up-close personal experience to speak about these random Sudden Jihad Moments.

She says of her immediate reaction to learning about the Fort Hood massacre:

The moment I first heard about the mass murders at Fort Hood I knew in my bones that the shooter or shooters were Muslims.

Call me “Islamophobic,” call me “psychic,” call me what you will.

It now seems that there was only a single shooter: Major Malik Nidal Hasan, (or Nidal Malik Hasan), an American-born Muslim man of Palestinian/Jordanian descent, an American citizen who is an Army-trained physician-a psychiatrist to be exact, one who specializes in Disaster and Preventive Psychiatry. He is also a religious Muslim.

Ms. Chessler doesn’t do Leftist speak, an omission which makes the Leftists angry. She wrote this yesterday but was supposed to wait until her betters told her what to think. Instead, she said:

Jihadic literature raves about Muslims being attacked (not by other Muslims which is often the case) but by Jews, Americans, Zionists, Crusaders, infidels. Terrorist leaders talk about Muslim Holy lands being “occupied” by the invader. They therefore fly two planes into the World Trade Center and another into the Pentagon because Muslims are fed up with taking all that abuse lying down. (And that’s before America invaded Afghanistan and Iraq).

The attackers are really self-defenders. The jihadist is always the victim.

It seems to be the case that this psychiatrist was of Palestinian background. His brother still lives there. So he has an engraved, embossed Grievance License which gives him permission to hate unto death any infidel who dares to breathe the same air he does. When he gave all his possessions away prior to his Jihad Moment, I’ll bet he kept his professional Grievance card.

And he’s not the only one. Ms. Chessler has more examples:

Ask any of the Muslim fathers who have honor murdered their daughters in America in cold blood. They’ll tell you the same thing. She attacked my honor. I had to defend myself. It was an act of pure self-defense. This is precisely what Zein Isa, another Palestinian, and a member of the Abu Nidal terrorist gang, said about killing his 16 year old daughter, Palestina (“Tina”) Isa in 1989 in St Louis, Missouri.

Male Muslim jihadic rage? That is equivalent to 4000 pounds-the weight of the car that Faleh AlMaleki drove over his daughter Noor who died of her profound injuries in Arizona. Ironically, AlMaleki has just been placed on a suicide watch in Arizona-and his compatriot in crime, Muzammil Hassan in Buffalo, is trying to plead temporary insanity (“extreme emotional disturbance”) to explain why he finally beheaded his wife Aasiya, whom he had continually battered.

So: The 4000 pound father in Arizona is really the victim, as is the Buffalo beheader.

Sudden Jihad Syndrome, Personal Jihad Syndrome, call it what you will-these terrible acts should not be psychiatrically diagnosed and excused. At the risk of being called a racist, allow me to suggest that we must connect the dots before it is too late. Islam now=jihad=hate propaganda=9/11=the tragedy at Ft. Hood.

And all the other mass killings that are to come, that will continue to arrive in our midst, under the aegis of Sudden Jihad. Sudden Jihad to be denied by the elites who would demand we lie to ourselves about the reality of what we are forced to witness.

Damn CAIR and those governmental suck-ups. Not all the propaganda in the world will convince us that you mean our country well. You are here to conquer. We know you. Your stripes are so evident after all these years of lies and dodges. We see your claws; your sharp teeth shine when you smile. We are not fooled anymore.
– – – – – – – –
Human beings are aggressive by nature. Male humans even more so. It has to do with the way we’re wired. Blame Darwin. Blame God.

In a healthy culture that aggression is channeled into competitive pursuits, at least it has been until the Leftists started ruling out normal competition as “unfair”.

Thus it is unfair to label some cultures as less adaptive and healthy than others. It is unfair to allow people to compete and to open businesses that succeed and to work hard to make room for others to work with them.

No, that’s not fairness. Fair is when everyone gets the same rewards whether they work or not. Fair is when I can sit in the corner and point my gun or my government at you and demand my share of what you have accumulated by your own initiative.

There is no room in the tribal culture of Islam to make your own way. Every year, every decade, every century, that shame-driven, threadbare culture gets left further and further behind. What have they created? Where are their inventions? Who has realistically demonstrated their genius?

They come empty-handed to show-and-tell? It must be the infidels’ fault. It must be the women who are to blame.

So when all the kuffar are dead and all the women have been stoned or run over, they’ll have to take to killing one another because responsibility never lies within the self. In Islam there is no ‘self’ but there is always Other, the Evil Other.

If we continue to allow this suicidal culture to proliferate among us, the greenie anarchists will know success. They’ll be dead, of course, so it will be a posthumous, Pyrrhic victory but their goal will have been realized: a world finally free of human beings.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In today’s mail, my “Daily Poem” arrived (in reality, these things don’t come everyday. It’s kind of random, as poets tend to be anyway). Today’s choice was from Wilfred Owen, the World War I poet who died in battle shortly before the Armistice. It seems especially poignant when you discover that two of the dead at Fort Hood are a woman who was shot in the back and her unborn baby:

Anthem for Doomed Youth

What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
Only the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle
Can patter out their hasty orisons.
No mockeries for them; no prayers nor bells,
Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,

The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells;
And bugles calling for them from sad shires.
What candles may be held to speed them all?
Not in the hands of boys, but in their eyes
Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes.
The pallor of girls’ brows shall be their pall;
Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds,
And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds.

