What We Have Here is a Failure to Integrate

The following op-ed from the newspaper Aftonbladet is quite remarkable within a Swedish context.

It cites the lockstep leftist voting habits of Swedish Muslims as evidence for the failure of the country’s conservatives to help Muslims integrate within their adopted homeland. In other words, it uses the failure of integration to bash conservative politicians.

But what is significant about all this is that it even mentions the failure of Muslims to integrate. Up until now the topic has been all but taboo within Sweden — one simply did not talk about it in polite company. So the acknowledgement of such basic facts by Aftonbladet constitutes a breakthrough of sorts.

It’s also important to remember that Sweden doesn’t really have any conservative politicians as Americans — and most of the rest of the world, for that matter — would understand the term. All major Swedish parties are socialists of varying degrees, and the leading party, Moderaterna (The Moderates), is just a bit less leftist than the Greens, Social Democrats, Communists, etc.

It’s being attacked here from the left to try to nudge it back within the Swedish socialist consensus — or even better, to drive it out of power and restore the true Socialists to their rightful position as Sweden’s permanent governing party.

So by taking this opportunity to attack the ruling coalition, the opposition has exposed to public view something that was supposed to remain a shameful family secret.

Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent Henrik W. for the translation:

Integration is a fiasco

Magnus Hagevi: Insignificant Muslim support for the ruling coalition

Representatives of the conservative coalition have used the phrase “Sweden is a divided country” to describe integration as a Social Democrat failure. That is why the political integration of Swedish Muslims is a conservative fiasco. Their own contribution to the political integration of Swedish Muslims is tiny. It would be more fair to say that the conservative parties contribute to the divided country.

Swedish Muslims are a tiny block of voters. In order to study it, I’ve used a series of six interviews conducted by the SOM Institute at the University of Gothenburg polling the whole country, West Gothia, and the suburbs Bergsjön, Gårdsten, Hjällbo and Norra Biskopsgården in Gothenburg. These represent the population with foreign and Swedish citizenship between 15 and 85 years of age. The respondents have self-identified as Muslims or non-Muslims by replying with a “yes” or “no” to the statement “I’m a Muslim”. A total of 747 Muslims answered the poll about party sympathies.

The results are clear. Swedish Muslims look like a homogenous voter block from a party sympathy point of view. Between 70 and 75 percent of the Swedish Muslims support the Social Democrats. The red-green opposition coalition nets a total of 80 to 90 percent of the Muslim vote. The ruling conservative coalition is supported by only 10 to 20 percent of Muslim voters.

– – – – – – – –

Class considerations are inadequate to explain the Swedish Muslim support for the Social Democrats. Even if many Swedish Muslims belong to the working class, there remains a religious-identity effect. The same is true for all other background variables considered.

In my recent book “Political opinion and religiousness in West Gothia” (Sekel Bokförlag) where I, despite the book’s title, also analyze the Swedish population, I show that Swedish Muslims do not embrace leftist opinions, despite the strong support for the Social Democrats and the red-green opposition. Instead, the opinions of Swedish Muslims show that they are not a homogeneous group.

There is every reason for the representatives of Swedish conservatives, party leaders as well as minister of integration Nyamko Sabuni, to address their failure to integrate Swedish Muslims.

— Magnus Hagevi, PhD and Assistant University Professor in Political Science at the University of Växjö

14 thoughts on “What We Have Here is a Failure to Integrate

  1. Can you imagine the viscious language that would be used to attack Conservative Swedes for forcing cultural assimilation of the Muslim Immigrants.


  2. It is no secret that certain political forces in Europe – to wit, the far left and the Social Democracy – have profited from mass third world immigration in general and from Moslem immigration in particular. Americans will recognize the problem with doing anything about massive illegal immigration from Latin America and Democrat party interest; the same forces apply, even if the phenomenon is nowhere as discussed or acknowledged in Europe as it is in the US.

    Ultimately, I think this is a short-term benefit for the political “winners”. When the new populations reach critical mass they’ll spurn the infidels and the anglos, respectively, and form their own political interest groups. As of yet marginal, but every so much more relevant forces like Moslem parties in Europe and the La Raza/Aztlan devotees in the US SW will not be tied to their political task masters forever.



    Islamic proselytising is particularly successful amongst the black community because Islam can be presented as another part of the oppositional culture of which so many blacks are already a part, especially those in incarceration.

    The Autobiography of Malcolm X is also a big influence on American blacks to convert to Islam.

    As Hugh Fitzgerald writes it is beyond the wit of the infidels in Europe and America to back up the black Africans against the Arabs. There is a famous photograph of black slaves arriving in chains to Saudi Arabia in 1962, but the book it appeared in is out of print.

  5. Sean, if you have or could find that photo it would be appreciated if it got uploaded on internet. A fair guess on my part is that Baron and Dymphna would be interested to. Things like that should get a large spread as possible to wake people up. It’s not that long ago. Obamaham himself must have been a toddler back then.

    What scares me most is when the mahoundians start their own parties. As mahoundians loyalty is to islam and not to socialism, that is when the left will loose their “voter cattle” to the radical muslim parties instead.

