Kill the Blue-Eyed Babies

Posting these videos is sure to cement my credentials as a “racist”, but that’s just the way it goes.

Before you all jump all over me: yes, I know what CofCC is. But rather than discredit the source, consider the information itself.

The first video is of former South African President Nelson Mandela singing along with a song in the Xhosa language. The subtitles giving the translated lyrics reveal a message that is somewhat different from the one Mr. Mandela gives in English when he talks to reporters:

The second video is an impassioned speech by the late Khalid Abdul Muhammad, an associate of Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan, and chairman of the New Black Panther Party. In his speech Mr. Muhammad refers to Nelson Mandela’s words, but chides the South African President for not going far enough.

WARNING: the language in this video is offensive, and the content is disturbing:

Below the jump is a transcript of the video. Once again, the language is raw and disturbing:
– – – – – – – –

“I say when they don’t get out of town by sundown… I say if they don’t get out of town… we kill the men… we kill the women, we kill the children, we kill the babies, we kill the blind, we kill the cripple, we kill the crazy, we kill the faggots, we kill the lesbians, I say goddamnit we KILL THEM ALL!


He [Mandela] said: “Well, why kill them all?”

[cheering, laughter]

“Why kill the women?” … First, “why kill the babies? They’re just little innocent blue-eyed babies!” … Because goddamnit they’re gonna grow up one day to rule YOUR babies. Kill them now…

“Why kill the women in South Africa?” I say kill the women because the women are military manufacturing center… And every nine months they lay down on their BACKS, and reinforcement rolls out from between their legs. So SHUT DOWN the military manufacturing center… by killing the white women.

“Why kill the older crackers,” the old crippit crackers in South Africa… How in the hell you think they got old?!… They got old oppressing and killing black people. I say kill the crippled, kill the [inaudible] goddamnit … Kill them all… Kill the faggots, kill the lesbians, and after you kill them ALL, I said that day about Mandela to let you know what he REALLY knows about me, he don’t know a DAMN THING, I said then you go to the goddamn GRAVE… And you DIG THEM UP! And you kill them a-goddamn-gain… Because they didn’t die HARD enough …

[cheering, applause]

And if you don’t have the strength to dig them up after you done all THAT work… Just go to the grave and SHOOT in the damn grave…


Kill them again… because they didn’t die hard enough… I don’t have NO respect for Mandela.”

What are we to make of all this?

Black people in South Africa have been sorely oppressed. But how should the remaining minority of white people react to these demands that they be killed?

As for American blacks in the late-20th century United States — was their situation so brutally oppressive that the only solution is to kill all the “crackers”?

And what should the white response be to this sort of rhetoric? More set-asides for minorities? Somehow, I don’t think that will be good enough.

Increased affirmative action in education and hiring? More legislation outlawing discrimination?

Or are white people supposed to lie down and die to atone for the sins of their fathers?

The only thing I know for certain is that if a white man said the same things about black people, he would be arrested and charged with incitement, and with a “hate crime” enhancement attached.

But in the patronizing racism of “post-racial” American culture, black people cannot possibly be racists. No matter how vile and hateful their speech is, it is justified by the history of white oppression.

And this sort of rabid rhetoric did not die with Khalid Abdul Muhammad. It lives on in the New Black Panther Party, and now enjoys official immunity from any legal consequences, thanks to Eric Holder and the Justice Department under the post-racial administration of President Barack Hussein Obama.

Hat tip: VH.

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  1. I don’t think it is accidental that African leaders like Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe, the Mandelas, Obote and Bashir are successful and longlasting at their game. Perhaps these rulers know better than Europeans how to keep their population under control and it is not with Western style democracy, tolerance, compassion or love. It is with threats, fear and abuse and with the promise of something better just as long as they’re compliant.
    Did the cheering men, women and children in this audience go home to cook, watch TV & walk the dog after listening enthusiastically to this tirade of hate from their leader? For me it is quite unnatural to cheer such evil words. So I am left wondering, who are these people who live amongst us? Should we fear them?

  2. The United States will not survive this century. It will be split into several countries according to ethnic, racial and perhaps even ideological lines. What is going to happen in Western Europe I don’t know, but whatever it is it I fear it will be ugly.

