Denmark is Not for Sale

The following op-ed by Søren Pind is from yesterday’s Berlingske Tidende, and was kindly translated from the Danish by Zonka. The translator included this note:

Søren Pind is taking a bold but necessary stand. And undoubtedly he will receive quite a bit of flak for it, from the whole nomenklatura of artists, lefties, journalists, authors, and God knows what other kind of Gutmenschen the MSM can dig up from whatever dungheaps they usually dig in to find people to argue against logic and reason.

And the arguments are not going to be nice, they are going to be inflammatory (150% feeling-based), and then it will be followed by taking the matters to the streets. I predict that the situation is beginning to get dire, and that we are heading for a showdown.

Part of me wants to avoid this, but another part is beginning to see hope in the fact that it is coming now, while there’s a good chance of the Left overplaying its hand and thus being defeated or rendered irrelevant (not unlike the mounting opposition to the Obama administration in the US — talk about synchronicity).

And the editorial:

Denmark is not for sale

by Søren Pind

While the beat of rock hard rock ‘n’ roll presses itself in from the castle courtyard [the courtyard just outside the parliament], and the cold rain drips down on the ones left there, some thoughts about the last couple of days — culminating with a memorial service in Holmens Church [memorial service for Danish soldiers on active duty, institution of a new soldier’s memorial day].

At early evening the political spokesman and I walked out of the heavy gate of Christiansborg [the parliament] and were accosted by a middle-aged, slightly plump woman, who with a shrill voice announced that she was ashamed to live in Denmark. To our friendly question why she didn’t leave, since nobody was thinking of preventing her from doing so, her blood pressure rose to explosive levels, and amid a stream of profanities she followed us all the way down behind Christiansborg, across the riding lane to Vester Voldgade, where we parted ways with a last shout of “A**HOLES”. She had managed to convey to us that she was an actress and had received the alternative Nobel prize — the alternative part of which we did not doubt.

The woman’s hysterical behavior can be seen in several places in Danish society. We saw it among the forces that threw themselves against this country’s legal authorities in a fight against the police at Brorsons Church. We see ministers, who in contradiction with the gospel’s teaching of giving the Caesar what belongs to the Caesar, politicize and ultimately threaten the existence of the People’s Church [the state-supported church]. We see autonomer [anarchists] operate professionally in these environments and assist in creating an extremist sense of justice, which threatens the foundation that our democracy relies upon. The same people are evidently on the verge of feeling that their struggle legitimates violation of the laws and the rule of law — and many do indeed violate the law. Their struggle, they believe, is more righteous than the democratic majority in Denmark at any given time — and particularly when it is about people whom these red phalanxes tastefully can dehumanize by shouts of “Nazi pig” etc.

There is extremism in the air — an extremism which politicians like Søvndahl [leader of SF — Socialist’s People’s Party] and others, who have supported their struggle at e.g. Brorsons Church, with near-certainty will have to face before long. I say this, because the period we’re going through is stumbling so close to the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s. Back then, too, a minority thought themselves justified in being above democracy and in fighting back violently. The autonomer have already done so on the streets of Copenhagen. And the authorities have done the worst thing they could do in this situation — they have given in.

However, there is no room for giving in or compromise. As democracy cannot compromise with democracy — thus Denmark cannot compromise with Denmark, either.

Thus it is in the case of the rejected asylum-seekers’ defenders — these people — who are so busy shouting Nazi-pig at the country’s legitimate lawmakers, and who don’t have the guts to submit themselves to the judgment of the people. The implementation of their demands will remove the prerequisite of the existence of Denmark and undermine the rule of law. Why?

– – – – – – – –

Because for centuries — more than a thousand years — we have simply defended our country from enemies abroad, and have prevented people from taking what we considered ours. Because this was our place, where we — the Danish people — could have our culture in liberty and safety. The modern migrations have put this precondition — this right of ownership — under pressure. And quite simply it is an either/or matter. Either Denmark prevails with its culture — or, as has been seen in plenty of places — it perishes, and Denmark along with it. It’s simple as that.

Those people who deny the Danes their exclusive right to Denmark believe that Denmark is for everybody, but the result is that Denmark is for nobody. Because by that Denmark ceases to exist.

Thus it is not only a matter of the rule of law, and that some people violate the very foundation of our democratic system, which they do as well — undermining democracy, that is. However, Denmark has also existed without democracy. And thereby this goes even deeper — since Denmark cannot exist without a Danish people.

In Holmens Church, at the memorial for the soldiers who have fallen on international duty, it was said loud and clear: the soldiers are where they are because they fight for Denmark’s freedom and security. We do not do this because we can adorn ourselves with God’s name in this battle. It is only God who knows what ultimate evil and good is, and what ultimate justice is. But we fight for what we believe is right. And for our country.

In this fight we cannot stumble. And we cannot negotiate. Denmark is not for sale.

