The Only Swede in His Class

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This little Swedish schoolboy’s class is so culturally enriched that there isn’t a single classmate with whom he can converse in his native language.

Fortunately for him, his mother and his grandmother are strong-minded people. They’re willing to buck the system and keep him out of school, rather than force him to continue in a situation which demoralizes and terrifies him.

Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent Henrik W. for translating this article from Kristianstadsbladet:

No classmate to speak Swedish with Hampus

School has begun. But not for Hampus, aged 7. He would have been the sole Swedish kid in his class at the Gustaf Hellström School. His family finds this unacceptable and keeps him home.

Hampus Kristoffersson waves to the neighbour boy who has just returned from the kindergarten. He’s been home all day long, despite school having started last Tuesday.

“School is supposed to be a happy time. I won’t let him go there if he’s going with tears in his eyes and a sinking feeling in his stomach,” says Agnetha Nilsson.

Last fall, Hampus and his mother Anna Nilsson moved from Knislinge to Österäng. He began at a new school. To begin with, he had a few Swedish classmates, but they eventually moved away, one by one. Hampus was left alone. And did not like it.

During breaks, the other children spoke their native tongues. Hampus could not join the games and felt excluded.

“I don’t want to be there, because no one plays with me. I walk around in circles and get panicked,” he says.

Hampus’ mother Anna Nilsson says she pointed out the problems to his teachers several times during the spring.

“Nothing happened. The just said ‘he’s so clever and helps explaining things to his classmates’, but who’s supposed to encourage him to progress and learn more?” says Agnetha Nilsson.

She doesn’t put the blame on either the teachers or the children.

“The system is broken. That classes with just one Swedish pupil are allowed.”

– – – – – – – –

Four semesters have passed. Agnetha Nilsson has desperately sought to change Hampus’ school allocation. She’s checked with the Park School, the Central School, the Kulltorp School and the Hammar School. Everywhere, the message is the same. There are no available places.

The principal of the Gustaf Hellström School, Joakim Sahlin, was informed about Hampus’ situation before the start of the fall semester.

“The grandmother wants me to help her find a place at another school. But Hampus lives in the uptake district of the Gustaf Hellstöm School. My responsibility is to offer him a place at our school,” says Joakim Sahlin.

The Gustaf Hellström school is one of the most segregated in the county. All in all, about 15 out of 140 pupils are Swedes, the rest having been born either abroad or to parents that are immigrants from another country. A situation far from ideal, according to Joakim Sahlin.

“There aren’t enough Swedish children to act as ‘natural pullers’ of the Swedish language. Instead, everyone ends up having weak language skills,” he says.

He is aware of the fact that break-time conversations among pupils are mostly held in foreign languages.

“Those who have recently arrived find their identity in their language group,” says Joakim.

Is it not OK to use Swedish during breaks?

“I’m not a fan of bans, but I think we should be able to say, ‘Let’s all think of speaking Swedish, so all can participate, if we don’t speak Swedish some will be excluded’.”

The days are passing, and no solution is in sight for Hampus. His mother and grandmother are aware that sending kids to school is not optional in Sweden. But they are too frustrated to care at this point.

“I don’t have the heart to leave him at the school when he feels so bad,” says Agnetha Nilsson.

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10 thoughts on “The Only Swede in His Class

  1. Canadians take note: Quebecers suddenly don’t look that stupid. In fact, English Canada should have been taking notes from our French citizens and observing how to protect and take pride in one’s own cultural heritage.
    Sadly, Quebec is far from immune to the Islamic invasion and Montreal in particular may be lost despite their best efforts at cultural preservation.

  2. Further in the article it says: “His mother and grandmother are aware that sending kids to school is not optional in Sweden. But they are too frustrated to care at this point.”

    So the answer would seem to be that home schooling is NOT allowed in Sweden. No child must escape the state indoctrination you see.

  3. Homeschooling is not an option here aside on rare occasions when the parents get a special permit from the state to do so. The good news however, is that according to blog Politiskt Inkorrekt, Hampus has finally been allowed to switch to another school. Probably because of the public attention to the case.

