Geert Wilders in the Dock

It’s official — Geert Wilders will appear in court in Amsterdam on January 20, 2010. Here’s the report from De Telegraaf, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

Trial of the Century

Geert WildersGeert Wilders has to appear in court on January 20, 2010. n the Amsterdam court at that time he will have to answer for his statements on Muslims. This is what the PVV leader told the newspaper De Telegraaf.

Wilders is combative and would like to make it the trial of the century. “I want Islam to stand trial and not me,” Wilders said. “For that reason I am considering calling radical imams and other idiots as witnesses.”


The politician, who will be assisted by the attorney Bram Moszkowicz, makes it clear that he still finds the prosecution regrettable. “I really don’t like having to stand there,” he said. “I am of the opinion that it is a political trial. It is sad that I now have to defend myself in court for political statements. I hope freedom of expression wins. I am convinced that it cannot lead to anything but an acquittal.” At the beginning of this year, the Amsterdam court ruled that Wilders had to be prosecuted for discrimination and hate speech.

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The Public Prosecutor had decided not to proceed with a prosecution. But on January 20, 2010, they will start, with a directional session. The beginning of the trial is in a difficult time of the year. In January, the campaign for the municipal elections will start, in which the PVV will participate, with a full-court press in the Hague and Almere. “This costs a lot of time and energy,” says Wilders. “This is not a little debate, but about my own head. I’d rather not go on trial and have five seats fewer in the polls. I do not want to be a suspect.”

Wilders’ Attorney, Bram Moszkowicz, confirms that the invitation for a directional meeting has been received. At that meeting it will immediately become clear which heavyweights both parties will bring to the conflict. “This case is suitable for major international expert witnesses in the area of freedom of expression,” Bram Moszkowicz said.

6 thoughts on “Geert Wilders in the Dock

  1. Is it “illegal” to show judgment, which is what “to discriminate” means?

    Can one not “hate” the misogyny, contempt, intolerance, dogmatic terrorism and theocratic imperialism inherent in and promoted by the death cult (they kill you if you try to leave it), popularly known as “Islam” (Submission)

    What “crime” can there be in opposing tyranny and exposing despotism?

    Just because it wears the disorienting mask of a “religion”?

    By this self-defeating illogic, if Hitler had said he acted for “Valh-allah” , it would have been “illegal” for the world to call him a monster and revile his “creed” as only worthy of contempt?

    Wilders needs to challenge the intellectually and morally rotten roots of this entire p.c. lunacy.

    “Discrimination” is the essence of all functioning intelligence.

    And “Hate” is a completely healthy response to an abomination.

    Go Geert!

  2. If the proceedings are conducted in English, then it could very easily be broadcasted to the world. There is a very large opportunity here for Geert to prove to the masses the truths that they so readily ignore.

    In brining Imans to give testimony, and then totally exposing them under the law; there is a real chance it could turn into a show-trial. The world will be watching, and this is his chance.

    Ezra Levant should be defending him.

  3. Why would Geert trust an Imam not to lie on the stand? It’s what they’re required to do in defense of Islam. My bet is those Imams hang him out to dry.

  4. Well, Imams can lie in front of judges, but if they are inconsistent, this will not do them any good. What is the penalty for false testimony in Holland? Is it always pressed or not?
    Lawyers are not stupid and are able to extract the truth and force people to self contradict. They will not ask only “Is Islam Peace?”, they will ask what the Imam preached and why, and will be able to show what they say in Arab and in English or Dutch or Italian.
    Then, they can show that what Wilders told is true, or better, is what Muslims themselves believe is true.

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