Those Xenophobic Turks

Can non-whites be xenophobes? Or is their distaste for other groups simply an affirmation of their own unique cultural heritage?

Perhaps, like their allies on the Left in the West, they recognize that their own ethnicities are in fact superior to the racist imperialist Europeans and Zionists.

Here’s a report from Spits Nieuws on how Turks feel about their ethnic minorities, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

Turks do not want a Jew or a kafir as neighbors

Turks think little of ethnic and religious dissenters. Non-Muslim minorities are not considered loyal to the country, and Turks would rather not see them in important political positions. This is what Turkish media reported, based on a survey by the Turkish research company Frekans.

Of the 1108 Turks surveyed, more than half (57 percent) indicated they do not want to live next to an atheist. Nor would a Jew (42 percent) or a Christian (35 percent) be popular to have as a neighbor. In addition, 18 percent would not under any circumstances live next to a family from abroad [i.e. immigrant].

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Nearly half of the respondents indicated that they think Jews are not loyal to the Turkish state. In Turkey there are Jewish, Armenian, and Greek citizens who were officially recognized as minorities under the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923. That treaty was a formal end to the Greek-Turkish War (1921-1922). [As consequence of this treaty, a massive population exchange between Greece and Turkey took place: 400,000 Turkish Muslims were evacuated from Greece and 1,300,000 Greek Christians were expelled from Turkey, most of those even before the treaty was signed.]

The poll also showed that 57 percent of Turkish respondents do not want non-Muslims to work in the national intelligence service, and 55 percent would rather not see them in the judiciary. This applies to a lesser extent to local positions, scientific bodies, and medical centers.

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More on this research can be read at Hurriyet Daily News: Ignorance breeds prejudice in Turkey, study shows; The road to racism from xenophobia.

8 thoughts on “Those Xenophobic Turks

  1. Baron,

    I’m sure there weren’t many Armenians left to exchange after 1923.Incredibly, Turkey is presented by Islamic apologists as an example of a secular,tolerant, Moslem majority country and a potential member of the EU.
    “Can non-whites be xenophobes?”Of course not. The correct definition of “racism/xenophobia” is disrimination by Caucasians against non Caucasians.Discrimination by other ethnic groups is simply inconceivable.

    Next year in Constantinople.

  2. And this lovely country the elites wants to become part of EU. So tens of millions of turks will move to Europe and immediately begin ethnic cleansing in whatever neighbourhood they settle in. A fair guess that even more mahoundians than turks will grab the opportunity and use Turkey as a transit country into Europe. In the next few years we could be flooded with so many mahoundians that many countries will most likely succumb to islam if Turkey is allowed to join EU.

  3. Robin Shadowes,

    Sounds like the last days of the Roman Empire,there’s always the possibility of emigration,I suppose. Is the admission of Turkey to the EU probable?

  4. This is something from Filip Dewinter’s recent speech on mahoundianism in Belgium, which I think can add a bit more information to Robin Shadowes’s comment:

    In contrast, for radical Islam, mass immigration to Europe matches their deliberate strategy to submit Europe to Islam. Necmettin Erbakan, the former radical Islamist Prime Minister of Turkey, said this at the Assembly of Turkish radical Islamic group Milli Görus in April 2001 about the Islamization of Europe by Muslim immigration: “The Europeans believe that Muslims came to Europe only to make money. But Allah has a different plan.”

    Erbakan, I should add, didn’t mention the difference between how foolish and gullible Western Europeans think the mahoundian invaders would want to make money (through work) versus how they actually “make” money (through their endless collection of fat welfare checks), in addition to carrying out “allah’s plan” for demographic jihad at the same time.

    This should be brought up more often, until Turkish PM Recep Er-dirty-DOGan starts calling such discussions “a crime against humanity”, as that swine-looking thing calls everything it (not he) doesn’t like.

  5. That doesn’t disturb me, I wont be happy about having any Turks in my neighborhood or living next door.
    I even wont have Turkey inside The European Union because none besides the politicians will see Europa flooded with a Tsunami of Muslims from Turkey.

  6. Many have forgotten (or never knew) but before the independence of Cyprus, and later invasion by Turkey, many Turkish Cypriots moved to London because they were entitled to do that.
    They certainly weren’t all criminals but many were. They seemed to control the Soho stripclubs and much else.
    I well remember a Rugby Club visit to Twickenham followed by a night on the town. We naturally ended up in Soho somewhat the worse for wear. The Turkish Cypriot on the door of the strip joint took our entrance cash and ASSURED us that there was nothing more to pay. He was asked repeatedly – we aren’t stupid because we were all professionals in our respective spheres and even being worse for wear didn’t change that.
    The Turkish Cypriot at the bottom of the stairs didn’t agree with his colleague.
    Unfortunately for him he was faced with 30 muscular Rugby players not about to be ripped off by cheating Turkish Cypriot Muslims trying to extract Jizzya. Guess who won?
    Entry of Turkey to the EU would, just like the EUSSR be an unmitigated disaster. Ask the Germans!

  7. I think one Kebap restaurant per German village would be sufficient. Since we already have more than enough already, I pray that Turket does NOT get into the EU. My son has a false front tooth because of a Turk pushing him face first into a concrete curb while waiting for the school bus.

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