    There is no such thing as a universal nation. People want to live with their own kind. The only ones who are not allowed to do so are whites, and they are starting to get tired of this double standard. Anti-white ideologies are now taught in every Western university and were arguably elevated to national ideology in the USA with the election of Obama.

  3. Fjordman,

    Your statement alludes to this article. Is this what you had in mind?

    I agree, btw. There is a current Exodus of young white families out of California that will probably be called what it is in 40 years or so. These people leave citing “no future for California.” I know what they mean.

  4. @ Baron

    Whatever you may think about the CofCC or sites like or this post alone would make you very welcome there (and I mean that in a good way).

  5. I’m not sure I’ll agree with Fjordman on the “future” of the USA, for my crystal ball is a bit foggy these days. I therefore can’t completely disagree either. What I can foresee is a very terrible future for all of humanity.

    If one goes to youtube for the Khallid Muhammad video one of the comments contains this sentence:”It is interesting to note that not only Al Sharpton, but Marc Lamont Hill, one of the commentators of Fox’s Bill O’Reilly show was one of his followers.”

    Here is another take on that.

  6. PRCalDude: I had never seen that article before. I don’t read that website very often. I think it is important to realize for Europeans that the USA today is not a champion of freedom. Just because the EU is awful doesn’t necessarily mean that the USA is good. The political elites of the USA are now champions of dangerous and dysfunctional ideologies, at home and abroad.

  7. Well, no one’s arguing with you there. Most of our ideas are actually Soviet ideas – the forced population transfers under the guise of “immigration”, the internationalism, the globalism, the permanent revolution – as VDare points out.

    Nationalism and patriotism – now called racism – are linked with Nazism and are thus “bad.”

  8. The future looks very dark. It’s going to be a blood bath of such proportions it makes both previous world wars look like a walk in the park on sunday afternoon. One of the goals seems to exterminate the white race entirely down to each and one individual. I don’t know why they hate us so much. Maybe because we’re too intelligent and thus pose a threat to them. The non-whute races seem a lot easier to herd like sheep and therefore control. Maybe that is the reason. I’m getting more and more convinced that there is also evil spiritual forces behind this agenda driving it forward.

  9. How was Khalid Abdul Muhammad able to remain out of jail while openly advocating genocide against the majority of America’s population?

    This same sort of blind hatred was more recently exposed in the sermons of Jerimiah Wright. Why is there allowed such a staggering double standard in what people of color are allowed to say as opposed to white people?

    This sort of “minorities can do no wrong” is a form of racism against whites that is every bit as intolerable and disgusting as racism ever was against people of color. Far more evil is that such blind hatred against whites should continue to fester in this nation so long after the abolition of slavery in America. I can only see this sort of behavior as violent denial of how the black community remains its own very worst enemy.

    I wonder if people like Khalid Abdul Muhammad and his cohorts can even imagine how firmly their genocidal cant justifies racism against minorities in the minds of white bigots.

    As to that fraud Mandela, he stands as enduring testimony to how colonialism was the very best thing that ever happened to Africa. The entire sub-Saharan continent remains mired in the very worst sort of tribalism and crony-style politics. Proof of this was delivered when the ANC (African National Congress) openly refused to condemn Robert Mugabe for his utter destruction of Zimbabwe’s national economy.

    Was anyone else disturbed to see those white people standing alongside Mandela singing along in that song about killing all the whites? It takes the warped concept self-hatred to an entirely new level.

  10. Fjordman: “There is no such thing as a universal nation. People want to live with their own kind. “

    Part of me agrees with you. Part of me has doubts. Let me be a devil’s advocate and bring your attention to an unprecedentally large and fast growing percentage of interracial marriages in Europe. People with mixed-race babies, nieces, nephews, adopted siblings, sisters-, brothers-in-law are not going to support the nationalist cause because they will take the side of their non-European relatives. What percentage of Europeans today don’t have any non-European family member? I think a very small one if we are talking about extended families. Practically everyone has someone “close to home.”

  11. Fjordman,

    “The United States will not survive this century. It will be split into several countries according to ethnic, racial and perhaps even ideological lines.”

