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Lloyd Marcus, writing at The American Thinker weighs in on this phenomenon, which is evidently widespread:

The Scarlet Letter I have been a faithful Rush Limbaugh radio show listener for almost 20 years. I have never heard Rush make one racist comment. As a matter of fact, I am a black man who has been inspired and encouraged by Rush on numerous occasions. Rush is part of a partnership bidding to purchase an NFL football team. I am highly offended watching the liberal media’s all out assault on this great American. In their efforts to block Rush from ownership of a team, the liberal media and the Left are attempting to brand Rush as a racist.

The media’s charges of racism against Rush are totally based on supposed “racist quotes” which cannot be documented and comments knowingly taken out of context from his radio show. As a member of Rush’s weekly 20 million listening audience, I take the assault on him personally. If Rush is a racist, then isn’t it logical to assume that we, his listeners, are equally guilty for tolerating his racism?

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Mr. Marcus ought to consider marketing this image. If someone has his email, can you write to him and suggest this? It would be another effective means of ridiculing the banal “Raaaaacist”! charge that the hair-trigger Lefties have used as a weapon to shoot at conservatives.

Follow the money on this one to find out why Chazzer & his new Lefty friends are jumping on Rush.

Hey, hey sports fans! Do you think this kind of character assassination would be going on if [insert popular Lefty commentator name here. I can’t think of any] was the one doing the buying?

By the way, notice that the main Limbaugh critic cited is a Fox News sports columnist.


I’m getting my faith in the blogosphere back. It’s tenuous, this newly-recovered belief, but when one sees major blogs like Ace say:

Charles Johnson Now So Anti-Racist He’s Denouncing Fake Racist Quotes

…then hope returns.

His post is devoted to fisking Charles’ attacks on Rush Limbaugh. Whatever your views on Rush Limbaugh (I think he’s accurate but bombastic), attacks on his credibility that use uncredible sources can only damage your integrity and standing.

Charles is the guy that the Sanity Squad claimed had integrity when he began attacking us for purportedly supporting Euro-Nazis. Do you think any of them — ShrinkWrapped, Dr. Sanity, Neo-Neocon, or Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred — will revisit their diagnosis? Perhaps they have done so already and I just didn’t hear about it.

And how about Charles’ “sources” back then?
– – – – – – – –
Folks like Dave of Sweden who used the Swedish ngo, EXPO, to support his attacks on Sverigedemokraterna, the political party in Sweden that has been targeted by the Left. It still remains the fastest-growing party in Sweden.

There were others: Yelloman, Blokwatch, etc. – all black psyops “commenters” who disappeared from LGF once their smear campaign against Vlaams Belang had done its dirty work. Of course, Charles conveniently dropped the campaign against the Sweden Democrats when it proved untenable. Down the memory hole it went!

Good on you, Ace, for calling Charles on the attack on Rush Limbaugh.

Americans might not understand the intricacies of European politics (e.g., Dr. Sanity suggested in that infamous podcast that Europeans could just start their own new political parties. Obviously she hadn’t done her homework). However, Americans do know their own culture, however. Thus Ace can point to the attempts by Charles to label Limbaugh a racist as the scurrilous, untruthful character attacks they are.

Ace’s new name for LGF? The Little Gulag Funhouse.

Well said!

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  1. We had an issue over here with Carter Ruck and Trafigura where the blogosphere [or rather Twitter] won out. That restore the faith of a lot of people.

  2. All present-day discourse about race coming from leftists is nothing else than self-hatred for one’s own culture and people. As I said in one of my first posts in GoV, race is the ultimate taboo: and only mature bloggers such as Larry Auster dare to approach the subject sensibly and without superstitious fear.

    Johnson is on the other extreme. He’s the paradigm of today’s self-loathing that is destroying and will finally destroy the West by the end of the century. Muslims are not properly our enemies. They’re just the symptom of today’s suicidal ethos. Johnson and the like are our real enemies. The West can never be a safe place with them.

    Proper measures should be taken…

  3. Charles has really lost the plot. First it was Lion Heart then Fjordman now all he sees is NAZI’s everywhere. He’s become so overwhelmed with his own self righteousness that he can’t function in the real world any more. I used to be a regular at LGF but I can’t handle him any more and don’t consider him a comrade in the battle against islam.

  4. I managed to register at LGF, and posted the following comment (to this thread). Civil, on topic, and with links to relevant background documentation:

    FYI: BPE = Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa, which translates into something like “Citizens Movement for Peace in Europe”.

    They are registered as a lobby movement in Germany, and at the OSCE, where they have filed a single, brief paper at a recent conference:


    The opening paragraph in the paper explains about BPE:

    The “CITIZENS’ MOVEMENT PAX EUROPA” (BPE) is an independent, non-partisan movement and considers itself a European Civil Rights Movement and a Human Rights Organization. Our objectives are to protect not only the democratic, free and secular rule of law in our country but also to struggle for European culture based on the Judeo-Christian traditions and – especially – on the values of the Enlightenment. The association clearly distances itself from all right-wing or left-wing extremists and all xenophobic movements.

    That doesn’t sound radical to me. Anyone got something else?

    My account at LGF lasted 1 minute 6 seconds after hitting the ‘Send’ button…

  5. @Tomko–

    Fjordman was long gone from LGF by the time LionHeart surfaced the following winter/early spring.

    I didn’t know him (LH) until he fled to the US for a while. Now he’s had to flee yet again. The police have managed to make his life that much harder whilst pretending to protect him.

    I admire his spirit…

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