Jihad Watch Comes to Berlin

Berlin: PI banner at demo

Robert Spencer was in Berlin today for a demonstration against Islamization. The event was organized by Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa, and Politically Incorrect was on hand to take part (and also report on what happened).

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a brief article from Politically Incorrect about the BPE demo in Berlin. He says, “At least something good happened today! PI has some great pictures of Robert Spencer, by the way.”

First pictures from Berlin

Meanwhile, the first photos and reports from the BPE (Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa, “Citizens Movement Pax Europa”) rally in Berlin are coming in. With two hundred participants, the rally may be regarded an initial success of a new civil resistance movement against the Islamization of Europe.

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Berlin: Robert SpencerThe word on the Internet spread about the dream of the Left Party [Die Linke], Antifa, Turkish fascists [Grey Wolves, Ottoman Nazis] and the Greens, to explicitly cause “Cologne conditions” in Berlin today [i.e., attempts to obstruct the rally], and thus also try to criminalize the expression of moderate Islam criticism that comes from the heart of the civil society, but the effort failed miserably. The few incited youths were unable to disrupt the event. At the fringes of the rally some discussions occurred between Muslims and participants in the event. In the next few days we will publish the speeches on PI as videos.

A comment on PI News:

The fact that Robert Spencer was invited, and accepted the invitation, and also actually came to Berlin was a success… We need more such expert speakers in the future. Congratulations to BPE.

2 thoughts on “Jihad Watch Comes to Berlin

  1. Hey, I posted about BPE! One of their members is a woman who was against the Nazis during Hitler’s rule of Germany and she sees interesting parallels between Nazism and Islam.

  2. After seeing Robert Spencer holding “the flag,” they’re sure to be convinced that not only is he Jew, but a Zionist to boot!

    “They” (the “faithful” [to the old prevert {sic} of Makkah and Yathrib]) can never be convinced that Robert Spencer is a Christian. Albeit that their own koran admonishes them never to take Jews or Christians as friends, as they are friends to each other.

    But then, who of us called-by-Mohammed “People of the Book,” would want one of the prevert’s “faithful” as our “friend?”

    Because when the “sacred months” are done the call of jihad makes the moon-driven ones unstable. With such “friends,” one would not have to look too far for an enemy.

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