This Far And No Farther, Part 2

“Lawful rebellion” in this country begins with the United States Constitution.

Unlike most European countries, we have a federal structure that specifically protects the rights and powers enjoyed by the States. It was codified by the Constitution and reaffirmed in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments: all powers not specifically enumerated in the Constitution are reserved to the States, and to the people.

Richard Mack is a former sheriff in Arizona, and his mission is to remind his fellow Americans that resistance to the tyranny of the federal government begins with the county sheriff. Under the Constitution, as he points out in this video, the President of the United States has no power whatsoever to give orders to a county sheriff. The Sheriff takes an oath to support the Constitution, and not the federal government:

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For more information, see the Sheriff Mack website

Sheriff Mack’s initiative is a civilian law-enforcement version of the Oath Keepers movement among serving and former members of the military. The push to take back the country from extra-constitutional governance thus begins with the courageous men and women who protect us both at home and abroad.

It’s unfortunate that it took the unbridled hubris of Barack Hussein Obama and his socialist handlers to ignite the flame of lawful rebellion among the American people.

The usurpation of the Constitution did not begin with Obama. Woodrow Wilson mounted the first major assault against it, and more extensive damage was inflicted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.

By the time Hussein got to it, the Constitution was already in tatters, with just a few fragmentary clauses still nailed to the wall. Now the Messiah, in his infinite wisdom, has decided to destroy what little remains.

It takes a lot to wake up the American people, but when they are roused, they are fierce beyond imagining.

Hat tip: M. Simon.

11 thoughts on “This Far And No Farther, Part 2

  1. Watchman —

    Yes, the states have the Constitutional prerogative to organize a militia, the state guard.

    George W. Bush took Hurricane Katrina as an opportunity to assert national control over state units, but this is unconstitutional. Obama will no doubt extend and reinforce this precedent.

    What will be interesting is to see which governors, and to what extent, resist him.

  2. Yes, each state has its own militia, under the command of each governor. Those units, if I am correct, can be called up to active duty in the US military, and there is no instance yet of a state militia defying such an order. I believe I am correct in stating that the oath taken by the members of the state militias is to the Constitution.

    We are about to embark upon a new battle for state’s rights, I fear.

    The Tennessee legislature has already passed a resolution, signed by the Governor(a Democrat), reminding the Federal government that all powers not specifically held by Congress are reserved to the States and to the People. Similar resolutions are making their way through other legislatures.

    May Heaven have mercy on us all. I do not wish to see this come to blows, as I suspect it may.

  3. When the respective states have so many rights and privileges, are you not afraid that some states may secede as their populations will become almost entirely Mexican in the next decades?

  4. Etruscan —

    If that is what’s necessary to recover a true constitutional republic in the rest of the country, then it’s a small price to pay.

    Think about it – as the Southwest states become majority Mexican, they also become mini-Mexicos – poverty, corruption, rampant criminality, a bloated state sector, etc. They are already a net drain on the rest of the country.

    The English-speaking portions of the country would be working and paying taxes to support them. Why not let them go? They’re entitled to self-government, just like the rest of us.

    They could become corrupt little banana republics all on their own. Of course, then they’d have to find a new source of revenue, but that’s their problem.

  5. What about the 17th amendment? Is there any movement to repeal it? Or do people not care that this power is taken from the state legislatures as long as it goes to the people and not the federal government?

  6. Baron,

    they won’t leave it at that. After they have turned Arizona, New Mexico and god knows what else into a part of the Second World they will see how Oklahoma and Colorado are better places to live in.

    If you don’t say stop somewhere, you will one day realize there’s nothing left to defend.

    With the southwestern states gone, the border will be even longer and thus more difficult to control. To stop them from pouring into the rest of the country one would have to take measures that are unlikely to ever occur.

    Besides, a secession means The States will have less territory, less inhabitants and less natural resources. This will inevitably weaken the whole.

    Oddly enough, only the coming breakdown of the world economy can bring temporary relaxation – but this won’t save you for good.

  7. Etruscan —

    The failure to control borders is a federal failure. The federal government often actively interferes with state and local efforts to enforce the border.

    When the feds are repudiated and states’ rights are recovered, the states themselves can police their borders, and several of them which share borders with Mexico (or Aztlan) may form a compact for their mutual security, totally independent of the discredited federal government.

    It’s time for a new paradigm, as Conservative Swede has so often said. The Union has already been irrevocably harmed by our traitorous leaders, who for more than forty years have opened the borders to those who would damage the commonweal.

    It’s time to consider other arrangements. States which insist on the benefits of socialism — such as California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc. — may regroup to form a Union of American Socialist Republics. The Spanish-speaking portions may decide to emulate Mexico or Venezuela and governn themselves accordingly.

    The rest of us — which, God willing will include at least the southern reaches of Virginia — may decide to form a more perfect union in a renewed constitutional republic, while recognizing the traditional liberties of free-born self-sufficient citizens.

    This “Rump America” will be by far the most prosperous and secure of the new North American polities, and will find it necessary to secure its borders against unrestricted access by the freeloaders who would flock to it from less fortunate socialist and multicultural entities.

    Or other arrangements may be possible and desirable. But there’s no reason to insist that we have to carry on with the old system forever.

    Back in 1776 it was the willingness to cut our ties to the old discredited tyrannical ways that allowed the American Republic to emerge in the first place.

    We would do well to remember that.

  8. This sheriff and thinking man is a small candle of hope in the gale of leftist stupidity that is blowing over the land.

    We have to hope that his kind are still the majority in the American military, national guard, police forces etc. so that they will refuse to tread on American citizens’ rights when ordered to do so by leftist politicians using the constitution for toilet paper.

  9. Many states are reaffirming their rights versus those of the Feds. And Baron, the assault on the US Constitution began with Lincoln.

  10. Joshua —

    Yes, I know. But compared with what happened in the 20th century, Lincoln’s assault on it was relatively minor.

    But the main reason I didn’t mention him is that there was a 50-year lull after him. He didn’t pass the baton directly to Wilson. But Wilson to FDR to Lyndon to Nixon to Carter to Clinton to Bush to Obama — that’s close to a continuous chain.

    Not only that, Wilson began the Progressive/Socialist assault on the Constitution. Lincoln, whatever else he was, was NOT a socialist.

    That was my fourth comment on this thread, so y’all can spank me all you want now!

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