NO Grand Mosques in Danish Cities!

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for sending this Danish People’s Party poster and the accompanying translation:

DF: No Mosque!

A full translation of the text is below the jump:
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NO grand mosques in Danish cities!


As a bolt from the blue and peaceful Danish summer sky, the politicians of the Copenhagen municipality decided the other day to erect a grand mosque in the middle of the city.
Only the Danish People’s Party voted against it!
The money will, among other sources, come from the terrorist regime of Iran, but none of the other parties in the local government had any concerns about that.

In three years another grand mosque — in the southern suburb of Amager and funded by money from the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia — will become reality if the citizens do not object.

In other Danish cities similar plans exist.
We grant you this guarantee: The more representatives
from the Danish People’s Party elected at the local
elections on November 17th, the greater the resistance
against the Islamist strongholds, in your city as well.

Vote Danish — also locally
Danish People’s Party +45 3337 5199 Email

7 thoughts on “NO Grand Mosques in Danish Cities!

  1. What is quiet interesting is how in the last few months things are slowly turning a sort of countervailing power, to use Galbraith’s term, is emerging. The rise of Geert Wilders PVV here in Nederland, the success of the BNP in England is another. The other is the ability of the the Muslims to shoot themselves in the foot. I am not a Dane but I am a Danophile especially as I have a Danish Daughter and two Danish Grand Children called Larsen. Every day I peruse the Danish Papers on line. I usually take an hour to read about 10 Danish newspapers from the national too the local. Today I read about a 76 year old grandma who had just won a triathlon, not you iron man challenge, but trimmed down too those challenged by age. She was cheered on by her Grandchildren. There were also a couple of other things that caught my eye. The First one was that the Banditos an alternative Hells Angels were also starting to recruit in Norrebro. The other one was that the Police in Odense had surrounded the main mosque and were searching it and that they were also searching a house. Nothing more is said but you can certainly imply what it means. I expect the Danish Peoples party vote to increase in the next couple of months, mainly because the Muslims timing in Odense was impeccable.

  2. I wish the danes and Dansk Folkeparti all luck. This supermosque must be stopped at all costs. And if they succed with this campaign it might spread like wildfire to other european countries. Hopefully at least.

  3. Could a building possibly look more forboding than the one in the picture? And I really love the swords on the roofs, a comforting image of the religion of peace.

  4. This edifice looks like what it is – not a place of worship like a church, but a fort, a militant outpost in native territory meant to cow them.

  5. New mosques should be tied to construction of churches, synagogues, Bahia and Hindu temples in the country financing the mosque. Of course there maybe a shortage of people wanting to live in those places to actually use the churches etc.

  6. If we got to build more churches in Islamic countries, and protect the people going there, I think the message and the compassion of the Christians would attract a steadily increasing flow of interested persons.

    That, of course, would constitute “Insulting Muhammad”.

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