An Interview with Kurt Westergaard and Lars Hedegaard

Many thanks to the International Free Press Society (Canadian chapter) and Vlad Tepes for the following interview in Toronto with Kurt Westergaard, the Danish creator of the famous “Turban Bomb” Mohammed cartoon, and Lars Hedegaard, the president of the International Free Press Society. The two Danes discuss in detail the history of the Motoon crisis and its ramifications for the future of free speech in the West.

The interview is broken up into three parts for YouTube. Here’s Part 1:

The other two parts are below the jump.
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Part 2:

Part 3:

5 thoughts on “An Interview with Kurt Westergaard and Lars Hedegaard

  1. I do not understand why these video´s are posted. At the beginning of the interview the interviewer is talking with food in his mouth. Then in the first video after a few minutes there is someone coming in an he or she completely disturbs the interview doing something that makes a constant restless noise. It is an insult to Mr. Hedegaard and Mr. Westergaard and to the viewer.

    I went nearly 2 minutes in the second bit and the noise just kept up. And I turned it off. I suppose these men really have something to say to us, but I am not willing to be needlessy irritated by the sheer disrespect the interviewer is showing to everybody including himself.

    No regards then,


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