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Yesterday our old friend Kepiblanc dropped by a thread about LGF at Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. He left this comment:

Today Gates of Vienna has the LGF obituary. Furthermore, the tombstone is in an early beta. It is, however, a bit disappointing that The Rottie Empire is missing on its ‘hall of fame’. May I humbly suggest to his Majesty Emperor Misha to correct such a blatant mistake before the final release is out? — Maybe post a comment at LGF? — I guess that would do the trick…

The Emperor Misha left a hangdog (pun intended) reply:

I wish I could say that I’d earned it, but I haven’t. As a matter of fact, I owe sites like Gates of Vienna an apology. When the blogwar between Chuckles the Prevaricator and them (as well as other good people), I didn’t pick up on just how serious it was. I thought it was just a spat and thus it flew under my radar.

I was wrong, they were right. I should have stood up back then, but I didn’t. Not because I was skeered of Chuckles, but because I wasn’t paying attention, which is just as inexcusable. Back then, I still thought that Chuckles had some honor and that they could iron out their differences, that he could see reason and calm down. He was, after all, at the time the Blogger Who Buried Dan Rather and considered somebody who’d respond intelligently to facts, so I thought nothing of it. He’d be corrected, he’d realize he’d misjudged something and that would be the end of it.

Looking back, that was a huge mistake. I had no idea what a narcissistic, megalomaniacal fool he was and just to what lengths he was willing to go to avoid admitting to having made a mistake.

– – – – – – – –

My bad.

And it’s my bad even more because my voice, had I used it, would have carried quite a bit of weight. As an American with European roots I was in a unique position to explain to other American bloggers just how European politics work and just exactly why morons like Chuckles were wrong about just about everything.

I didn’t, because I didn’t think it was a big problem. I thought it would all blow over. I was wrong, and I am ashamed of that. I hate it when my judgment fails like that.

At any rate. I don’t belong in the “Hall of Fame.” Sites like Gates of Vienna did all the hard work.

And for that I owe them, we ALL owe them.

I won’t forget, and I won’t allow my judgment to lapse like that again.

That was a gracious and gentlemanly response. Thank you, Emperor Misha.

I guess I’ll have to put him on the blogroll now… Oh, wait… He’s already there!

By the way, I have to pass on this quote that I found elsewhere on Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler:

We should stop the comparisons to Hitler. At least Hitler got the Olympics to come to Berlin.

Can’t top that one.

14 thoughts on “The Rottie Empire Responds

  1. We should stop the comparisons to Hitler. At least Hitler got the Olympics to come to Berlin.

    Ouch…hehe…that’s going to leave a Mark.

  2. This seems like the perfect time and place for me to apologize to The Baron and Dymphna. Back when Chuck The Schmuck started his insane Crusade to uncover Nazis and Racists were they don’t exist, I sort of scolded them for comparing him to Sauron, the Dark Lord of The Lord Of The Rings. I thought at the time that was way over the top.

    Well, they were right and I was wrong. Chuckie “sees Nazis and racists” everywhere he turns, and has turned his LGF site into a Leftist echo chamber where daily Inquisitions are run and people are tarred and feathered as “white supremacists”, “fascists” and such on the slightest pretext. Anyone who disagrees with Charles John-Il is swiftly banned and deleted. I say they should rename the site “Little Green North Korea.” I’m glad I never caught the registration open, because he would have already banned me and I don’t want to give him that satisfaction.

    So once again, my apologies to The Baron and Dymphna. You were right all along. I was wrong.

  3. Thank you, Proud Infidel. If it’s any consolation, your criticism must have been mild by the prevailing standards of the time, because I retain no memory of any animosity!

    The same is true for a lot of the discussion back then. Only the nastiest, most vicious stuff has stuck with me.

  4. Dymphna deleted some comments by mistake. She didn’t notice the quote at the end of the post, so she thought they were off-topic. They are restored below.


    Zenster said…

    Aircraft operating cost of flying The Messiah™ and Queen Worf to Copenhagen in separate jet airliners at some $56,518 an hour (more or less) so they could make an IOC bid: $1.4 Million or more.

    Level of embarassment at hearing Queen Worf claim how her luxurious visit to a scenic Scandihoovian country was a, “sacrifice”: Intolerable.

    Watching The Messiah™ and Queen Worf getting shot down in flames by the equally, if not more, hyper-corrupt OIC: Priceless.


    DP111 said…

    The Birther, the Truther, and the Frogger


    heroyalwhyness said…

    “Me”ssiah™ and “Me”shell™

  5. You’re welcome, Baron. There really wasn’t much animosity as I recall. I basically said it was over the top to call Charles Sauron, you responded by stating your reasons why you did.

    Needless to say, if I had ever been registered at LGF and said the same to Lord Charles, I would have probably joined the ranks of the banished from the Little Green Kingdom.

  6. Baron B

    There are lessons to learn from this rather unfortunate affair, and we are far more likely to learn them if we do so without vindictiveness.

    Regardless of the bitterness engendered, it must be recognised, that after 9/11, and for a few years after, LGF was the only blog that took a vigorous stand against those who wished to deny the reality of Islam and Jihad. Daniel Pipes and Ali Sena were the other two more visible blogs(Jihad/Dhimmi Watch and others, came later). However LGF had far higher traffic then the above two. In those crucial years, when Islam could well have made huge strides in the public square, LGF and its knowledgeable commentators on Islam(Nastification Agenda, Camel Prophet, Susan, and Earl, to name a few I re-call), played a crucial role in spreading the message. LGF was also a stalwart supporter of Israel, and a launch pad for many blogs. Through the Iraq war, LGF was unwavering in its support of the war, and of PM Blair, who faced difficulties at home, simply because he stood with America.

    Charles Johnson has now taken a different turn. We know not his reasons, but I for one will thank him for LGF in that most crucial of all periods.

  7. DP111 —

    I don’t see where you deduce “vindictiveness” in anything that I say. Expressing appreciation for the support we received during a trying time hardly counts as vindictiveness. I think friends need to be publicly recognized as friends.

    I agree with what you say about LGF (except for one thing, about which I will say more in a minute). During the first few years after 9/11 Charles Johnson was a bastion of the anti-jihad. That’s why his switch to the other side was such a rude shock.

    But he was not the only one. Power Line was also an early beacon of sanity. I’m not sure when all the others kicked in, but Power Line goes way back. I started reading both blogs at about the same time.

    Back then, even Andrew Sullivan kept an anti-jihad blog.

  8. BB

    re vindictivess. Not you personally. It is a general statement, and lessons are best learnt if there is no vindictiveness. If there is none, good.

    At that time, immediately after 9/11, there were very few blogs that gave support to people such as the ones I mentioned, who could comment with some authority on Jihad.

    Charles Johnson has taken a different route now, and he may have his reasons. I for one though am grateful for that crucial period when LGF was one of the few blog bastions against the Jihad.

  9. It sounds to me that being the blogger who was key in removing Dan Rather from his position at CBS by proving the memo from the National Guard that Dan Rather relied upon (now known to be a forgery) regarding then-president George W. Bush’s military service, went to Charles Johnson’s head and he became vainglorious.

    We can all look to this as a cautionary tale and agree not to replicate this behavior if we are ever in a similar position and break a major news story as a citizen journalist.

  10. DP111: The reference to Queen Worf? Is this a Treky thing? How does it connect?.

    I meant to preface my post with the “We should stop the comparisons to Hitler. At least Hitler got the Olympics to come to Berlin”, wisecrack.

    Yes, Queen Worf is a Next Gen Star Trek reference and the comparison to Michael Dorn’s screen appearance is not exactly meant to be very complimentry.

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