“Do Not Be Scared of These Stupid Kuffar!”

“They are pigs!”

The video below was taken behind Muslim lines during the riot in front of the central mosque in Harrow yesterday. A3jad, the YouTube user who posted it, says, “9/11 this is the counter demo by my brothers in islam.”

Pay close attention to what leader of the mob says after the Arabic chanting is finished:

This is not what the average British citizen saw when he turned on the news late last night. If you’ve read the newspaper reports or watched the news clips from British TV, you know how the event was spun by the media:
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Then, after a round of evening and morning news stories similar to those above, John Denham, the secretary of state for communities and local government, sought to pour oil on troubled waters and promote community cohesion by going before the microphones and the cameras and invoking the F-word:

This is the only version of the events that will be found in the MSM. It’s the official narrative as approved by the government, and presumably is also the story that most average Britons will come to believe.

But what really happened, as pieced together from various accounts sent to me by contacts in the UK, was this:

SIOE applied for and received a permit to hold a completely legal and peaceful demonstration on 11 September in Harrow. Just before the event, when the police saw that Muslim trouble was coming, they told SIOE that the demo had to be canceled because they could not risk the lives of their officers — thus also admitting that they were unable to protect the lives and safety of peaceful law-abiding British subjects.

Steve Gash, the leader of SIOE in Britain, was then arrested, presumably for his own safety. The word went out to SIOE supporters not to attend the rally, and only a handful of demonstrators actually showed up.

The Muslim counter-demonstrators, eager to crack a few kuffar heads, broke through police lines and pursued the SIOE people, as well as any white passers-by they happened to encounter. At the same time they turned their attention to the police, and threw rocks, bottles, and fireworks.

These were the scenes you saw on your TV screen or in the newspaper photos. The narrative presented to the public — “violence on both sides triggered by right-wing extremists demonstrating against the mosque” — was entirely false.

There was virtually no SIOE demonstration. All of the violence in Harrow yesterday was initiated by Muslims.

It has now been demonstrated unequivocally that law-abiding Englishmen may not congregate for a peaceful demonstration on the streets of their own cities. It simply isn’t possible.

I have no idea where the Counterjihad in the UK will go from here. But it’s clear that there is no way that a British subject can object to the Islamization of his country without either being arrested or bringing down Muslim violence upon himself.

Or both.

Hat tip: Derius.

24 thoughts on ““Do Not Be Scared of These Stupid Kuffar!”

  1. I don’t like everything about JFK, but his quote “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” was rather wise. Clearly, the leaders of the British Labour Party haven’t heard this….

  2. “I have no idea where the Counterjihad in the UK will go from here.”

    Like I said yesterday, this stuff wont compel people to wake up because oppression works.

    Today at work there was a funny feeling in the cool September air, like something had changed and gone seriously wrong.

  3. By the way: A big thumbs up for SIOE. They did a very good job and brought attention to the situation.

    It’s mind-boggling to think of how we got to this point. Less than a century ago, Western Europe, and Britain in particular, was at the height of its power. Europeans ruled much of the world. Now we don’t ever rule the streets in our own suburbs. All cultures go through good and bad periods, but the decline of Western Europe in the past century is unprecedented. We have created the most influential civilization in human history, yet we are currently the only ones who have no right to exist even in our own countries.

  4. Robin Shadowes: The fight hasn’t even begun yet for real. But it will, it will. Not just within the next 20 years, but probably within the next five to ten years. Things are accelerating even faster than I anticipated four or five years ago.

  5. The evil which one suffers patiently as inevitable seems insupportable as soon as he conceives the idea of escape from it–

  6. This story is technically off-topic but strikes me as being appropriate to this discussion as it is further evidence of stirrings of life:

    Soldiers ‘could mutiny over PM’s Libyan stance’

    “The UK clients that we have spoken to are simply livid.”

    He said that victims had demanded demonstrations outside BP headquarters, the Libyan Embassy and Downing Street.

    “Others, serving soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, have suggested downing arms if their own Government will not support them as victims of terrorism on the basis of why should they fight in the war on terror if the Government will not fight for them?”

  7. This is the reality. This not what most people in Britain would have seen via the BBC. It is war on our streets against us, the police and the state. I’m absolutely certain that the authorities know what is going on – they have spies and cameras enough. The BBC also knows the score, and this is what is scaring the hell out of all of them

    What the SIOE are doing is raising the temperature. As the temperature rises, as well as our interventions in Muslim countries continues, so the polarisation will increase.

  8. Fjordman and Robin

    This is our darkest hour, but the fight is only just beginning. I think it will be Britain that will take the fight to Islam and Muslims, just as it did to Hitler and Napoleon (Fjordman, I believe you have stated many times over the years, that Britain will be the first to fight back).

    I sometimes think that Britain’s appeasement of totalitarianism to the nth degree, is a carefully thought out policy, which encourages and entices the enemy to go beyond the limits. Then the enemy is unpleasantly surprised when Britain declares war, and refuses to heed requests for peace talks, negotiations or dialogue.

  9. Salaam

    Muslim Community has been victim of Paki-bashing for the last 60 years by the British society in every walk of life. Now it is also victim of terrorism by the British Establishment. Thousnads of Muslim youths are being searched in streets and hundred of them are behind the bar without any trial.