    This will only depend on how far the breakdown is. They are after us all. Anyway i do believe the USA is goin te FAR better than Europe. One because instead of many here believe hispanics ARE western! They are of another race true but all they need is firm guidance, muslins in Europe have race and culture against assimilation (not that i want it) and two the american culture is far less degenerated than the european one.

    Even so, if the breakdown is too far away neither will survive as patriots voices will drown in the multitude.

  12. Robin Shadowes: I suspect it’s because whites have historically had an unusually high emphasis on self-rule, rule by consent, power sharing etc., not to mention the fact that we ask too many questions. This is annoying to those who desire an authoritarian system with themselves on top. We need to be broken, culturally and demographically. This is why the EU elites desire mass immigration.

    Also, I suspect that the main reason why many others hate us is that European civilization has been so incomparably much more influential and accomplished than any other civilization on this planet that our very existence makes them feel inferior. The only way they can stop feeling inferior is by eradicating us. A terribly politically incorrect thing to say, of course, but that’s my view.

    Zenster: You can say ANYTHING about whites. That’s the whole point. I have mentioned before a quote from one of the co-founders of Expo on Sweden who said – in writing – that the white race should “perish in blood and suffering.” He has continued working with anti-racism and Multiculturalism afterward. The leading “Multicultural theorist” in my country, Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen of the University of Oslo, said point blank that the most important thing to do now is “deconstructing the majority so thoroughly that it can never be called the majority again.” He is essentially calling for dismantling his own people, and he knows that he can do so with total impunity.

  13. Haiti did just this during their revolution. And now it is the black paradise they wanted, where they beg for help and drown trying to escape the hellhole it has become. The crime is too high even for tourists to visit what is now the poorest place in the western hemisphere.

  14. Fjordman: The leading “Multicultural theorist” in my country, Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen of the University of Oslo, said point blank that the most important thing to do now is “deconstructing the majority so thoroughly that it can never be called the majority again.” He is essentially calling for dismantling his own people, and he knows that he can do so with total impunity.

    Without wishing to be too indelicate, it appears as though race traitors like Professor Eriksen and his ilk need to begin experiencing mysterious but consistently fatal “accidents”. Lamentable though it may be, just in order to survive, the white race will probably need to revive its vigilante traditions and set about rooting out the self-hating multiculturalists and their pet bigots of color. Race baiting wannabe warlord pimps like Jerimiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and other hate-mongers have no place in a just and civilized world.

    Much as with the installation of a global caliphate, it is fairly safe to assume that a world without white people would very quickly regress several centuries if not a whole lot more. I do not mean to ascribe any undeserved importance to the white race but the contributions made towards progress by Europe and America simply dwarf all other modern players.

  15. That’s a strong statement, Zenster, but it is true that when there is an oversupply of carpetbaggers reconstructing one form of affirmative action or another, sooner more likely than later a Nathan Bedford Forrest starts gathering together his circle of friends.

  16. Zenster–

    No calls(or wishful thlnking) for outright illegal criminal acts of murder against individuals will be permitted to stand.

    Cut it out.

  17. Baron: thanks for posting an entry on anti-white racism.

    I wish Fjordman is right that the US will be split according to racial lines. There are even 21st century novels about this, as I say in today’s entry of my blog.

    Zenster: what you propose is more suitable for discussion in my blog.

  18. Dymphna: No calls(or wishful thlnking) for outright illegal criminal acts of murder against individuals will be permitted to stand.

    I understand and have no objections to your position. Permit me to reconstruct my statement by saying that continued betrayals like those that are taking place will more than likely result in such actions taking place.

    As I already noted, these sort of developments are lamentable without any question about it. Still, covert actions will become increasingly common when any given nation’s citizens are betrayed on such a constant and fatal basis.

    To quote Northern League leader Umberto Bossi:

    “People do what the political class can’t manage”

    This was in reference to a mob attack on the Naples Rom gypsy settlement. However, the same exact model applies to what I am saying as well. This is especially the case when the political class is operating in exact opposition to the wants and needs of their indigenous electorate.

  19. There was a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust who was quoted as saying words to the effect of “When someone says they intend to kill you, take them seriously.” The Jews had strong evidence to predict what was coming, but they refused to believe it. Indeed, how could anyone foresee such horror, even when the evidence is before their eyes?