  6. Robin,

    I don’t have a copy of this photo unfortunately. The book it’s in is called Despotism: a Pictorial History of Tyranny by Dagobert D. Runes, of which only one edition appeared in 1963. Used copies are too expensive to buy so I’m going to see if I can get hold of it through an inter-library loan. If I can I’ll scan it and send the .jpg to the Baron and Dymphna.

  7. In my view, the Muslims’ relentless refusal (inability, in fact) to integrate disqualifies them from even being eligible to vote.

  8. As the West is learning too slowly, NO ONE, left or right can make/force/reason/convince/tempt/lure Muslims into integrating in non-Muslim societies. It is against their faith/ideology.

    Those Muslims who make even the most innocent steps toward integrating are punished severely by their own family members and/or eliminated by “honor” killings.

    Think how powerful a cult is that trumps love for one’s own children.

    Muslims are in the West to integrate IT into the umma, not the other way around.

  9. The Al-Mujahiroun’s conquest of the Leftists.

    Well, even if the Muslims form their own parties, the Leftists will incorporate them into their own coalitions– Which means the Muslims will demand certain things of the Leftists; and the Leftists will give them more and more (out of Master Race Management Theory, fear of ‘racism’, and believe that the Islamists are the guides to the ‘worker’s paradise’.) The PC MC Leftists will gradually become little more than shills for Shariah. This process will greatly accelerate when Turkey joins the EU. Muslims target Leftists for conquest because they are goal-oriented and delusional.

    Check out the sermon of Jeremiah Wright right after 9/11/2001 — when emotions were really RAW.

    Jeremiah Wright 9/11 Sermon

    Listen to his rant about U.S. “Terrorism” starting at 03:50 to 05:33!

    I don’t think that people understand how MUCH the Leftists HATE our civilization.

    By the way, Zenster, do you still think the Left is ‘not a problem’? I say that the TREASONOUS LEFT is the PROBLEM, and The Third Jihad (mainly by Al-Hijra [the Migration]) is the symptom of the real problem.

    The Left will remain in denial until they start being slaughtered in accordance with Shariah Law, unless we remove them from power.

  10. laine: Think how powerful a cult is that trumps love for one’s own children.

    Golda Meir: “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us”.

    Tear-streaked Palestinian four year-olds shrieking praise and adulation for the vest bombers they so dearly wish to emulate show the folly of Meir’s wish.

    As with rabid animals and serial killers, sometimes an abrupt and pre-emptory death is the best response. Little else makes any sense when dealing with those who hold life as secondary in value to mass murder.

    Watching Eagle: Which means the Muslims will demand certain things of the Leftists; and the Leftists will give them more and more (out of Master Race Management Theory, fear of ‘racism’, and believe that the Islamists are the guides to the ‘worker’s paradise’).

    You left out the all-important Trademark emblem after Master Race™.

    By the way, Zenster, do you still think the Left is ‘not a problem’?.

    You have got to be kidding! Nowhere have I said that “the Left is ‘not a problem’ “. Go ahead and produce a cite with URL that indicates as such.

    However, I continue to maintain that the West does not have the time for a new Civil War against liberals amidst the need to expel and otherwise neutralize its Muslim Fifth Column.

    I will freely admit that another five or ten years of uninterrupted Liberal Islamic appeasement may well render them an equal enemy, but the time is now for nipping Muslim treason in the bud.

  11. Sean O’Brian

    my full messege was deleted, so i’ll gust say this:
    i think obama’s presidency strenken islam.


    again my full messege was deleted, so i’ll gust say this:
    it seems that islam has no femenin side

  12. PC= Political Catastrophe,

    Your English is passable, it is good that you don’t use all capital letters. Don’t use swear words and I am sure your posts will not be removed. I encourage you to continue to post, welcome to the “fellowship of the gates”.


    Anyway, do you have a blog? I would greatly like to read it.

    Keep in mind that I studied the whole Iraq war situation (with the peaceniks and all), but until last year I thought that The Third Jihad was all about war and ‘terrorism’– and thus thought that they could NEVER win. Only last year did I see the big picture–and how it is NOT good for the West.

    However, I do have a few questions:

    1)Have you studied what the ‘anti-war’ Left said and did during the Iraq war? And why do you think they said and did what they said?

    2)What do you think the Islamists have learned from the ‘anti-war’ [anti-West] Left during the past 8 years? (They have closely studied EVERYTHING).

    3)Why is there not nearly enough action to SHUT DOWN the Islamic advocates of Shariah in the West? If you would like to read about what would have been(and could be) done, please read The West’s Last Chance

    by Tony Blankley. You can try getting the book at the Library or on Inter Library Loan.

    4)Why is there so much collaboration between the Left and the Islamists (on the Islamists’ terms!!)? PC MC Leftist version of chic, hip, and cool– in Norway

    I also think you should find and read Unholy Alliance, by Horowitz

    5)What do you think of this statement?

    “Peace is not patriotic [but] subversive… Peace anticipates a very different world than the one in which we live– a world where the U.S. would have no place.”

    –Professor Nicholas De Genova at a Columbia U. teach-in.

    I think we need to deal with the Leftists at the same time as we deal with the Islamists– five or ten years of ignoring the Leftists; and we will have the Leftists being the stooges implementing Shariah (in the EU) in not so trivial ways.

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