15 thoughts on “Phyllis Chessler: “The Jihadist is Always the Victim”

  1. Islam now = jihad = hate propaganda = 9/11 = the tragedy at Ft. Hood.

    The “dots” in need of connection are now continent-sized. Any inability to link them is not a matter of mistake or difficulty but willful blindness of a sort that views the Titanic and Hindenberg as mere human error.

    SJS (Sudden Jihad Syndrome), is a matter of fact. Be it abrupt and murderous rampages, familial killings or the usual Muslim slaughter, there can be no doubt of how Westerners will continue to be the target of such Islamic-bred carnage until its prey begins to fight back with an unfortunate but necessary degree of equal or greater viciousness.

    The only answer to Islam’s cruelty is an excess of violence. There is no alternative. Anything less will only be perceived by Muslims as weakness or a refusal to meet such barbarism on its own terms. Failure to do so can only be seen as a rejection of survival and the acceptance of Islam despite its historic status as the world’s most tyrannous and misogynistic totalitarian theocracy.

    There will be no stop to Islam’s predation upon human freedom and liberty until there is an end to Islam itself. Any moderation or pacification of this barbarous creed is mere window dressing. Islam will remain an enemy of all human liberty until it is ground beneath the boot heel of superior militaristic might that refuses to accept the existence of such totalitarian repression.

  2. We have to continue on our efforts to bring freedom and liberal democracy to Islamic nations. So far it has been Iraq and Afghanistan, but there others that are crying out for our help.

    Some may argue that our intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been a failure. However, Liberal democracy can never acknowledge defeat. In fact it is not defeated. The very fact that ostensibly loyal Muslim citizens of the West, are attacking us, shows what a profound effect we are having.

    So let us not be faint hearted. I realise that the path is hard, but the war to bring the light of freedom to Islamic nations, is the only horse we have in the race. Back it or lose it all.

    My only fear is that Pres Obama may negotiate a deal with the Taleban, claim victory and withdraw. That would be cowardice in the face of the enemy to freedom.

  3. The experience from the U.K. is that the casualties are erased from the narrative of the atrocity, islam and the terrorist become the victim of both the atrocity and the casualties – in that the terrorist was the victim of their existence.

  4. Brilliant analysis on the link between Muslim violence, Leftist egalitarianism and Koran-induced inability to channel one’s aggressivity into positive accomplishments.

    On an unrelated topic, I’m not sure about the point Mark wished to make with his above comment, but I think it should be taken down presto. It appears to contain actual names and adresses from the list of BNP members that was stolen and leaked on the Web some time ago. Furthermore, they seem to live and work in Muslim countries. Whether or not this date is genuine is, of course, irrelevant.

  5. “Shahid Bhai”

    No one knows more about the secret, cynical, and underhanded promotion of pernicious objectives than the promoters of Islam. For instance the goons at CAIR, the unindicted terrorism financiers. Or Alija Izetbegovic, the heroic defender of the unitary Bosnian state.

    As for the Stormfront kiddies, they can only dream of the Jew killing power Aftonbladet has.

  6. We have to continue on our efforts to bring freedom and liberal democracy to Islamic nations

    Some people (ie liberals) are incapable of learning.

    I’ve just checked some of the old liberal warmonger sites such as LGF. You know, the ones that were all for bringing liberalism to the Arab world but then fell out with pro-war conservatives because the latter were “racist”. Well, at Strata-sphere and one other site they hadn’t even mentioned the diversity atrocity at Fort Hood! These are bloggers claim the war must go on in Afghanistan and Iraq but are not interested in what happens in America. Charles Johnson has mentioned the massacre but he has been very non-judgmental.

  7. “I honestly have no pity for them”
    Saturday, November 07, 2009

    BBC’s Gavin Lee interview with a young Muslim from the same mosque attended by Major Hasan (the Islamic Community of Greater Killeen) :

    I honestly have no pity for them

    Masan also was convinced that the war on terror was actually a war on Islam.

    No comment.

  8. DP111: Hasan also was convinced that the war on terror was actually a war on Islam.

    Through their deafening silence and obviously tacit approval of global terrorism, Muslims have one and all made themselves the target of counter-jihad efforts.

    This is not a matter of choice for those who fight Islam. It is a decision that has been imposed upon them by Islam’s consistent record of destroying all cultures it absorbs.

    Were Islam an honorable and righteous creed, there might be some merit to its actions. Instead, Islamic traditions entail some of the most repugnant and heinous practices imaginable that simply have no place in civilized society.

    Islam is not just synonymous with terrorism, it is terrorism by dint of its very own scriptural doctrine.

    Had the global Muslim community taken a very different course after the 9-11 atrocity, the circumstances facing our world might be very altered from what they are today. Instead, after almost an entire decade, Islam still refuses to make any attempt at purging its ranks of terrorist jihadis and assumes an ever more militant posture even as it vociferously proclaims itself to be the Religion of Peace. [spit]

    This contradiction of itself can only be regarded as the most craven sort of self-serving connivance and artifice with the sole intent of committing whatever subterfuge or mayhem that may be required to advance its cause.