  4. This is exactly the reason why me and my ex wife moved from central Landskrona to a small village a few miles from the city. Our children would have been very lonely if they had been sent to the school which they would have ended up in should we have stayed.

    The scool in question, Dammahagsskolan, had about 400 students at the time of which about 98% were non-swedes. The majority of the students are either albanians from Kosovo or arabic.

    Do I need to mention what disaster I believe this would have been for blond, blue-eyed, well-behaving swedish children?

    I wouldn´t take that risk. My children shouldn´t be guineapigs in the social experiment conducted by the swedish mor…, sorry, elites.

    Now they go to school in a school with 98% swedish pupils.

  5. On top of this outrage, let’s not forget how Europistani political elites have forced the dumbing-down of school curricula on everyone, so that the formerly high-standards that European kids used to have to abide by wouldn’t create a “racist” education scandal of the kind that would keep the disordered- and inferior-minded “insh’allah” inbred students in first grade until they’re 20-years old (by which time most of them were likely to have dropped out anyway.) While the “scandal” would indeed have been the exposure of the curses laid by mahoundianism on children’s brains and ability to learn, the Europistani mainstream media would certainly have portrayed it as racism/islamophobia/neo-Orientalism (and included all of edward said’s [lower-case letters required here] lame excuses to lay the blame squarely on the “evil Western colonial powers” featured in “articles” explaining the “racist phenomenon.”)

    By the way, aren’t these mahoundian-tailored lower standards the main reason why this story was featured in a post here on GoV?

  6. “The Gustaf Hellström school is one of the most segregated in the county. “

    Just ponder the insanity of that sentence.

    Done pondering?

    If we were in the Russian sphere of influence than the mindless masses would not imitate American cultural mores, America being the ultimate source of this anti “segregation” fanaticism.

  7. “The scool in question, Dammhagsskolan, had about 400 students at the time of which about 98% were non-swedes. The majority of the students are either albanians from Kosovo or arabic.”

    Wow!! This is absolutely hilarious! What are the chances of meeting a fellow dammhagian on an american blog? LOL

    When did you attend school there? I only went there my last three years of elementary in the mid 70’s during the reign of Headmaster Bergenfeldt. Back then it was the other way around, that is 98% of the pupils where ethnic swedish. Back then it was easy street compared today. I imagine Dammhag is a virtual nightmare now. I can very well understand if you don’t want your kids to attend dad’s old school. Back then it was mostly fun, today it is mostly hellish. That is the main difference and only some 30 odd years between.

  8. Sorry to dissapoint you Robin. I didn´t attend Dammhagsskolan. I wrote that my children should have in case we hade stayed in Landskrona. Which we didn´t, and for a good reason.

    I used to work in one of the sportsclubs in town and heard and saw incredible stories and traces of them from my students who all happened to be ethnic swedes. If they lied to me? No way.

    On several occasions they had been heavily brutalized and came to our lessons with bruises from top to toe. And they were bruises that would cause a lot of people to get a hickup on seeing them. I´ve seen a lot before but this was not nice, to say the least.

    Why they were beaten? Take a quick guess. Finished guessing?

    Yep, that´s right. They were swedish, blond, blue-eyed and taught to behave nicely. That´s the only reason needed to receive not only a bang to the head but all over your body.

    I know one of my students, and his family, moved more than 600 km away after he had been beaten on several occasions. All accompanied of course by the usual threats should the police get involved.

    And he was one of the nicest and most wellbehaving students I´ve ever had the pleasure to teach.

    This is but one example of how the de facto ethnic cleansing is taking place in ONE city in Sweden. I,ve seen and geard more.

    More cities are well on their way and since the political morons, sorry, elites won´t let the swedes have an opinion about he madness most people vote with their feet and move elsewhere. We did and the tax money the municipality of Landskrona lost from us alone is equal to several tens of thousands of dollars a year.

    I´m through funding this kind of madness. At least I do my best to minimize my contribution since I refuse to, and will continue to do so, pay for my own annihilation.

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