    What evidence is before our eyes?

  20. Zenster said…
    …the white race will probably need to revive its vigilante traditions and set about rooting out the self-hating multiculturalists and their pet bigots of color. Race baiting wannabe warlord pimps like Jerimiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and other hate-mongers have no place in a just and civilized world.

    Therefore this trivial piece of news from Kretinostan.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    … moling along ……. destination World Caliphate & Wold Peace

    Muslims generally like to claim that their thinking is logical and crystal clear and that they represent a juste, loving and peaceful religion and that a future takeover of power in the West would be neighter prospected nor planned. All the same they through confused thinking and simple ruthlessness misstreat to begin with their (new) mother tongue and call their proud organisation in question: Muslimska Mänskliga Rättighetskommittén (MMRK), which means The Muslin Human Committee of Rights — not The Muslin Human-Rights-Committee, as we probabely are meant to think.

    This Human Committee of Rights describes it’s work as comprising of writing reports to governments and international organizations, monitoring and combatting Anti-Islamism in the Media, monitoring Sweden’s role in the so-called “War on Terrorism”, producing articles on Anti-Islamism, organizing operations against Anti-Islamism, and finally arrange seminars and lectures on human rights.

    Saturday Sep. 4, the Human Committee of Rights together with the National Union of Afro-Swedes arranged in Stockholm the “event of the year”: the seminar Media’s War on Terror.

    During the day a closer look at Swedish media’s coverage of questions pertaining to Muslims in general and the so called “War on Terror” in particular was to be taken. A media critic: Bino Ghebrehawariat will lecture about “Manufacturing Consent” – Sweden prepares for “the War against Terrorism” and Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, UK, lectures about “British Muslims and the Media”. After that there will be talk between Massoud Shadjareh, Moazzam Begg and Asim Qureshi.

    What role do Swedish Media play in the legitimizing of this new war? and Why do Swedish Media Report the Way They do about Muslims? are questions that then four wellknown Swedish journalists — Mikael Olsson (SR Konflikt), Anna Dahlberg (Expressen), Niklas Ekdal (formerly DN) och Per Gudmundsson (SvD) are invited to diskuss.
    – – – – –
    to be continued.

  21. – – – – –
    After a pause it will be time for the day’s climax. The wellknown – even notorious, Professor of Social Sciences, Masoud Kamali, the great favorith of Mona Sahlin (possible future Prime Minister of Sweden!) will be presented the The Malcolm X Award – presented for the first time ever in Sweden – by none less than the Malcolm X’s daughter Malaak Shabazz. Mr Kamali will get the award for his “pioneer research and investigation of power, integration and structural discrimination” in Sweden.

    The intolerable Professor Masoud Kamali, is in Sweden best known for his magnum opus, purchased by the government:
    Officiel Inquary of power, integration and structural discrimination (SOU 2006:73).

    A statements by the worthy Professor:
    In Europe today, and in Sweden, the Muslims have taken the place Jews had in the 30’s.
    Today the demonization of Muslims is happening before our very eyes, and because it will affect “us”, we ignore it. This is a fatal mistake that will affect many, including the dedicated guardians of modernity, the free press and the current power elite. The rampage of right-wing extremism and it’s seize of power in Italy and other European countries should be a warning bell;
    wrote Professor Masoud Kamali in the Aftonbladet 2003.

    A statement by a critic of Professor Kamali:
    Masoud Kamali has written several books on social work. The basic thesis of them is that social problems are due to the ‘exclusion’ the new home country produces.

    A central idea in Masoud Kamalis writings is that ‘gender equality’ is contrary to the family hierarchy, and basically is discriminatory. One might wonder if Mona Sahlin has read what her future investigator believes?

    He resembles those who criticize Islamism with neonazis and attacked ‘the modernization ideals’, which has been said to join Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Khomeini, and Bush.

    Masoud Kamali appears on closer inspection rather a demagogue than a researcher. That the government chooses to give legitimacy to such a dark figure is obviously deeply worrying. We should read his and his associate’s future reports in the light of the tracks he has already left behind in the debate…Lars Åberg in Sydsvenskan, 04-02-04.

