A Culturally Enriched Pirate-Taxi Rapist

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Our Norwegian correspondent Zylark has translated an article about the egregious behavior of an immigrant taxi driver. Zylark says, “This is a case that has been bouncing around the media off and on for quite some time, and finally it has reached our courtrooms.”

Father of three (40) pleads partial guilt for three rapes

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The man (40) is charged with raping eight women. Today he was accused in court of the “most serious rape charges in modern times”.

According to the charges, the 40-year-old is alleged to have assaulted and raped eight women in Oslo the last nine years.

The man acknowledged partial guilt for three rapes when the charges were read to him by prosecutor Berit Sagfossen.

On the other counts, he denied the charges, and also with the charges of theft from the victims after the alleged rapes.

The rapes supposedly happened in relation to the man’s pirate-taxi driving.

One of the women committed suicide after the rape.

Permit of residence withdrawn

The man, originally from Egypt, was granted residence in Norway in 2002.

He had applied for a permanent permit of residence, on the basis of being a homosexual. This was granted in 2002, and six months later he left the partnership.

At the same time that he lived in a homosexual partnership with a Norwegian man seventeen years his senior, he had three children with two women.

The 40-year-old has since then had his permit of residency revoked.

“Very ugly transgressions”

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“We classify these as very ugly transgressions,” said police-solicitor Pål-Fredrik Hjort Kraby to Aftenposten.no when the charges were forwarded in March this year.

Kraby said that the man picked victims from amongst the women who had been his customers.

Some of the assaults happened at the women’s homes, others outside. One rape is said to have happened in a car.

“This is the most serious rape case that has been seen in Oslo in modern times,” says Kraby.

DNA findings

The 40-year-old has been in custody for more than a year and a half. [No bail around here]

There are DNA findings that tie the man to rapes in six of the cases.

Ten days have been reserved for the court proceedings.

However, the start of the trial on Monday was substantially delayed, as one of the co-judges could not attend due to illness.

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  1. randian — I think it means that he was judged guilty of only some of the eight rape charges.

    As for not giving his name, that’s SOP for the MSM in Norway and Sweden.

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