Dissing Geert Wilders to Death

A culturally-enriched Dutch rap group known as NSG has produced an obscene death-threat laden video called “Geert Wilders Diss 2”. Many thanks for the tireless efforts of our Flemish correspondent VH and Vlad the Subtitler in producing the English-language version.

WARNING: This language in this video is not PG-13:

VH included a report on NSG and similar rap groups along with the video transcript:

The video begins with an edited fake interview with Wilders; I have not yet found the source of it. They use instead of “Geert” the name “Gerard”.

The word “diss” means “slagging” or “humiliating”. A “diss” is meant as a rap or text to put someone down, to offend someone. In the Netherlands that word was introduced by people from the Dutch Caribbean. I did not translate that word, since it is also well-known in the USA with a similar meaning.

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NSG is “Nieuwe Straat Generatie” (New Street Generation) and usually followed by “Seytan Ibra Uzi”. It is also known as NSG010, and is from Rotterdam (010 is the telephone area code of Rotterdam). They hang around in the Agniesebuurt there (a neighborhood north of the city center and railway track, and years ago was already made up of 65% non-Western immigrants). In this animation [scroll down a little] of non-western immigration in Rotterdam 1965-2024, you can see the “Agniesebuurt” in the center.

One of the NSG members (a Dutch Caribbean) can be seen in this video.

NSG has connections with Scheme015 (015 is the area code of Delft) who also made a few anti-Wilders raps here and here, Appa, DHC in the Hague, and other imported enrichers.

7 thoughts on “Dissing Geert Wilders to Death

  1. Ehm, a death treat is a criminal offense, isn’t it? Against a person holding public office, to boot!

    We had a small similar case against Morten Messerschmidt this summer, involving an 11-year kid attending a publicly funded rap school. The issue was settled by closing the school.

  2. So, which major Internet Service Providers are engaged in assisting with the online distribution of this filth? Isn’t this a perfect example of hate speech and illegal content?

    As a side note: It is not even a surprise that [c]rap music has managed to serve two of the most violent communities on earth. Be it black criminals or Islamic thugs, the parallels are too numerous and unflattering to bother listing.

    One of the only genuine wonders is how women can be so feeble-minded as to be drawn into either of these intensely misogynistic and abusive cultures. By spawning offspring who swell the ranks of both ongoing criminal enterprises they abet some of the very worst elements of modern civilization.

  3. Once again we get evidence of that rap is pure crap! Of all music spawned during the 20th century this is the most worthless garbage ever. I can appreciate rock, pop, soul, jazz and so on but hiphop/rap is just something we could have done well without.

  4. Try listening to ‘Back On the Block’, a 1980s rap CD by the Jazz Great, Quincy Jones. A scalpel can be an instrument of great horror or great benefit depending on the hands it is in. Sadly, rap all to often is the instrument preferred by those with messages of hate, misogyny, racism and crime. But that’s the implementation of it. Again, listen to Back on the Block by Quincy Jones. Fantastic rap with an inspirational message.

  5. Why do we tolerate this trash in the Western culture that produced Beethoven? Ridicule is an effective weapon, it is time we used it effectively against the purveyors of disgusting cultural content.

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