  10. “Then the enemy is unpleasantly surprised when Britain declares war, and refuses to heed requests for peace talks, negotiations or dialogue.”

    Could be. The mahoundians won’t know what hit them until it’s way too late. The rest of the european leftist/liberal governments will be taken by surprise too.

    Look’s like we have got a new Rahklos aboard…

  11. IftikharA

    There are a few simple solutions to the problem of Pakistani youths being targetted by the police

    1. Stop doing the crime, as Pakistani youth are over represented in the crime figures.

    2. Take a vacation from involvement in Jihadi activities.

    3. Go back to Pakistan

    Incidentally, Pakistani gang activity in drugs, prostitution and general misdemeanor, is now endemic in the larger towns and cities of the UK. It is clear that the atmosphere of freedom and personal responsibility is quite unsuited to the Muslim mind.

  12. IftikharA : please speak English here. This is an English-speaking blog.

    Since you obviously master the English language, beginning your first comment here with “Salaam” is an overt act of agression and a deliberate attempt at offending the community of Gates of Vienna.

    It also reduces to nothing your pretense to victimise the Muslim community in the United Kingdom.

    The number 2 of Metropolitan Police is (or used to be, a short while ago) a Muslim.

    Searching of Muslim youths in the streets is amply justified. When Buddhist youths will plant bombs in the Underground, attempt to bring down planes over the Atlantic, promise to plant the Buddhist flag on Number 10, harrass the police with stones and beat up people in the streets for the crime of not being Buddhist, then the British police will be justified in searching thousands of Buddhist youths in the streets.

    Find something else if you want to make people weep over your sad fate.

  13. Homophobic Horse said: “Today at work there was a funny feeling in the cool September air, like something had changed and gone seriously wrong.”

    I spoke to my father today. He still gets his news from the ‘traditional’ sources. He mentioned seeing the television news about the ‘demonstration/counter-demonstration’ and his comment was that “tension was slowly ratcheting upwards”. I’m sure that’s not the impression that the BBC et al were wanting to give their viewers; increasingly the truth bypasses the establishment’s efforts to disguise it. People are beginning to wake up to the problem – but then it’s not going to go away if they ignore it. As the saying goes, the problem is necessary for the solution.

  14. The Mosque counter demonstration is probably what Lord Ahmed meant when he said he was going to bring 10,000 Muslim bastards down on Parliament to prevent the screening of Fitna.


    The long war has begun for us.

  15. Whenever I watch slime bags like the one exhorting that crowd, my only thought is that if martyrdom is so glorious and desirable to Muslims then it is churlish of us to deny them of it.

  16. No need to be gloomy about the events in Harrow, it is to be expected that the Muslims turn up in force to “defend” their mosque. Reports of 1000’s of young violent Muslim men on the streets of London, throwing bricks, attacking white people, attacking the police – it all acts as yet another nudge in the right direction to waking the public up to the fact that is sheer numbers of ordinary Muslims alone, not terrorists, which is the problem we in Britain face. The BNP , thank God, is waiting in the wings, carefully distancing itself from these marches and demo’s, preparing for the time when enough people are so frightened for their own safety and that of their children that they will look for a political solution. at that point they will not care that Nick Griffin said a few dumb things about the Holocaust a decade ago, I certainly couldn’t care less.

    Large mobs of violent Muslims on our TV screens and in the papers is a welcome and necessary step in that direction,. We need it, and although the media will try to spin it as the work of “far-right racists”, most people are not fooled. For anyone interested, take a look at the recent Daily Mail articles about the Harrow mosque demo, then look at the comments. Practically all in support of the SIOE and their right to speak out, despite the article itself being the usual Daily Mail yes-islam-is-a-problem-but-the BNP-are-worse traitorous rubbish.

    What could be waking people up to the reality of Islam? Have they all been studying the Koran? Shocked at the treatment of women and free speech under islamic rule? Aghast at the lack of lesbian-pride marches in the Middle East? Hardly. Unfortunately, ordinary people are far less noble than that, and care about little more than themselves, their own safety and their family. Telling them about the misdeeds of a lunatic in the Saudi deserts 1400 years ago is pointless. It is irrelevant to them. Show them a mob of violent Muslim “yoof” coming-to-a-town-near-you and they sit up. The BNP phones start to ring off the hook with new enquiries.

    Incidentally, can anyone understand the female voice right at the end of the video clip? Something about “brother, talk about peace”? She sounds English (non Muslim), London accent, middle aged and white. Funny to imagine her standing there as the mob talk of “kuffar pigs” and so on.

  17. This is ridiculous, I don’t mind varieties of ethnic groups in a our country. However when a certain number of Muslims start doing demos like this in OUR COUNTRY as it is CHRISTIAN not MUSLIM, even so they can’t consider it their country if they hate the majority of the populos and call us pigs. If you don’t like it go to a muslim country and you won’t have to deal with us, or maybe is it because here you don’t get your hands chopped off and laws aren’t as bad as in countries who to be honest are a few hundred years behind the west. The only reason they have a electricity, phones, internet, computers, ok most modern technology because we the people who are supposedly pigs invented it, maybe some mid-east countries have started creating things but only through our technology

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