Tehran Comes to Nørrebro

I mentioned earlier today that Copenhagen’s first mosque has received planning approval — including the minarets — and will be built in the culturally-enriched Nørrebro district. Unlike most mosques built in the West, the Vibevej mosque will be financed not by Saudi Arabia, but by Iran.

Lars Hedegaard, the President of the Free Press Society (Trykkefrihedsselskabet), has published a report on the new mosque at Sappho. Our Danish correspondent TB has kindly translated the article:

Grand mosque will become an advance base for the Iranian revolutionary guard

The planned mosque on Vibevej in Northwest Copenhagen is controlled and financed directly by the real ruler of Iran, the Pasdaran

September 1st    Lars Hedegaard

A MuezzinWhen the Citizens’ Representation of Copenhagen decided to allow for the construction of a giant mosque on Vibevej 25-27 in Copenhagen Northwest District they had not done their homework properly. Several Iranian sources inform Sappho that the organization Ahlul-Bait, which is behind the construction of the Imam Ali Mosque, is financed and controlled from the very top of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which in Persian is known as the Pasdaran, and which is the real ruler of the Islamic Republic.

According to Ali Reza Nourizadeh — who was the editor of a leading daily in Teheran until he recently had to flee Iran, and is now the CEO of the London-based Center of Arabian and Iranian Studies — the leader of the Imam Ali Center, imam Mohammed Mehdi Khademi, was until 2004 an employee in the Revolutionary Guards department of ideology. According to Nourizadeh the department specializes in brainwashing young Iranians both domestically and internationally.

The center in the Northwest District is just one of 68 similar centers spread over the world. According to Nourizadeh the whole operation has a yearly budget of no less than 1 billion dollars.

$11 million budget

Nourizadeh explains that the Danish center in 2004 had a $6 million budget which by 2009 had grown to $11 million. At that time it was just a division of the biggest European center in Hamburg, which dates to the time before Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolution in 1979. In the period between 1961 and 1965 it was run by one of Ayatollah Khomeini’s most important allies, Ayatollah Mohammad Hosseini Behesti.

All imams at the Imam Ali center have been appointed directly by the rulers in Teheran.

– – – – – – – –

According to another London-based journalist and blogger, Potkin Azamehr, who also had to leave his homeland shortly after the Iranian revolution in 1979, the many Imam Ali centers have the same modus operandi as the Hitler Jugend in the Third Reich. That is, their mission is to fanaticize young Iranians and other Muslims in order to spread the fascistic ideology which the Iranian dictatorship builds upon.

And according to Azamehr there is plenty of money available, because the Revolutionary Guards, who were behind the massive suppression of the opposition after the most recent fraudulent election in Iran, control 70% of the country’s economy. The well-armed guard has its own powerful institutions, including its own media and also has primary rights to all lucrative economic contracts in the country. It finances its own activities by smuggling drugs and alcohol, among other things.


“Now the Iranian leaders present themselves as being very religious. But in reality it is just Nazism in a new disguise. The regime has nothing to do with faith or religion. Their primary purpose is criminality and complete suppression of everyone who threatens their privileges,” says Potkin Azamehr.

In that connection he points out the significant fact that German Nazi organizations were among the first to congratulate president Ahmedinejad on his so-called “election victory” following the recently held election.

This interpretation of the situation is similar to the perception of Ali Reza Nourizadehs. He states that the Imam Ali Centers, among other things, operate by sending young Iranians to “re-schooling” with the purpose of preparing them for “the final confrontation with the west”.

According to Nourizadehs’ information, the Danish center occupies a very prominent position in the Iranian ruling strategy because the Danish authorities since the 1980s showed no interest in surveying or controlling Iranian agents in Denmark. Denmark is thus, in other words, a very fertile working ground for the dictatorship.

TB adds these further notes on the Vibevej mosque:

Also from today, Conservatives as well as other parties have begun to express concern about the mosque project.

DPP wants it stopped, and Karen Jespersen states that the Grand Mosque will become a center of extremist propaganda. She warns about watching passively while forces in other countries invest in mosques in Denmark.

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  1. May Holger Danske awaken soon to save his country from the onslaught of the barbarians from the middle east. The same for Germany, they need Barbarossa to rise again for the sake of his own people and in Britain the hour is late for King Arthur and Merlin who indeed need their help. Don’t have any sleeping ancient heroes in my country, so I hope allfather Odin will have mercy on us.

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