The Moral Low Ground

A Hungarian reader just sent us this note:

I read your article “Those Xenophobic Turks”, which is about Turkish racism. It seems that the Turks want to claim the moral high ground, conveniently ignoring the fact that they have committed shameful atrocities against the peoples of Eastern and Southern Europe in their disgraceful past. In fact, they colonized and robbed many of these parts of Europe.

Let me introduce you this excellent historical novel, which is a very important novel and is still taught in Hungarian schools:

Eclipse of the Crescent Moon by Geza Gardonyi

Some reviews are here; the book itself is here.

This book is about the Turkish occupation of Hungary and it shows what a danger Islam poses to all of Europe. Please read it, and forward this message to everybody who wants to battle this death cult.

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  1. This topic & book, grabs my attention. I will definitely read it.

    At the website for the book, there is a review by Cynthis Selene which offers additional details:

    “For the reviewer who said someone should make a movie based on this book: there IS a movie and it’s quite good although not as good as the book and I guess it’s not available in English. (Also considered to be the movie with the funniest bloopers in Hungarian film history; with the 16th century people wearing watches and training shoes, I was told that there is also a bus that can be seen somewhere in the background — I haven’t seen that one yet, though. 🙂 “

    With Poland preparing the “Victoria” project, one would think this book/film offers excellent original material for a Hollywood redo.

  2. Hhmmm… this is actually very interesting. Thank you, Baron, I would love to get this book, but I checked the link to Amazon and it is quite expensive (in new condition.)

    I would suggest to all of my fellow GoV readers that we could learn a great deal from the past. Our ancestors reconquered Spain and stopped the Musalmen cold at the (ahem!) Gates of Vienna. Anybody know any good books about the reconquest of Spain?

    As for Vienna, let me strongly recommend to all of you the Polish national epic by the Victorian era author Henryk Sienkiewicz. This is called “Trilogia” (The Trilogy) and consists of three books: 1. “Ogniem i Mieczem” (With Fire and Sword) 2.
    “Potop” (The Deluge) and 3. “Pan Wolodyjowski.”

    “Pan Wolodyjowski” doesn’t translate well into English and could be rendered as either “Mister,” “Sir,” or possibly even “Lord” Wolodyjowski, although in this context the military title “Colonel” probably carries the connotations best. Wolodyjowski is, of course, the surname of the protagonist.
    Because this is a bit clumsy to translate, some years ago an English translation appeared which was entitled “Fire in the Steppe” although I don’t remember the translator’s name.
    Movies have been made of all three novels and are currently available
    (try a google search for PolArt.)

    “With Fire and Sword” deals with
    the Chmielnitsky revolt and civil war in the Ukraine in the early 1600’s, “The Deluge” deals with the invasion of Poland by the Swedes in the mid 1600’s, and “Colonel Wolodyjowski” deals with the depredations of the Musalmen in the late 1600’s and culminates with the
    battle of Vienna in 1683.

    My sister lives in Poland in the city of Czestochowa and remembers
    when they were filming the cataclysmic (and surrealistic) battle scene outside the walls of the Jasna Gora monastery/fortress.

    (Surrealistic battle scene: The Jasna Gora monastery, which has massive fortification walls, is where the icon called the Black Madonna is located. The movie clearly depicts the siege where Polish defenders and Swedish besiegers try to murder each other with black powder muzzleloading artillery.)

  3. “Jihad in the West” by Paul Fregosi gives a good overview of the history of jihadist attacks against Europe. This is the book that the Islam Council of Europe tried to suppress.

  4. I can’t access any of those youtube links. Strange. It says Youtube is down for maintenance. An error message I have never seen before. And I can watch anything but these links.

    Being blocked?

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