    After the award has been given away by the MalcomX’s daugter (one of six) and a dinner pause, two films will be shown: Breaking the Silence – Truth and Lies in the War on Terror and Gitmo, by Tarik Saleh and Erik Gandini followed by a talk with Moazzam Begg and Asim Qureshi, both former Gitmo detainees (Cageprisoners).
    The End

  22. the following came in an email from a white South African who was unable to get this comment to register. I offered to put it up here for him. Call him AA

    As a white South African that has been following this blog for some time,it is the comments of Baron Bodissey in this posting that I found peculiar. Like so many here he is fighting to protect Western civilization against these multiculturalists and their ilk. However he then says about
    the CofCC that they are racist.

    After viewing these videos you should understand that the circumstances of whites in SA differ dramatically from those of Europe and that again from
    America. A lot of what white South Africans do to survive as a group
    would be called extremely racist by European standards, yet it is us who have to live here not you.

    In the same vein the way we fight in SA differs from the way they fight in America and I am sure we both think some things you do in Europe are silly, but ultimately it is your fight for your survival not mine.

    Now Baron Bodissey was surely somewhere along the line called a racist.

    Even some European conservative somewhere perhaps said “I might be right wing but I am not as racist as Baron Bodissey”. What does Baron Bodissey do, he turns around in this posting, at least Gates of Vienna is not as racist as CofCC or

    I wonder who Amren and CofCC would call racist? In the block of flats
    where I live I am the only white person and it has the effect of
    radicalizing people so let me say : I will crucify Christ in the name of race. Now there you go Amren and CofCC can turn around and call me racist.

    They can follow the long queue of people saying I am right thinking but at least not as racist as that guy over there. Why do you all feel the need to defend yourselves in this way??

    What I am trying to say is let Amren and CofCC fight the way they now how, let Gates of Vienna fight the way they know how, and let’s not all call each other racist all the time, we all know it is an empty term by now.

    Racism is a “social construct”. In less then three decades a new dawn will break for Europeans and those of European descent everywhere and you never know whose help you might need. If you really, really unstoppably feel the need to call someone racist, call me racist because I don’t care!

  23. Dear White South African:

    I wish you could register and post here at GoV more frequently. Like you I have a long experience of living in a non white country. Your mind changes when you have to endure it…

    I surprised myself that I am writing on the subject of race in my English blog (and even talking openly in my Spanish YouTube channel, showing my real face). A year ago I wouldn’t believe I would be doing this.

    Now I know better. Everything is intertwined in the Western fabric: mass immigration; feminism and demographic Winter; “gay” rights (such a sequestered word!: when I was a child it meant cheerful) and homosexual marriage; hate-speech laws; the cultural triumph of the Left (in spite of the fact that America won the Cold War); the revival of Islam after Carter’s treasonous presidency (in treasonous times we need a first American dictator, say, an Alexander Haig “in charge here” just as the English had their Cromwell in treasonous times); the Islamization of Europe; runaway demographics in the Third World (due to Western deranged altruism of giving them the secrets of Western medicine), and its people fleeing their poor nations into the First World and the consequence of it: the rising of white nationalism and “racism” accusations.

    The pendulum of my mind would have never swung this far to the right had I not pulled all the above pieces together and, finally, see the picture of a jigsaw puzzle.

    Never fear being called a “racist.” Only doubleplusgood duckspeakers blabble this word: the Enemy’s main semantic weapon. In YouTube (I have two channels under two different names) I am discovering that the subject of race is so overdue in the Spanish-speaking world, especially for those who live in Zapatero’s degenerate Spain, that it’s the most popular subject of the hundred videos I got there.

  24. AA —

    Good to have your input here.

    I think you misunderstand me. I never said CofCC was racist; I hardly know anything about them — I only know their rep, which is what I was referring to. I have no opinion about them per se, since I lack information.

    I generally object to political positions that consider race the most important issue (as opposed to culture, political structure, the dominance in the media of cultural Marxists, etc.).

    But since at least 95% of the “racist” labeling is undeserved, I would never assume that any person or group is racist just because the MSM or Charles Johnson or the ACLU says so.

    I’m capable of making up my own mind. And when I lack information, I don’t venture an opinion.

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