The danger lies in a group of extremists in Demark who are willing to open Denmark to each and every person, and at the same time seek the use of undemocratic and violent means in this struggle. That is the essence of the cultural battle. It is a contagious disease, and has spread far into the ranks of the left wing.

This is also why the government will keep their seats after the next election. Because the left wing is incapable of removing the smell of indifference towards Denmark, and the stench of extremism that reeks from far left and towards the center. Mark my words: The next two years will be worse than what we have witnessed so far. Because some refuse to accept the legal government of this country. And will turn to means we have seen before when the autonomer and immigrant gangs at different times came forth and set Copenhagen and — for the latter — a number of cities ablaze.

These forces must be named for what they are: undemocratic and un-Danish. There is not much mental difference between what the fanatical parts of these environments represent and what the Taliban in Afghanistan represents. Therefore Danish forces are placed in Afghanistan — fighting for democracy and freedom. And therefore we will also be fighting at home for democracy and the ideals of freedom. Every day. Without compromise. Since we cannot compromise about Denmark. They pathetically sniff, “Give Denmark back to me” — which is a lie, because they have never understood what Denmark was. And is.

Hat tip: TB.

6 thoughts on “Denmark is Not for Sale

  1. Good. Very good.

    At this point, if I wanted a dog, I’d probably go for a Great Dane. A dog has the added advantage of antagonising Muslims.

    What Pind writes about extremism being in the air is true in France, too. Ditto for hysteria. One has the feeling of coming across more and more insane people. And idiots (I mean real idiots, not just people you happen to disagree with). And people who just won’t help.

    What sort of newspaper is Berlingske Tidende ? How influent is it ? What is its political inclination ?

  2. The Muslim colonizers and their leftist enablers who claim “Denmark for everybody” never mention that their home countries are not and never will be for everybody, just Muslims.

    Are leftists really so stupid that they don’t understand how this one way ratchet ends up? Or are they so ignorant of Islam that they think one totalitarianism is as “good” as another for their purposes? Do they not have the faintest idea that in the Muslim hierachy, non-Muslims including useful idiot leftists are dirt under Muslim feet, good enough only to be dhimmi paying extra taxes or kept as a sort of house slave for some special expertise a Muslim can’t be bothered to learn himself? Have leftists not noticed that even converts to Islam are not allowed anywhere near the levers of power? And even if they’re not the control freak type of leftist but the gimme a handout type, are the women willing to become pregnant pack horses and the men keep their noses on a prayer mat 5 x a day every day of their lives? Leftists aren’t exactly known for donning the hair shirt themselves, just making everyone else wear it.

    Unthinking acceptance by the western masses of the elite imposed one-sided multiculturalism scam has to end or we will perish. If multiculturalism is so desirable, why is it confined to ONLY countries with Euro-Christian foundations? Why is there no shaming pressure on all non-white near mono-cultures?

    It’s as though the West was volunteered (not by the citizens – it’s never been put to a vote anywhere) for this giant experiment of mixing a hodge- podge of cultures and altering the host state’s successful formula by a random and very expensive patchwork of concessions to unproved or failed cultures. It’s like government by deferring to losers.

    The straw breaking the camel’s back was adding large numbers of a DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED culture/belief system i.e. Muslims.

    The only correct answer to incessant Muslim demands is that their requirements are available in 57 majority Muslim states or a third of the world’s countries. As soon as those states bring their human rights code up to match Canada’s, America’s, Europe’s, Australia’s, then we will consider concessions, not before.

    In the interim while waiting for this impossibility, their choices are: 1) return to a Muslim state and work at making it into a multicultural masterpiece 2) shut up and do things the Western way in a Western country.

    The business of turning Western countries into a pastiche of the unlovely home countries they deserted for whatever reason has got to stop.

    Love it and strengthen it (as is) or leave it.

  3. Robert Marchenoir wrote:
    What sort of newspaper is Berlingske Tidende ? How influent is it ? What is its political inclination ?

    Berlingske Tidende used to be a center-right conservative newspaper, but one that has undergone quite a transformation in the last decade, from a center-right conservative newspaper to a center-left socialdemocrat newspaper. The chief editor of the Newspaper (for the last couple of years) used to be a socialdemocrat and previously worked at the now defunct socialdemocrats newspaper “Aktuelt” and other socialdemocrat’s projects.

    In some ways Berlingske Tidende is seeking to court the same audience as Politiken (the newspaper for Gutmenschen, and comparable to NYT) or perhaps more to the point courting the progresives on the right, where Politiken takes the middle progressives, and Information (and other minor media) caters to the left-progressives.

  4. to laine
    leftist are idiological.
    truely idiological people have what you kan call mind bloks.
    there mind just refuses to think in serten directions.
    at list this is may immpration from tring to talk/debet/listen to some of my leftist family members and frinds.
    severe pain or trauma can probably change that some times.
    like some comonist probobly changed there minds after the goverment killed someone they cared about.

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