    What choice is there in the face of such blatant thuggery? The choice has been made for us and it only awaits for a sufficient number of people to wake up, realize what awaits us and act accordingly.

    When all of this is finally over, Islam will be nothing more than a bad memory.

  9. In its coverage of the tragedy, The New York Times has a grotesque way of looking the other way from the obvious Muslim elephant in the room.

    However, deep in their site, there is this incredibly incriminating interview of one of the killer’s fellow Muslims at his regular mosque :

    “Ultimately it was Brother Nidal’s doing, but the command should be held accountable,” Mr. Benjamin said. “G.I.’s are like any equipment in the Army. When it breaks, those who were in charge of keeping it fit should be held responsible for it.”

    See ? The guy deliberately shot some 40 unarmed people, so it’s difficult to pretend he has no responsibility at all.

    But, nevertheless, “the command should be held accountable”. When a Muslim is involved, it’s always someone else’s fault.

    You need to whitewash a fellow Muslim ? Go on, lie, lie in the most obvious and disgusting manner, nothing is off-limits. If you can manage to insult your non-Muslim audience by making a fool of it, so much the better : the shooter was just “a piece of equipment”, so the Army had to fix it.

    It gets better :

    “Still, Mr. Benjamin added, Major Hassan had overlooked an important, and peaceable, tenet of Islam. “We do have the right to retaliate,” he said, “but he who does not is twice blessed.” ”

    So Mr. Benjamin is in fact telling us that it was perfectly legal, within Islamic rules, to shoot 40 unarmed soldiers, since this was nothing but retaliation, presumably against war in Irak and Afghanistan.

    He was a good Muslim for perpetrating this act of mass murder ; but he would have been an even better Muslim if he had not done it. Note that it was purely his decision to make ; none of our own bloody budiness.

    That’s what the New York Times “journalist” calls a “peaceful” tenet of Islam.

    And it comes right at the end of a minor, hidden piece called :

    “Muslims at Fort Voice Outrage and Ask Questions”

    Yes, you see : they are outraged. They have some tough questions to ask. From us.

    Want a final one ? That friendly, peaceful Muslim Mr. Benjamin used to be in the Army up to 2000, and worked as a private contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  10. Zenster wrote: Through their deafening silence and obviously tacit approval of global terrorism, Muslims have one and all made themselves the target of counter-jihad efforts.

    And therefore they feel that the war is a war on Islam. But then Muslims really do not have an option but to behave as they do. It is in their texts, and are guided by their Imams. Their is an inevitability of folding events here, simply because of the Islamic mindset and texts. Because of this they are convinced of the rightness and sanctity of their religion, so will persevere with the same responses. The result is a war of alien cultures, following, paradoxically, a predictable pattern.

    Hasan shows the same attributes as other Jihadis within the Western world. They will continue to strike us from within as long as we continue to take the light of freedom and democracy to Muslim nations.

    In such a war, misunderstanding of intent is very likely. Muslims cannot continue to rely on the liberal MSM to save their bacon forever. One day the penny will drop. It may not fall after the 10th, but we will be close to the end at the 100th strike. I hope it does not end catastrophically, but end it will, with Islam defeated.

  11. Deceptive Language Alert :

    Could we please refrain from saying that Major Hasan snapped ?

    Snapping is supposed to be an instantaneous process. It does not look like snapping to me when you take the time to buy two different civilian pistols and a large number of magazines, empty your apartment, give your furniture to neighbours, give a few Korans here and there, shred your papers, throw them in the dustbin, say goodbye to your neighbour, ask your lodger to give excess rent to a charity, don Muslim garb, go pray at the mosque, and only then, walk (or drive) a certain distance to the point of shooting.

  12. Mr.Marchenoir–

    You’re absolutely right! I’ve noticed my own annoyed response at all the psychobabble, of which “snapped” is one. ]

    His fellow shrinks and other officers who worked with him had a responsibility to report him and to push it. Enlisted men reported him, but it doesn’t carry the same weight. I am hoping that a few of them, who are no longer on active service and can’t be penalized, will come forth and speak of their efforts to stop this guy.

    “Snapped” indeed. He’s been whining and whingeing since he was 18 years old. At each point that something useful could have been done, it was just passed over. The worst they did was give him a bad review at Walter Reed, which was several months before he “snapped”. Before that, he’d been checking to see if he could get out by paying back his medical education debt.

    I’m going to focus on the p.c. psychobabble in this. Read one last night in Time. Every excuse was trotted out. I almost snapped after I read it. Don’t have time to search for the URL but if you like being filled with loathing, google Time magazine and this dude’s name.

  13. Posted on Ms. Chessler’s site but to no effect. In fact there are no comments visible.

    It would be nice to know if the comments section is real or not. It is annoying to write something, and then for it to vanish in the ether.

  14. DP111

    Her own site doesn’t seem to carry comments. But her PJM site does. However, they’re moderated so it may take a little while for them to show.

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